Xbet Reviews 2021

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Xbet Reviews 2021

Upon logging into Xbet for the first time, our 1st impression of their online sportsbook was that the page seemed to be laid out well and easy to navigate. Unfortunately, we did notice some ads on the page for some of their signup bonuses. We prefer for sportsbooks not to include these annoying ads so that the sportsbook remains all about betting. In the future, it would be nice to see Xbet remove these ads so that their main sportsbook page can be more clean and streamlined.

Sorting on Xbet is a breeze thanks to their main sportsbook menu. There, you can sort by sport and drill down until you find the wagers that you would like to place. It’s also worth noting that Xbet offers a great search bar that allows you the ability to search by team sport, or event. You’ll find this search bar located in the top left-hand corner of any sportsbook page.

We couldn’t help but notice that Xbet offers live betting. Located at the very top of their main sportsbook menu, you’ll find all in-play action. We’re glad to see Xbet offering live betting since this is a growing trend in the sportsbook world.

Sports You Can Bet On

Fans of sports betting will be happy to know that Xbet offers a great online sportsbook. There, you’ll find 15 sports that you can wager on. We’ve provided you with the full list of sports that you can wager on at Xbet below for your convenience.

We should note that the list below represents the sports that Xbet had listed on their site at the time of our in-depth review. Like most other online sportsbooks, Xbet will only list a sport if they have wagers available on it at that time. If your sport of choice is missing from the list below, be sure to check Xbet once that sport’s season begins.

  • Football
  • Baseball
  • Boxing
  • MMA
  • Golf
  • Tennis
  • Soccer
  • Basketball
  • Hockey
  • Horse Racing
  • esports
  • Religion
  • Business and Politics
  • Entertainment
  • Cricket

Overall, Xbet has a pretty good selection of sports that you can bet on. It is nice that Xbet covers all of the major sports such as football and tennis as well as offering wagers on harder to find sports like cricket. At Xbet, you’ll even find some fun religion and entertainment wagers available. Some of our favorites included who the next pope would be and season 8 specials relating to The Game of Thrones. Our main suggestion for Xbet would be to add more selection to their lineup of sports that you can bet on so that they can provide more options to their clients.


As we notated in the section above, Xbet offers wagers on esports. We were super glad to see this since esports is currently a very hot trend in the sportsbook world. Luckily, Xbet got the memo and is already on board the esports train, unlike many other online sportsbooks.

Currently, Xbet offers wagers on two major esports games. You can place wagers on DOTA 2 or CS:GO. The esports game selection from Xbet is pretty average compared to what we’ve seen from other online sportsbooks. There is definitely some room for expansion, and we’d suggest that Xbet adds more esports games to their lineup as soon as possible. Some other game titles that they could offer include StarCraft and LOL. Hopefully, we’ll see Xbet continue to grow their esports offering in the future, but it is worth noting that what they have now is a great start.

User Interface

If you’re a fan of betting on live action, then you’ll like how easy Xbet makes it to locate in-play wagers. Once you’re in the Xbet sportsbook, you can’t miss the callout for live betting. It’s located at the very top of the main left-hand sportsbook menu. Once you click there, you’ll be taken to a page that showcases all in-play wagers available at that time. From there, you can sort by sport until you locate your bet of choice. Thanks to their clear call out of live betting, you should be able to locate and place your in-play wagers quickly.

Unfortunately, we didn’t see that Xbet offers clients the ability to sort by bet type. While they do offer a solid sort by sport functionality and a search bar, we’d still like to see them add in the ability to sort by bet type too. By adding this functionality, Xbet clients will have another way to search for their perfect wager. Hopefully, we’ll see Xbet add in this functionality for their clients sooner, rather than later.

Something cool that we noticed on the sportsbook is that Xbet will allow you to adjust the time zone on their website. We like this functionality since it allows people to be able to see their start times in their local home time zone. It’s worth noting that Xbet only offers US mainland time zones (Eastern, Central, Mountain, and Pacific). While this is a good start, we’d like to see Xbet offer all global time zones so that this functionality can work for people around the world. In the meantime, if you’d like to change the time zone on Xbet, simply use the drop-down menu located towards the top center of any sportsbook page.

It is worth noting that Xbet does allow clients the ability to change how their odds are displayed. At Xbet, you can decide between American, fractional, or decimal formats. We’re glad to see that Xbet offers this option since different parts of the world prefer different odds formats. If you’d like to change your odds format, simply contact the customer service team at Xbet, and they’ll get you set up in the format of your choice. In the future, we’d like to see Xbet offer clients the ability to do this on their own directly on the website. We’ve seen many other online sportsbooks offer this functionality through a simple drop-down menu which makes it super convenient.

Something else that we liked on the Xbet sportsbook was that they have a solid search functionality built into the sportsbook. Using this search functionality, you’re able to search by sport, team, or event. Throughout our review, we used this search bar on many occasions, and we liked how easy it made finding things on Xbet’s sportsbook. To use this search functionality, simply use the search bar located in the upper left-hand corner of any sportsbook page.

The site speed at Xbet performed well for us during our review of the site. At no time did we ever run across any pages that loaded slowly. From everything that we can tell, Xbet is properly equipped from a speed standpoint to handle all of the traffic from their clients betting activities.

As a whole, we’re pretty happy with the user interface available at Xbet. We’re definitely huge fans of their search functionality along with their in-play action callouts. That being said, we’d definitely like to see them add in the ability for clients to search by bet type as soon as possible. As is, Xbet still offers clients some great functionality that makes use of their sportsbook nice and simple.

The Casino

Xbet has got more to offer than just their sportsbook. At Xbet, you’ll also find a solid online casino. There, you’ll find a large selection of games that includes 67 3D slots, 38 regular slots, 28 table games, and 28 types of video poker. In addition to all of that, Xbet also offers Keno and scratch-off games. Overall, we’re very impressed with the size of their lineup.

If you’re a fan of jackpots, you’ll be happy to know that Xbet offers some jackpot games. While we were glad to see that they offer jackpot games, none of their jackpots were all that big. The largest that we could find at the time of our review was roughly $50,000. While that’s not bad, we’ve come across many other online casinos with jackpots in excess of $5,000,000. It would be nice to see Xbet increase the size of their jackpots in the future to give their clients some more excitement.

On their website, Xbet mentioned that they offered live dealer casino blackjack. During our review, we tried to locate these games, but we had no luck. We contacted the customer service team, and we were told that the live casino was not currently available and should be back online soon. We’re not sure if it was some form of technical glitch or something else. Either way, it was a bit disappointing not to see live dealer options available.

We’d strongly urge Xbet to get their live dealer games back as soon as possible due to the overwhelmingly high popularity of live dealer games at this time across the online casino world. We’d also suggest that they add more live dealer games like baccarat and roulette to their lineup so that they can appeal to more clients.

We did manage to locate some name brand games on the Xbet casino. We’re big fans of name brand games as they tend to provide better graphics and improved customer interaction than their generic or knock-off counterparts. Some of the name brand games that we saw on Xbet included Gladiator and Dr. Jekyl & Mr. Hyde.

Along with their name brand games, Xbet also had plenty of cheesy knock-off games. We located titles such as Boomaji and Slotfather in their lineup. In the future, we’d like to see Xbet move away from knock-offs and add in more name brand games instead.

The quality of the game graphics on Xbet was really good. We’ve seen some solid online casinos out there, and Xbet keeps up with the best of them. Their 3D slots are very immersive, and their table games also have great graphics. Overall, we really like the quality of the game graphics in the Xbet online casino.

As a whole, we’re pretty happy with the online casino at Xbet. The only issue that we have is with their current lack of live dealer casino games. Hopefully, they’ll manage to get those back online soon. In the meantime, they have plenty of other great options for casino game fans. Be sure to check out the online casino at Xbet and give it a try.

Deposit and Withdrawal Options

Xbet offers many different deposit and withdrawal banking options for their clients. In this section, we’ll talk about your available banking options along with any related minimums and maximums.

Deposit Options

At Xbet, you’ll find seven different deposit banking options that you can choose from. We’ve detailed each one of these options below, and we’ve included the associated minimum and maximum deposit levels for each one of them.

Deposit Method Processing
Visa Minimum Deposit Amount: $45
Maximum Deposit Amount: $1,000
MasterCard Minimum Deposit Amount: $45
Maximum Deposit Amount: $1,000
ACH Minimum Deposit Amount: $100
Maximum Deposit Amount: No maximum
Bank Wire Transactions Minimum Deposit Amount: $2,000
Maximum Deposit Amount: No maximum
Person To Person Transactions Minimum Deposit Amount: $100
Maximum Deposit Amount: $690
Bitcoin Minimum Deposit Amount: $25
Maximum Deposit Amount: $10,000
Phone Transfer Minimum Deposit Amount: $45
Maximum Deposit Amount: $1,000

Withdrawal Options

Xbet offers clients three different withdrawal banking methods. For your convenience, we’ve listed each one of them below. Unfortunately, we could not locate information relating to minimum and maximum withdrawal amounts or withdrawal fees.

  • Wire Transfer
  • Bitcoin
  • MoneyGram

As a whole, Xbet has a pretty good lineup of banking options. In the future, we’d like to see them add in some more popular payment options such as Neteller and Skrill. These two options are very popular in the online sportsbook and casino realm. As is, Xbet still offers their clients a good selection of banking options to choose from for deposits and withdrawals.

Bonuses and Promotions

Xbet has a solid lineup of bonuses and promotions that allow clients a ton of opportunity to earn bonus cash. Similar to most other online sportsbooks and casinos, Xbet uses these bonuses and promotional offers to help attract new clients and retain current customers. In this section, we’ll give you the scoop on all of the current bonuses and promotions that Xbet has to offer. By reviewing this information, you’ll have a good idea which promotions might be the best fit for you.

$1,000 Welcome Bonus Offer

If you’re new to Xbet, you can score a solid welcome bonus of up to $1,000 through the Xbet $1,000 Welcome Bonus Offer! Under the terms and conditions of this offer, Xbet will match your initial deposit to their site dollar for dollar up to 100%. What we like about this promotion is that you can earn a solid sum of bonus cash for just making your initial deposit on the Xbet site.

The amount of bonus match that you’ll receive depends on how much you deposit. As you’ll see from the bullet points below, you’re best off depositing at least $100 so that you can earn the full 100% bonus match.

  • Initial deposits from $1 – $99: 50% deposit bonus match
  • Initial deposits from $100 – $1,000: 100% deposit bonus match

It is worth noting a few things about this promotion. First, this promotion is only good for your initial deposit on Xbet. Secondly, bonus funds from this promotion are subject to a 15x rollover requirement. Lastly, you must make your initial deposit within 30 days of signing up on their site in order to maintain eligibility for this promotional offer. Check out Xbet’s website for full terms and conditions.

20% Cash Bonus Welcome Offer

If you’re looking for more welcome bonus offers from Xbet, look no further. As part of their 20% Cash Bonus Welcome Offer, Xbet will pay you a 20% bonus on your initial deposit amount. What’s great about this promotion is that the maximum bonus is $500. If you’d like to earn the full $500 bonus amount, you’ll need to make an initial deposit of $2,500 or more. If you’d like to take advantage of this offer, simply enter code “XBC100” when making your initial Xbet deposit.

We’ve compiled a few things worth noting from the offer’s fine print. First, the minimum deposits required to qualify for this promotion is $50. Secondly, this offer is only available to new clients on Xbet that have never made a deposit before. Finally, the rollover requirement on the bonus funds from this promotion ranges between 10x and 50x depending on the deposit amount. Be sure to view the offer’s full terms and conditions on Xbet’s site.

Casino Sign Up Bonus

Clients looking to wager in the online casino at Xbet should check out their lucrative welcome offer. Under the terms and conditions of their Casino Sign Up Bonus, Xbet will match your initial deposit up to $300. What’s great about this promotion is that Xbet matches your deposit 100%! If you’d like to max out the bonus potential, you’ll need to make an initial casino deposit of $300 or more.

If you’re planning to take advantage of this offer from Xbet, simply use code “XBC100” when making your deposit with the cashier. It’s worth noting that bonus funds from this promotion are subject to a very high rollover requirement of 50x. Lastly, it is worth noting that this promotion is not valid for play in the live casino at Xbet.

Reload Bonus Offer

If luck wasn’t on your side, Xbet helps ease the pain a bit by offering you bonus funds when you reload your account. Under their Reload Bonus Offer, Xbet will match 25% of your reload deposit. The minimum reload amount to qualify for this promotion is $50, and the maximum bonus is $500. If you’re looking to score the full $500 bonus, you’ll want to make a reload deposit of $2,000 or more.

We like this promotion since it provides clients with some added bonus cash when they reload their account. In order to claim this promotion, you just need to enter code “XB25” when making your reload deposit with the cashier.

Referral Bonus

You can earn up to $100 from Xbet by referring your friends to join you in wagering there. As part of their Referral Bonus, Xbet will pay you a 100% match on your friend’s deposit up to $100. As long your referred friend deposits $100 or more, you’ll score yourself $100!

In order for you to collect your bonus cash, your friend must keep the money in their account for at least 30 days. As well, your friend must turn the deposited amount over five times. It’s worth noting that bonus funds from this promotion are subject to a 5x rollover requirement in the sportsbook and a 30x rollover requirement in the online casino.

Risk Free Bet Promotion

In an effort to help new clients kick things off right, Xbet will guarantee your first wager will never be a losing bet. What’s nice about this promotion is that Xbet will refund you up to $20 if your first real money wager doesn’t win. Using this promotion is a great way to get things started on Xbet since you have zero downside.

This promotion is only available to new clients on Xbet. If you’d like to claim this promotion, simply send an email to promo@xbet.cr and provide your bet ticket for your first wager. From there, Xbet will credit your account, and you’ll have seven days to use your free bet. Free play earned through this promotion is subject to a very low rollover requirement of just 1x.

Snap Your Skid Promotion

There’s nothing worse than going on a losing streak. For most of us, we’ve all been there at some point. Luckily, Xbet is here to help thanks to their Snap Your Skid Promotion. Under the terms and conditions of this promotional offer, Xbet will pay you $25 in bonus cash if you go on a losing streak of 10 bets or more in a row. What’s nice about this promotion is that it helps to ease the pain a little if you’ve hit a bad rut.

If you’d like to claim this promotion, simply send an email into promo@xbet.cr. In order for your wagers to qualify, each one of them must be for $25 or more of real money. Any bonus funds received as part of this promotion are subject to an ultra-low rollover requirement of 1x.

10 Is the Magic Number Promotion

This promotion from Xbet is a good one if you’ve not had a ton of luck on their site. Under their 10 Is the Magic Number Promotion, Xbet will make your 11th deposit for you if you’ve made ten deposits on their site without taking a payout. What’s nice about this promotion is that you get a free deposit if you’ve had a bad string of luck. If you’d like to claim this promotion, you can send an email off to promo@xbet.cr to get the process started.

The amount of the free deposit will be the average of your ten previous deposits. Under the terms and conditions of this offer, there is no cap on the amount of the bonus deposit! That means that the sky is the limit if you’re a high roller. It’s worth noting that this bonus deposit is subject to a 15x rollover requirement. In order for you to qualify, your Xbet account must have a $0 balance and no pending wagers. See Xbet’s site to view the full terms and conditions of this offer.

MMA and Boxing Bad Beat Promotion

If you’re a fan of wagering on MMA and boxing, be sure to check out this promotion from Xbet. Under their MMA and Boxing Bad Beat Promotion, Xbet will refund your wager if you lose your bet under certain conditions in the first round. Below, we’ve broken out the events that qualify for each sport.

  • Boxing: Fight must end in a K.O. in the three minutes of the 1st
  • MMA: Fight must end in a K.O., submission, or stoppage during the first 60 seconds of the 1st

If your wager qualifies for the MMA and Boxing Bad Beat Promotion from Xbet, you can claim the bonus by emailing promo@xbet.cr. It is worth noting that favorites must be listed at a minimum of -250 or higher in order to claim this promotion. Check out Xbet’s website for full terms and conditions.

Spread the Word Promotion

With this promotion from Xbet, you can score and fast and easy $10. All that you need to do in order to earn the bonus is simply follow Xbet on Facebook or Twitter. After that, simply send an email off to promo@xbet.cr and let them know the name or handle that you use. Xbet will then credit your account with one $10 free play credit. It is worth noting that this bonus can only be used once per account. What’s nice about this promotion is that it is a super simple way to score some bonus cash!

Superman Promotion

Put your football predicting skills to the test using the Xbet Superman Promotion. Under this promotion, Xbet will double your earnings if you manage to correctly pick on a spread bet for each NFL game in a week. If you’re able to pick correctly, you’ll walk away with some serious cash in your account.

In order to qualify for this promotion, it is important that you bet the spread for every NFL game that week. Secondly, each wager needs to be for $20 or more. In order to claim this promotion, simply send an email to promo@xbet.cr.

Triple Diamonds 21 Blackjack Promotion

Fans of online blackjack might like this promotion from Xbet. As part of their Triple Diamonds 21 Blackjack promotion, Xbet will pay you a $500 bonus if you hit a 21 with 3 diamond suited 7’s. It’s as simple as that. While this is super rare, Xbet will pay you $500 if you happen to be lucky enough to hit it. It’s worth noting that your wager must be for $10 or more of real money in order to qualify for this promotion. If you qualify, simply send an email to promo@xbet.cr in order to claim your bonus. Xbet will then credit your account within 24 hours!

Show Me the Money Promotion

Xbet is willing to stand behind their service, and it shows through their Show Me the Money Promotion. Under the terms and conditions of this promotion, Xbet will correct your bet and award you with an additional $20 if their phone support team gets your wager wrong. We really like this promotion since it shows that Xbet is willing to make things right if their team makes an error.

It is worth noting that this promotion only applies to phone wagers. If you’d like to claim this promotion, simply send an email off to promo@xbet.cr. Xbet’s team will review the call and then credit your account if the wager was placed in error. It’s as simple as that!

Overall, we’re quite pleased with the selection of promotions that Xbet offers their clients. We like how many promos there are, and we also like that they touch many different areas and games. Our only suggestion for Xbet would be to dial back their rollover requirements on some of the promotions. Promotions with rollover requirements as high as 50x are a tad too high per industry standards.

Customer Service

At Xbet, you’ll find three different ways that you can contact their customer service team. Your options are live chat, email, and phone support. We like this combination of contact options, and we consider it to be the perfect trifecta of customer service options. By offering these three options, Xbet customers have three convenient ways to reach the Xbet team. In this section, we’ll give you the details on each one of these contact options including how you can reach them.

We were very glad to see that Xbet offered live chat customer service support. This is our preferred method thanks to how fast and easy it tends to be. If you’re looking to use the live chat customer service support on Xbet, simply look for the “Chat With Us” link in the bottom left-hand corner of any Xbet page. From there, you’ll be connected with one of their live chat representatives.

During our in-depth review of Xbet, we tested out their live chat support team on many different occasions. Luckily, we received solid service each time that we used the live chat functionality. Based on our experience, we expect that you too will find their live chat support team very helpful and knowledgeable.

Xbet also offers phone customer service support if you prefer to reach them using that method. At Xbet, they offer a toll-free phone number to reach their team. We’ve provided that phone number below for your convenience. Another nice touch at Xbet is that they have a call back service. Instead of you having to call in, a Xbet representative can call you as soon as they are available. To use this service, simply select the callback option.

Xbet Customer Service Phone Number:

  • General Customer Service and Wagering Support: 1-844-377-9238

We called into their support line on a couple of occasions while completing our site review. Each time, we were quickly connected with an agent who was able to assist us with our questions. We were pleased with the phone customer service support that Xbet’s team offered.

Your other option for contacting their customer service team is through email. While Xbet doesn’t offer an email address, you can fill out a web form that will be emailed to their team. After receiving your form, their customer service team will email you back as soon as possible. If you’d like to contact Xbet via email, simply use the form on this page: https://xbet.ag/contact-us/. We received quick replies from Xbet’s team on a few occasions that we utilized this contact form.

Overall, we’re very pleased with the customer service support that Xbet has to offer.

By offering the perfect trifecta of customer service contact options, Xbet allows their clients easy access to their team when they need it. Should you have a question or issue, don’t hesitate to reach out to the Xbet team in the contact method that best suits your needs.

Most Xbet fans love their easy-to-navigate website which is perfect for novice bettors. This sportsbook also has one of the quickest, most hassle-free deposit processes out there.

Xbet’s limits aren’t the highest, but that doesn’t impact the vast majority of players. Their bonuses are incredibly competitive and can be extremely lucrative. Xbet’s live betting lines are extensive, and its individual player props are innovative, wide-ranging and customizable.

Despite its young age, Xbet is a modern sportsbook and has proven itself as a highly reliable option.


Enough deposit options for almost every player

Withdrawing with Bitcoin is free

Deposit Options

Though Xbet theoretically offers five ways to deposit, wire transfers are not currently being accepted and haven’t worked for a while. That said, most people are happy to use a credit card, Bitcoin, MoneyGram, or e-check.

Xbet is one of the few sportsbooks that won’t cover all costs associated with deposits, even if you start out with a decent-sized bankroll. They’ll give you $10 towards any fees you face for deposits of $300 or more. There is no fee for Bitcoin, though you’ll incur a nominal charge from the blockchain that processes the transaction.

Maximum deposit amounts at Xbet are pretty low, which isn’t all that surprising (since limits are capped at $1,000 unless specially arranged).

Funding your account is quick and easy, which is great since bettors typically want to make wagers quickly.

Withdrawals & Payout Times

Bitcoin is the easiest and most cost-effective way to do business at Xbet. All other withdrawals carry a fee, and it can take over a week to deliver e-checks and wire transfers. The payout time for Bitcoin, however, is 24 hours.

Xbet is dependable: You’ll get your money, and they’re usually pretty quick.


100% sign-up offer

Straight-forward referral program

Xbet has one of the few 100% sign-up offers still available, a standard reload option, rebate opportunities in the racebook, and referral enticements. We’re pretty confident that many options at Xbet are negotiable, but you’ll work for whatever promotion you are looking for. You should also sign-up if you’re comfortable with their modest listed options.

Bettors should know that withdrawals are allowed within 30 days of accepting a bonus, unlike many sites. Rollover requirements are in effect and vary depending upon the amount.

Sign-Up Bonus

A 100% sign-up bonus of up to $300 is the new player offer, which is a fair enticement, but comes with a few restrictions. The biggest is that you’ll have to deposit at least $100 to be valid. The bonus is awarded as a free play that’s only valid in the sportsbook. The free play option also can’t be used on wagers outside of the -200/+200 range.

Reload Bonus

According to Xbets’ reload parameters, customers qualify for a 50% reload bonus of up to $500, though the fine print indicates that the maximum bonus is $300 (this is one of several areas where the site is a little sloppy). If you pointed out the error to customer service, they would likely honor up to $500. If you deposit less than 50%, your deposit will still qualify for a bonus, but at a smaller 25% bump.


The refer-a-friend bonus is straightforward: 100% for up to $100 per person referred by you. There’s a 5x rollover, and the $100 isn’t credited until your friend’s money is in their account for 30 days and rolled over 5x.

More Promos at Xbet: Racebook

Horse bettors may be able to receive an 8% rebate on daily losses, as advertised along the bottom of the Xbet main page. When pressed for details from customer service, however, we were told that such a bonus doesn’t exist. When shown that indeed they do advertise this bonus — and after consulting with management — we were told it existed, but we should contact them again later.

When we followed up, there was no more information available, and it seemed possible it was an old offer. Lack of clarity on both the website and with technical support is a recurring trend at Xbet. Depending upon who you talk with, you can get differing answers throughout the day.

XBet's Sportsbook

Broad betting menu & competitive odds

Arguably the best live betting & player props in the biz

It’s easy to nitpick Xbet for their $2 minimum online wagers (instead of the industry standard of $1), $25 minimum phone wagers, having a low maximum bet of $1,000 on marquee events, delivering lines to bettors slower than some competitors, and lacking a poker room. However, in the end, those aspects of Xbet’s sportsbook only matter to a small minority of players.

If you’re seeking a safe place to play with an excellent in-game and props betting platform, Xbet will do the trick and then some.

Line Selection

On a daily basis, Xbet provides exactly what you would expect and hope for: the ability to bet on a large selection of games and sports. Whether it be college basketball, tennis, golf, motorsports, or football betting lines, large events are covered extensively, with typical -110 juice, and a wide range of wagering options.

More off-the-radar, international events like predicting the next Pope, WWE props, and a variety of entertaining current events props are always available as well.

Betting Limits

Limits are an issue for those who like to throw around cash or for players who don’t bet frequently but want to make serious coin when they have a strong opinion. Live betting is generally capped at $500, and — unless discussed with the company — $1,000 is the maximum betting option. While this won’t affect most players, it’s low for occasional high rollers.

You can’t make that much on Xbet’s cutting edge Player Props section either. The standard $1,000 is the maximum, but you get get on board with one of the hottest trends in the betting industry: customized props. Instead of being limited to props on one or two-star players, the Props Builder at Xbet allows you to:

  • Pick a player
  • Choose a statistical category
  • Get lines on the number of rebounds
  • Get lines on the number of rushing yards
  • Get lines on the number of shots played
  • Play moving over/unders
  • Match players against each other
  • Bet on/against individual players in single games.

The options Xbet provides within this platform are kind of like daily fantasy sports on steroids.

Grading bets is a non-issue at Xbet. We have never witnessed a wager that took an abundance of time to be graded.

Live Betting

Live wagering is where Xbet really shines. It’s efficient, well laid-out, and covers just about every event and type of wager you could want. The live betting options (both ultimate and premium) are extensive.

Ultimate is a little more confusing, but offers more options in terms of props, spreads, and moneylines. Premium is a streamlined, easy-to-use platform for live betting. It doesn’t offer the same wide range of options as the Ultimate Live Betting section, but it is really easy to quickly adapt to.

Live wagering is where Xbet really shines.

Both have games ranging from the NFL to women’s college basketball to international soccer. That said, take note of the juice: Depending upon the event, you may be taxed up to -125 on live betting. It’s important to factor this into your potential ROIs.

Mobile Experience

Xbet has an excellent phone and tablet site. It runs quickly, is easy to navigate, and there’s no learning curve. It mimics the site the desktop version without any noticeable downgrades.

With an excellent live betting platform and strong mobile experience, this is perfect for those who bet while attending events or are on the move a lot. Xbet has prioritized simple, thoughtful, and quick user experiences. That’s about the best you can hope for.

Additional Offerings: Racebook & Casino

Though it’s nice they have a forum dedicated to horse bettors or slots, these clearly aren’t major points of emphasis for the operator.

The biggest reasons to bet horses at a sportsbook are the rebates and rules around collecting on particular exotic wagers. Xbet has smartly reduced the minimum bet on certain exotic bets to $0.50, however, if you take down a pot that nobody at the track hits (eg. a Pick 4 that has two 50-1 shots in it), they’ll refund your bet instead of awarding the entire pot minus takeout. That said, Xbet racebook rules limit it an occasional hunch play.

The Xbet Casino is adequate but unspectacular. While they don’t have a poker room, they do have video poker, slots, 3D slots, a fairly large selection of table games, and several other niche attractions like Keno and Virtual Racebook. Their offerings aren’t anything to write home about, but they are perfectly fine for a quick escape.

If you chose Xbet for your sportsbook, the extras are acceptable, easy to use, and require no download. If you expect to use these products a lot, there may be other places that satisfy your craving better.

Customer Service

Customer service reps are helpful

Outdated information on the site leads to increased need for support

Let’s start with the positives: Xbet representatives do their absolute best to help you. They are kind, courteous, and highly responsive regardless of your contact method. Whether you reach out via chat, phone, or email and your queries are addressed quickly.

Unfortunately, the support is great until you’re told one thing by one customer service agent and something different by another.

Though the site is great for betting on sports, it’s a mess when it comes to outlining rules and promotions, which increases the importance of good customer service. Old deals and incorrect information is found throughout the site, blindsiding customer service agents about offers that don’t exist.

That said, once you work up the food chain to supervisors, they try very hard to honor promises, explain regulations, and satisfy customers.

Contact Information

Customer Service Languages: EN | ES

The Bottom Line

If you’re looking for a safe, reliable site that with a great mobile app, excellent in-game wagering, and modern props, Xbet is a fine choice. The ability to customize wagers also adds to the experience.

On the downside, depositing and withdrawals have some red tape, bonuses are capped at a pretty low amount, and rules could be much more clear.

At the end of the day, it’s up to bettors to determine which elements are most important to them.

Basic Information

They say first impressions are everything and it seems that the design team over at XBet.ag is well aware of this old adage. For starters, their slogan is “The last book you will ever join,” which in our minds sure is a big statement to make.

Actually, we quite like their bold and ballsy attitude, since we’d rather put our money in an online sports betting operation that believes in themselves. The question is, however, is this just an empty slogan or do they walk the walk?

Bold seems to be what XBet.ag is really going for, and it is quite apparent in their overall look and feel, with a bold and modern gutsy-looking sportsbook. XBet.ag is clearly trying to move away from the traditional concept of what the perfect online sports betting site should look like and behave like.

These guys are all about embracing the new generation, with an almost punk-rock attitude toward sports betting.

We love the look of XBet.ag! The site is exciting and provides the kind of action-packed energy a good sports betting site should have, especially when it comes to betting on in-play football, basketball, and other super-charged sports.

The site is also imbued with its own fair share of sex appeal, thanks to tough-looking sports stars captured in action shots and plenty of tattooed eye candy all over the site.

According to their own website, the team behind XBet.ag is all hand-picked veterans of both the online and offline sports betting industry. If this is true, it means that you should be able to enjoy the best lines and odds on top sports, including NFL and college football, NBA and college basketball, NHL hockey action, soccer (football in some places), and much more.

We love sports betting sites that are created for sports bettors by sports bettors. XBet.ag is licensed and regulated by the Government of Costa Rica and is also based there. Let’s take a look at their main features and offerings and break them down one by one in our full and intensive XBet.ag review!


Restricted Countries

One of the really cool things about XBet.ag is that their list of restricted countries is a lot lower than most of the other online sportsbooks and casinos on the web. This inclusivity allows far more punters from different countries around the world a shot at quality online sports betting.

The really great news here is that XBet.ag allows players from the USA and other countries like Australia to bet freely on the site and enjoy secure banking and more.

While we won’t list all of the restricted countries here (you can find out more on the site’s terms and conditions page), we list a few as an example for your reference here:

  • American Samoa
  • Antigua and Barbuda
  • Belgium
  • Bulgaria
  • Curacao
  • Cyprus
  • Estonia
  • France
  • Guam
  • Hong Kong
  • Israel
  • Italy
  • Macau


The Casino

With most online sports betting sites, adding an online casino is usually a second thought, and is ultimately there just to provide a distraction while waiting for the game to start. However, at XBet.ag, things are a little bit different.

They have managed to give their online casino the same extreme treatment with which they have created their online sportsbook. So you can expect exciting casino games which include slots, roulette, blackjack and other table games, video poker, and more.

The key reason why XBet.ag is able to provide such a world-class online casino gaming experience is thanks to their partnership with Betsoft, one of the undisputed leaders in online casino gaming technology.

Betsoft really knows how to create incredible online casino games, and each one of their titles is packed with the latest in graphics, sounds, and smooth gameplay. In fact, since they power the entire XBet.ag casino site, you can expect smooth and trouble-free casino gaming, regardless of your game of choice.

Betsoft is not just known for designing and producing some of the very best slot games in the industry, but they have spent a ton of energy in ensuring that every one of their games is also completely safe and truly random.

To do this, Betsoft builds their games around a state-of-the-art random number generator, known as an RNG. These RNGs are then also independently audited and tested to ensure that they deliver true random results on every spin of a slot, roulette wheel, or hand of cards dealt in virtual blackjack, baccarat, and video poker.

Let’s take a closer look at all of the online casino action you can find at XBet.ag at the current moment.

Table Games

No online casino worth its salt would be able to get away without having a decent selection of classic table games to play. XBet.ag went to their old partner Betsoft to see what they could do for them in table games.

True to their reputation, Betsoft has provided XBet.ag with a serious selection of some of the best virtual table games that we have ever had the pleasure of playing. You can find just about anything here if table games are your thing.

This includes an excellent selection of American, French, and European roulette tables, a variety of blackjack games, and baccarat games.

If you are not that into roulette, blackjack, or baccarat, don’t worry, because XBet.ag has included a number of other interesting or unusual games into the mix.

These include oddities like Top Card Trumps, Pai Gow, Pontoon, Red Dog, and more. Taking a quick cross-section of the table game variety available at XBet.ag, we get something like this:

  • European Blackjack
  • American Blackjack
  • Craps
  • European Roulette
  • American Roulette
  • Caribbean Poker
  • Draw HI-Lo
  • Pirate 21
  • Zoom Roulette
  • Triple Edge Poker


If you love good old-fashioned online slots that add the latest technology to a familiar layout and gameplay, then Betsoft video slots may be just what you are looking for.

Betsoft video slots combine a range of popular themes and features to produce incredibly fun and exciting slots that include free spins, bonus rounds, jackpot rounds, total multipliers, and much more. Some of the top video slots from Betsoft that are currently available at XBet.ag include:

  • Triple Crown Video Slot
  • Captain Cash
  • Mermaid’s Pearl
  • The Ghouls
  • Jackpot Jamba
  • Diamond Progressive
  • Seventh Heaven
  • Royal Reels

Betsoft 3D Slots

The fact that XBet.ag already uses a more unusual online casino software provider, as opposed the more popular Microgaming, NetEnt, or Playtech options, should tell you how much they want to stand out from the crowd.

Now, add to the mix the Betsoft 3D video slots, and you really start to get an online casino gaming experience that is cut from a different cloth.

Betsoft 3D slots contain all of the software brand’s award-winning features, including an advanced gaming engine that allows for fast action, state-of-the-art random number generators, tons of bonus rounds, and special features, all rendered in stunning, life-like 3D digital animation.

XBet.ag currently offers one of the biggest collections of Betsoft 3D slots on the net, and we simply cannot list all of them here. However, for your interest, we have put together a quick top ten of our favorite Betsoft 3D slots that you can find at XBet.ag right now:

  • Slotfather 2
  • A Night in Paris JP
  • Boomanji
  • Good Girl, Bad Girl
  • Greedy Goblins
  • Sin City Nights
  • Fruit Zen
  • It Came from Venus
  • Black Gold
  • Dr. Jekyll & Mr. Hyde

Live Dealer Games

XBet.ag promises a live casino experience on their website, and based on what we could see, it looks like it could be a great live casino alternative from all the other offerings available on the web right now.

However, did you notice that we said, ‘could be’? That’s because, while they are advertising the potential to play live casino games on their site, they do not actually have a live casino up and running just yet.

We could also not get anyone at XBet.ag to confirm any kind of a timeline for the launch of their pre-advertised live casino platform.

This is, of course, somewhat frustrating since we are itching to check out what this fairly maverick online sportsbook and casino is capable of producing in the newest online casino gaming craze sweeping the web. They have advertised their live casino games to include the following exciting alternatives:

  • Live HD Blackjack
  • Live HD American Roulette
  • Live HD European Roulette
  • Live HD Baccarat
  • Live HD Platinum Table Blackjack
  • Live HD ‘Super 6’

Now, not only do those all sound really exciting, but from what we could gather, XBet.ag will also be supplying some very hot tattooed rock ‘n’ roll live dealers to run their live casino tables. As far as we know, this has not yet been done in the industry.

Sure, there are some online casinos that have Playboy Bunnies dealing cards and spinning roulette wheels, but they’re not tattooed rock ‘n’ roll girls, now, are they?

In case you are not quite on the same page right now with what ‘live’ casino gaming is, here’s a quick live casino gaming primer for you.

Live casino gaming, also often referred to as ‘live dealer’ casino gaming, is the very latest trend in online casino gambling.

While the actual concept of live casino gaming has been around for about ten years already, it wasn’t until recently that significant advances in bandwidth and live video streaming made it possible to actually have live casino gaming as a standard feature.

Live casino gaming is massive right now, and more and more online casino gamblers are switching over to the live version of their favorite roulette, blackjack, baccarat, or poker game.

Instead of dealing with a computer program, as is the case with all virtual casino table games, you actually get to see a real live human being dealing cards or spinning a roulette wheel. Not only do you get to see them in action, but you can even interact with them, as well as with other players, thanks to clever built-in chat features.

Live casino or live dealer gaming is not only here to stay, but we truly believe it is the way of the future, and we certainly hope to see XBet.ag’s live dealer platform up and running in the very near future. We really believe that they have what it takes to blow their competition clean out of the water.



Esports is becoming one of the popular betting markets at Xbet.ag. In fact, the entire esports genre is the fastest-growing market on the web, with hundreds of markets available each day. And it appears that Xbet.ag is right at the forefront of this.

If you’re new to the world of esports, and wondering exactly what it is, or how it differs from regular sports like hockey or football, here’s a quick esports primer.

Esports, or ‘Electronic Sports’ is one of the newest betting genres at online sportsbooks, adding an entirely new dimension to your daily sports betting online.

You still get great daily betting markets, top odds, and excellent coverage of events and tournaments from around the world. However, instead of in the “real world,” they all exist in a “virtual world.”

Esports covers a wide range of sporting types, and you can find virtual versions of most of your favorite sports, including football, hockey, soccer, tennis, and many others.

Currently the most popular esports markets are video games such as DOTA 2 (Defense of the Ancients), League of Legends, Overwatch, CS:GO (Counter-Strike: Global Offensive), and a number of other multiplayer online battle arena (MOBA) markets.


What’s on at XBet.ag Right Now?

It seems that 2018 is shaping up to be a bumper year for esports at Xbet.ag, with plenty of betting opportunities to suit all tastes.

League of Legends is in full swing, with some play-offs and tournaments scheduled for the whole of February.

Check these out:

  • League of Legends - LCS Europe
  • NA League Academy
  • Latin America North Cup
  • Champions Korea
  • Japan League
  • LCS North America
  • Latin America South Cup
  • Vietnam Championship Series
  • LoL Master Series, and more

You can expect a solid variety of betting options, with fair odds offered on most markets.


What Else Is Happening in Esports at Xbet.ag?

There’s more esports action to come at Xbet.ag for the months of February and March (and beyond). Check out this brief overview of what you can look forward to:

  • League of Legends: North American Spring Split Week 5
  • South Korea: LCK Spring SplitWeek 5
  • EU: Spring SplitWeek 7
  • China: LPL Spring SplitGroup Stage
  • Overwatch League Stage 2 (Week 1)
  • Dota 2
  • Major PGL
  • Major ESL
  • CS:GO
  • IEM Katowice 2018


The Sportsbook

While XBet.ag runs one of the best online casino sites we’ve seen in ages (bar the missing live dealer casino bit, of course), they are first and foremost an online sports betting site. Their sportsbook is really their bread-and-butter operation, and as such, it represents one of the best examples of a modern, cutting-edge online sportsbook.

When taking the XBet.ag site at face value, two very bold claims and promises are unavoidable. One is the very gutsy claim that XBet.ag will be the last sportsbook you will ever need. While this may be a bit of a tall one for a site that still has plenty of growing to do, we do believe that they are determined to prove their bold statement true.

The other is the reassurance that the team at XBet.ag is prepared to “climb through hell or high water” to satisfy the needs of their customers. Both of these are clearly displayed on their website, so it clearly means that they intend to stick to them.

For us, XBet.ag is certainly one of the best online sportsbooks we’ve ever seen, particularly for the North American markets. This sportsbook is all about creating as much hype around their markets as possible.

Lines of top football events are competitive, and the range of markets and betting options is excellent, particularly in football, basketball, hockey, soccer, and baseball.

The XBet.ag sportsbook is well-designed and successfully manages to combine an extensive range of sports betting options with a high-octane betting environment, exactly how a modern online sports betting site should look and operate.

The sportsbook is extremely easy to use, making it a cinch for even total newbies to get around and place a few hot bets on top markets in a number of different sports, including live (in-play) events.

Sports Available at XBet.ag

XBet.ag don’t just offer popular North American sports, although these are the types of sports that they are best known for. Check out the following cross-section that we’ve put together for you, gleaned from the XBet.ag sportsbook.

  • NFL and College Football
  • NCAA Football
  • College Basketball
  • NBA Basketball
  • NHL Hockey
  • International Hockey
  • MMA
  • Boxing
  • Golf
  • Soccer (Football)
  • Esports
  • MLB (Baseball)
  • Cricket
  • Rugby
  • Business
  • Politics
  • Entertainment
  • Religion
  • Arena Football
  • Live (In-Play) Betting


Race Book

Fans of horse racing action can find their very own dedicated sportsbook at XBet.ag under its own tab simply called ‘racing.’ Here you will be able to find a wide variety of horse race betting options both in the USA and from premier racetracks around the world, including Europe, Hong Kong, South Africa, Australia, and other places when they become available.

As with the rest of the XBet.ag sports betting platform, the race book is super easy to use and only takes a few minutes before you can start placing top horse racing bets on multiple events, including in-play (live) events. Top horse race betting coverage includes all the major events of the year, including the following:

  • Breeders’ Cup Racing
  • Kentucky Derby Racing
  • Preakness Stakes Racing
  • Belmont Stakes Racing
  • Triple Crown Racing


Banking Options

When it comes to making instant deposits and fast withdrawals, XBet.ag is, once again, on point. They offer a diverse range of payment solutions, enough to suit virtually every preference and need out there.

In fact, XBet.ag is one of the few online sportsbooks that currently offers Bitcoin as an option for making instant, secure deposits, as well as lightning-fast withdrawals. Of course, if you’re not really into cryptocurrency just yet, you can select from a wide range of other options, including credit and debit cards, eWallets, bank transfers, eChecks, and more.

Interestingly, XBet.ag applys a customer-level system to how they organize their cashier section on their site. Depending on your color-coded customer level, you can enjoy faster deposit and payout times, higher limits in the amount that you can deposit as well as the amount you can withdraw, and a number of other benefits.

Each payment option comes with its own customer level and associated benefits and options, so it may be a good idea to contact their customer support to find out a bit more on each one. This is also a great way to figure out which option may be best for your needs or preferences.

We found the cashier page for XBet.ag very intuitive and easy to use once you get past the color-coded customer feature. All of our deposits made reflected within a few seconds of having made them, and our payouts were handled quickly, too.

Provided that you have all of your verification procedures completed, you should be able to enjoy payout speeds of under 48 hours at a minimum.

However, we cannot emphasize enough the importance of verifying your account. This is the part that most new players fail at, and subsequently end up blaming the sportsbook for delays or payout failures.

You need to ensure that all of your account verification documents, such as your proof of address, your personal identification documents, credit card copies, and any other forms of verification that they require are submitted well in advance of your first withdrawal attempt.

Get that right, and it will be smooth sailing all the way.

If you need help at any stage during your sign-up or during your account verification, getting in touch with XBet.ag support staff is quick and easy. Simply clicking on the live chat button will bring up the live chat user interface and you will be able to see how long you will have to wait to get help.

We found waiting times to be very low and usually got help within thirty seconds of initiating the live chat request. This is by far the quickest and most efficient way to get the help you need when you need it most.

For your easy reference, we have outlined a few of the sportsbook’s most popular payment options below, as well as the minimum and maximum deposit amounts. You may also be interested to know that XBet.ag only supports a single currency option on their site, namely USD, so you will not be able to use other popular currency options such as EUR, CAD, AUD, or GBP.


Payment Min. Max.
Visa 45 USD 1,000 USD
MasterCard 45 USD 1,000 USD
ACH 100 USD No Max. Level Set
Bank Wire Transactions 2,000 USD No Max. Level Set
Person-2-Person orange 100 USD 690 USD
Person-2-Person blue 100 USD 500 USD
Bitcoin 25 USD 10,000 USD
Phone Transfer 45 USD 1,000 USD


Payment Min. Max.
Visa 45 USD 1,000 USD
ACH 100 USD No Max. Level Set
Bank Wire Transactions 2,000 USD No Max. Level Set
Person-2-Person orange 100 USD 690 USD
Person-2-Person blue 100 USD 500 USD
Bitcoin 25 USD 10,000 USD
Phone Transfer 45 USD 1,000 USD

As far as your essential bonus offering is concerned, XBet.ag has managed to create a trio of very sensible offers for all new players that sign up with them.

We love the idea of creating individual welcome bonus offers for each of their key platforms, as it allows those newbies looking to bet on sports a separate bonus boost from others looking just for a few cool Betsoft casino games.

However, both the sportsbook sign-up bonus offer and the online casino sign-up bonus offer are virtually identical.

Each one consists of a 100% bonus match on your

first deposit up to the maximum deposit amount of $300!

Both bonus offers are only available for your initial deposit only and cannot be used again.

However, XBet.ag does have a follow-up or reload bonus offer which consists of a 50% reload bonus on your follow-up deposit up to a maximum of $250.

Currently, the trio of new-player welcome bonus offers are the only promotions going at XBet.ag, although they are planning a number of new and fresh promotions, so it is best to get in the loop via their email newsletter.


Mobile Friendliness

Unlike most other online sports betting sites and casinos, XBet.ag does not require a dedicated app for either Android or iPhone to be able to enjoy great betting or gaming on the go.

In place of dedicated apps, which are becoming a thing of the past, XBet.ag has created a mobile-friendly website using the latest HTML5 technology.

This essentially means that you can visit the XBet.ag from your preferred mobile device, regardless of operating system.

XBet.ag can be accessed on most Android, Windows Phone, Blackberry, iPhone, and iPad devices.

Logging in via your mobile device gives you access to the entire XBet.ag website, including the sports betting platform, live in-play betting platform, the virtual casino — including slots, video poker, and table games — 24-hour customer support, exclusive bonus offers, and much more.


Customer Support

Customer support at XBet.ag is on point, as we pretty much expected it to be. There are a number of options here to choose from when it comes to getting the attention you need. Of course, the most efficient method of contacting XBet.ag customer service is via their live chat button.

They also offer a simple email contact form, which you can also use when submitting all of your necessary supporting paperwork. Finally, you can make use of the more traditional phone support options, which include numbers for support and numbers for placing your bets over the phone.

We found XBet.ag support staff to be consistently friendly and upbeat, regardless of the hour in which we contacted them, night or day. This goes a long way in our book as there are far too many sites where they really don’t care at all about their customers and are only interested in getting your money out of you.

Email Support

While we did find the above email during our review, the general thing to do is to simply use their email contact form on their website. This is a feature that you will either love or hate; some love the simple convenience of it, while others hate it since there is no way to know if your mail is actually getting read by anyone.

We tried both ways and got responses on both methods, although the turnaround time on direct mail was a tad quicker.

Live Chat Support

Live chat support is by far the quickest and most satisfying route to getting the help that you need when you need it. The live chat button can be accessed at any time and on any page on the XBet.ag website.

We found live chat support members to be very friendly and very quick to engage in a bit of friendly banter, which made spending time on live chat a bit more bearable than on many other sportsbooks or online casinos.

The support team members are clearly highly trained and can assist with virtually any issue or problem within minutes, which lets you get on with the important stuff like placing bets and playing casino games.

Phone Support

Phone support is just as efficient as any other support method available at XBet.ag. They’ve listed two categories of service, despite using the same contact number for each. For your convenience, we’ve included both options below as they’ve listed them on their site.



As we touched upon right near the beginning of this insanely in-depth mammoth sportsbook and online casino review of XBet.ag, you are not dealing with your dad’s online sportsbook or casino.

The guys at XBet.ag are making no bones about the fact that they have rejected the traditional ideas of what an online sportsbook and casino should look like and act like. This kind of attitude will instantly endear them to the new generation of online gamblers, who are set to outnumber the older crowd within the next couple of years.

The XBet.ag website runs the risk of being a case of style over substance, and your initial impressions may just be in agreement with this assessment. This is especially true if you are not used to something that is so bold, brash, and in-your-face as XBet.ag aims to be.

However, once you get over your initial ‘what the heck is this?’ phase, you will undoubtedly be pleasantly surprised at what is on offer here.

Underneath the bold and dark colors, the tattooed cheerleader girls and hostesses, the hardcore sports stars, and the rock ‘n’ roll imagery that adorns the entire site beats the heart of a true, robust sports betting and casino gaming site.

You will find all of the major sports represented here, along with fairly competitive betting options and lines. You will also find an excellent online casino, thanks to the efforts of Betsoft, their main online casino software partner.

In fact, a lot of punters are actually logging in just to play some of their top 3D Betsoft slots, something few other online sportsbook and casino combos can claim.

We found that, if you are looking for something off the beaten path that offers a fresh, young, and adrenaline-fuelled approach to online gambling, XBet.ag may be the ideal option for you.

However, this site is not just for the new generation of online gamblers but should also appeal to anyone looking for a quality site that offers all the necessary options, like 24-hour customer support, top banking options, access for US players, great games and sports, and much more.

With the minimum deposit option as low as $25, the lowest payout option as $25, and no withdrawal fees on either, Xbet shows their commitment to clients. Between the half dozen easy-to-use and safe methods of deposit and three solid reliable payout options, it is easy to understand why banking at Xbet has a strong reputation and many satisfied customers.

Deposit Options

Xbet offers several deposit options to transfer funds and get your account up and running. The smallest Bitcoin deposit amount is $25 and the largest is $10,000. Credit cards, cash apps, eChecks, and bank wires work well. Xbet also accepts app deposits which are a great deposit method with you need to move quickly on juicy props. Here’s a rundown of what you need to know to deposit at Xbet:

  • Minimum deposit: $25
  • Deposit methods: Visa, Mastercard, Bitcoin, person-to-person, ACH, eCheck, Zelle, Cash App, Moneygram
  • Supported currencies: USD, BTC

Because Bitcoin is the least restrictive, offers the fewest fees, and is a part of Xbet’s best promotion, it is our recommended option. Xbet doesn’t accept foreign currency so by using Bitcoin you do not end up with issues regarding how much you want to transfer, or fees that come out of your bottom line.
The site will cover third party fees for credit card deposits. Thankfully, third party fees, if applicable, are usually not overly expensive. See the deposit details at Xbet below:

Depositing Options Minimum Deposit Maximum Deposit
Bitcoin $25 $10,000
Credit Card $45 $2,500
MoneyGram $100 $630
eCheck $100 $2,500
Zelle $249.99 $999.99
Cash App $50 $10,000

Payout Options

In theory, we love Xbet’s payout policy, in practice, it is a mixed bag. There are three longstanding reliable methods offered: Bitcoin, eCheck, and bank wire. All payouts at Xbet have a processing time of 2 days before the delivery time is factored in. The payout times for each method after the processing time are the following:

  • Bitcoin: 24 hours
  • eCheck: 5 to 7 business days
  • Bank wire: 5 to 7 business days

All the quoted payout times are reasonable. Most importantly, you will get paid in a timely manner, and they have a long history of honoring their policy in this regard. Find the full withdrawal details at Xbet below:

Payout Options Minimum Payout Maximum Payout
Bitcoin $25 $5,000
eCheck $50 $3,000
Wire Transfer $500 $5,000

XBet.ag sportsbook has a quite a bold slogan, which is “The last book you will ever join.” This is quite a statement to make, considering the number of top online sportsbooks operating on the web. One thing is for sure, this is not your dad’s sportsbook, and something tells me that the ‘X’ in ‘XBet.ag’ stands for ‘extreme betting.’

My very first visit to the XBet website seemed to bear this suspicion out. The overall look of the site is not only visually exciting, but also pretty impressive as an all-round sportsbook and online casino. The bookie is certainly trying to separate itself from the herd and stand out as a sort of modern-day maverick online betting destination.

Aside from the rather bold and sporty colors of the website, there are a few notable indicators of their intentions within its niche. For one, the advertisement for their live dealer casino shows that isn’t staffed with the usual bevy of beauties in evening gowns.

XBet.ag dealers are all rock n’ roll with tattoos, leather, and attitude.

So it seems, on the surface at least, that this bookie is cut from a different sort of cloth and aimed at punters looking for something new and different. I’ve reviewed loads of different online sportsbooks and online casinos in my time, so I was are really hoping that this would be the case. However, what would I find when I dug a little deeper?

Is XBet really what they say, or is it all hype to draw in new players? What kind of sports do they offer? How about their markets and lines? Is their casino a case of style over substance, or is it a good bet for serious gamblers too?

Stick with me and I will most certainly be stripping all the paint off the XBet.ag bookie to see what lies beneath!

By the end of my extreme review, you will either be raring to sign up with them to get a few bets on the go,or you will be moving on to the next brand on our list of top sportsbooks and online casinos for 2018!

Deposit Methods

The Breakdown


My overall impression of XBet.ag has been very good. They offer a striking and refreshingly modern and sporty website, dedicated to the true blue sports bettors (particularly those that love to place bets on NFL, basketball, baseball and soccer action). I was impressed by the overall smoothness and speed of the site. Everything is easy to get to and simple to use (both of these are huge pluses for a solid working-man’s sportsbook).

They also place a large emphasis and focus on player satisfaction and support, which is very noticeable when you spend time on the site. Help is always at hand and rather easy to get to. Service is slick, fast, and super friendly. I thought that the banking section was easy to use, even though they could do with a few more payment options, and the casino was very good, too. There is a bit of a bugbear with the casino (I reveal the deets down below).


The sportsbook is overall good and one would expect nothing less from them in this regard. All major sports are covered, and there are hundreds of betting lines across all sorts of markets to interest seasoned pros and newbies alike. I appreciate the separate racebook and the added value extras found all over the sportsbook, such as the helpful tips, betting line guide, news bits and pro tips, and much more.

Game Variety

With a full sportsbook, racing book, and top virtual casino, gaming variety is excellent, and there really is something here for everyone to explore. If you love sports betting, there are dozens of sporting types to choose from, including NFL and college football, MLB baseball, college and NBA basketball, hockey, soccer (football), MMA and boxing, cricket, tennis, and much more. If you love the ponies and dogs, you can check out the XBet.ag racing book. It contains horse racing and greyhound fixtures from the USA and Canada, as well as Europe, the UK, and further afield. Racing types include thoroughbreds, harness racing, and greyhounds.


The cashout process at XBet.ag is quite streamlined, and I found that most processes happen in under 48 hours (the majority in under 24 hours). I reckon they could do with a few more payment options, though. However, the current options are among the most popular, and include Bitcoin, which is a good sign.


The bookie has a range of bonus offers and incentives which are mostly geared towards new players, but there are also additional promotions.

The current range of bonus offers and promotions include the following:

  • 100% sign-up bonus up to $300 (initial deposit only)
  • 20% sign-up bonus up to $500 (initial deposit only)
  • 100% casino sign-up bonus up to $300 (initial deposit only)
  • 25% reload bonus up to $500 (initial deposit only)
  • 75 rebate for existing customers
  • 20% Risk-Free Bet
  • MMA and Boxing Bad beat
  • Spread the word (refer a friend reward)

Customer Service

Customer service at XBet.ag is above par, and the only reason they don’t score full marks here is that they offer an email contact form for email comms (not everyone’s favorite). In many cases, email contact does not work efficiently and there is no way to know when you could reasonably expect a reply. However, I found that this option works rather well, and turnaround times are good.

My best option was their live chat feature, which is much more immediate. XBet.ag customer support team members are fast, efficient, and very friendly. I found that, if they do not know the answer themselves, they go out of their way to find the answer.

User Interface

The XBet.ag user interface is excellent and I found it to be quite a pleasure to use over a long playing session. The key to their user interface is continuity in the various features and facilities which are accessible on the site.

It is very easy to move from the sportsbook over to the casino and then to the racing book and back to the sportsbook without any problems. I found the layout to be well thought-out and very easy to read, which makes this sportsbook a great choice for novice bettors as well as experienced gamblers.


XBet.ag makes use of the latest in SSL (Secure Socket Layer) digital encryption to ensure the safety and privacy of all of their players. All data on the XBet.ag servers is encrypted, which includes all of your stored sensitive data, such as account details, credit card details, transaction records, current or pending transactions, and so on.

XBet.ag is licensed and regulated through Curacao eGaming, a respected remote gambling regulatory authority. They also use Betsoft, one of the most respected of all online casino software brands. All Betsoft casino games include random number generator software to ensure that all games are safe and 100% fair at all times.

Sportsbook – An In-Depth Look

XBet.ag is primarily an online sportsbook, which is its core business. However, they added an additional racebook for horse racing and greyhound racing punters, as well as an additional virtual (online) casino.

The addition of the virtual casino makes the bookie an even more attractive option for sports bettors, especially those that enjoy some side betting action at the casino or casino gamblers that enjoy putting some of their winnings on the ponies or a big match on occasion.

The sportsbook itself covers a lot of ground, with well over a dozen different sporting classes, along with plenty of betting lines and markets in each. They convey a high-octane sports action sort of energy in their entire look, feel, and attitude, which is something that I really love about them. Fans of football (soccer), as well as popular North American sports such as basketball, gridiron football, baseball, and hockey, will surely appreciate this.

The entire site is geared towards not only providing sports bettors and gamblers with a refreshing new online gambling experience but also a one-stop shop fulfilling all of their needs. They also promise to “climb through hell or high water” (as seen on their website) to bring the highest quality experience to their players.

I personally found the site to be one of the very best in terms of quality content, as well as organization and layout. I reckon even newbies will have no problem with laying a few bets, even within minutes of signing up. Every sporting category available is clearly laid out along the left-hand column of the main sports betting page, making it easy to see at a glance what sports are available to bet on.

I got the impression that XBet.ag is also more geared towards the real-action kind of sports, like NFL football, MMA fighting, baseball, basketball, and soccer. When opening the sportsbook for the first time, it opened onto their NFL coverage. This includes a great primer on how to bet on NFL games, along with five great tips for betting on NFL games.

I thought this was a really great touch that not a lot of online bookies actually do sincerely. To me, this shows that they are really about the sports and the punters, and not just about making as much out of them as possible.

Sports and Betting Lines on Offer

The NFL betting primer also included some detailed information on their betting lines, the details of which are outlined below:

Sports Selection

  • NFL
  • NCAA Football
  • MLB
  • Boxing + MMA
  • Golf
  • Tennis
  • NBA
  • Soccer
  • NCAA Basketball
  • NHL
  • Horse Racing
  • International Hockey
  • Motor Sports
  • Esports
  • Canadian Football
  • International Basketball
  • Business & Politics
  • Religion
  • Cricket
  • Entertainment


Unlike a lot of other online sportsbooks, XBet.ag offers a separate book for their racing punters to enjoy. This includes detailed coverage across a broad range of racing, which includes horse racing as well as greyhound racing. Among the action, which covers tracks all over the USA, Canada, the UK, France, and Australia, punters can enjoy harness racing, thoroughbreds, and greyhound racing action.

  • Harness Racing USA
  • Thoroughbred Racing USA
  • Greyhound Racing USA
  • Harness Racing Canada
  • Thoroughbred Racing Canada
  • Thoroughbred Racing AUS
  • Thoroughbred Racing FR
  • Thoroughbred Racing UK


Aside from their online sportsbook and racebook, XBet also has a fairly comprehensive online casino for bettors that enjoy a bit of a distraction on the roulette or blackjack tables. The casino contains a wide variety of great table games, including the aforementioned blackjack and roulette games, baccarat tables, craps, and some poker too.

If you enjoy a more mechanical casino experience, XBet carries a wide range of video poker games as well as online slots to choose from. They chose to go with Betsoft as their online software partner of choice, which I think is a great move. As a result, you can enjoy a wide range of the best cutting-edge 3D slots, something that Betsoft is renowned for.

Another reason why I think that choosing Betsoft as their online casino software partner is a good move has to do with their reputation. When you gamble online, you want to know that the casino is reputable and that all the games are safe, reliable, and fair. Betsoft is one of the leading online casino software brands in the industry and has produced a range of excellent, safe, and reliable virtual casino games.

All Betsoft casino games available at XBet feature RNG, or random number generator, software. This is your guarantee that every one of the games that you play produces results that are consistently 100% random. In other words, every spin of the roulette wheel, every turn of a card in blackjack or baccarat, and every roll of the dice in craps is 100% random, each and every time.

This also applies to every spin on any of the hundreds of Betsoft slots at XBet.ag. Moreover, random number generators are tested on a regular basis by accredited and independent professional auditing firms to ensure random results, transparency, and fairness at all times.

All in all, I was very impressed with the online casino portion and found it to be somewhat superior to many other online sportsbooks’ attempts at adding an online casino.

XBet.ag isn’t trying to corner every segment of the market in some insincere way; they are merely providing an additional point of interest for their punters. There are plenty of great casino games to choose from here, including what seems like hundreds of the latest and greatest Betsoft 3D slots, excellent table games, and exciting video pokers.

So, if you enjoy a bit of casino gaming in between betting on the ponies, doggies, or your favorite football team, XBet remains a great choice. The only thing that to me proved to be the fly in the proverbial ointment was their live casino option. I go into much greater detail further down, although for now, let’s just say that their live casino proved to be quite a disappointment.

However, this is not because the games on offer aren’t any good. It is because there were actually no live dealer casino games to assess. It is a bit of a mystery, which I did attempt to unravel, and you can read all about it in my ‘Live Casino’ section a bit further down.

The current selection of online casino games available:


  • Triple Crown
  • Lucky Seven
  • Captain Cash
  • Diamond Progressive
  • Mermaids Pearl
  • Jackpot Jamba
  • Royal Reels
  • The Ghouls
  • 7th Heaven

3D Slots

  • Magic Shoppe
  • The Angler
  • Slotfather 2
  • Fa-Fa Twins
  • Kawaii Kitty
  • Sin City Nights
  • Event Horizon
  • Mega Glam Life Jp
  • Fruit Zen
  • Pinocchio
  • Mega Gems
  • Mad Scientist
  • Glam Life
  • Aztec Treasures
  • Gladiator
  • Genie’s Fortune
  • Barbary Coast
  • House Of Fun
  • Gold Diggers
  • Mr. Vegas
  • Mamma Mia
  • And many more!

Table Games

  • American Blackjack
  • Single Deck Blackjack
  • Poker3 Heads Up Hold’em
  • Craps
  • Caribbean Poker
  • Ride`M Poker
  • European Blackjack
  • American Roulette
  • 21 Burn Blackjack
  • Super 7 Blackjack
  • Triple Edge Poker
  • Pai Gow
  • Pirate 21
  • Red Dog
  • Draw Hi-Lo
  • Baccarat
  • Oasis Poker
  • VIP European Roulette
  • VIP American Roulette
  • European Roulette
  • Pontoon
  • Three Card Rummy
  • Zoom Roulette
  • Top Card Trumps

Video Poker

  • Five Draw Poker
  • Deuces Wild
  • Jacks Or Better
  • Split Way Royal
  • Joker Poker
  • Double Joker
  • Bonus Deuces
  • Bonus Poker
  • All American
  • Tens Or Better
  • Deuces And Jokers
  • Double Bonus
  • Multihand Bonus Deluxe
  • Multihand Double Bonus
  • Multihand Double Jackpot
  • Multihand Joker Poker
  • Multihand All American
  • Multihand Bonus Poker
  • Multihand Deuces Wild
  • Multihand Jacks Or Better
  • Pyramid Bonus Poker
  • Pyramid Aces And Faces
  • Pyramid Bonus Deluxe
  • Pyramid Double Jackpot
  • Pyramid Jacks Or Better
  • Pyramid Double Bonus
  • Pyramid Deuces Wild
  • Pyramid Joker Poker

Other Games

  • Predictor
  • Scratcherz
  • Instant Keno 40 ball
  • Instant Keno 80 ball
  • Klub Keno
  • Virtual Racebook 3D
  • Keno

Live Casino

The live casino looks great, advertising the different live dealer casino games that they offer. I have to admit, when I saw their advertised live dealer games, I got really excited to check it out. Not only are they advertised as having HD quality video, but they also featured live dealer girls in rock n’ roll outfits and plenty of ink and attitude to go with it. What’s not to get excited about?

The live dealer page promises the following games:

  • Live Blackjack
  • Live American Roulette
  • Live Baccarat
  • Live Blackjack (Platinum Table)
  • Live European Roulette
  • Live Super 6 (Platinum Table)
  • Live Baccarat (Table 2)
  • Live Super 6

Well, here’s where it all gets a bit strange and weird.

I got all excited about seeing a live dealer casino that’s a complete change from the norm found at most online sportsbooks and casinos nowadays. So, naturally, I was eager to sign up and get registered as quickly as possible. Luckily, the registration process is dead easy and only takes about two minutes to complete – great!

Once I signed up, I was taken to their deposit page, just in case I was ready to make my first cash deposit and take advantage of one of their deposit bonus offers. I really like this, because if you’re ready to make a deposit, this doesn’t waste any time and sets you up to start playing at the casino or making a few bets right away. But I’ll get into the deposit and banking features in the next section.

I skipped the deposit phase for now, as it is not mandatory to make a cash deposit before checking out what’s on offer. I immediately went to the casino tab so that I could finally check out their amazing-looking live dealer casino – only to find that there was not a live dealer casino to be seen anywhere. This really confused me, as I could’ve sworn I had just seen their advertising page showing a bunch of really cool-looking live dealer games!

After checking on a second account (just to make sure there wasn’t a problem with the account that I had just opened), with no luck, I contacted live chat support for some answers. I’m not sure if it was particularly busy when making contact, but it took quite a while before a connection happened.

Eventually, I got through to a support agent named Axel (an all-too-painful reminder of my rock n’ roll live dealer disappointment). My helpful XBet support guy did his best to find out what the issue was after I explained to him that I signed up for the express purpose of playing their live dealer casino games.

After waiting for what seemed to be a decade and a half, my intrepid support team member came back online to explain that there were no live dealer games on offer at the moment. This floored me a little, since they were actually advertising live dealer games. I asked him if they were under construction and would be available soon. Unfortunately, he could not find out the necessary information to answer any more of my questions.

So, all in all, quite a disappointing experience for me, and I imagine for any other players that may have been looking forward to playing what seemed to be a live dealer casino with a difference. Hopefully they will sort out this issue soon and actually deliver on what they are advertising on their site. A real snag, considering how good the rest of their site is.

Deposit and Withdrawal Options

XBet.ag has a wide variety of interesting and popular payment options, although it depends on your specific region or country which ones will be available to you. For example, before registering an account with them, I took a look at their banking page. According to the site, they offer a variety of payment options, which are listed below. Each option included a minimum and maximum deposit amount, as well as a ‘customer level.’

As per the banking page, every player is designated with a different customer level and color. For example, ‘newbie’ customers are black and are considered to be at the entry-level end of the spectrum. This means that they typically have the lowest features and incentives. There seem to be four different customer levels in all, with newbie going on to bronze, then silver, and finally gold level.

This seems to be similar to a VIP program, although it is also attached to their banking page.

However, once I registered an account, I found that some of the options displayed on their general banking page were no longer visible to me. Instead, I had a much smaller selection to choose from to make my first deposit.

The options that were now available included Visa and MasterCard credit card, cash transfer via MoneyGram, eCheck, Wire Transfer, and Bitcoin. These are still not bad choices, but it is interesting how the options can change once you have actually registered an account with them.

Withdrawal options are again a bit more limited based on various legislation and laws regarding online gambling. I was not really surprised by this, as most online sportsbooks and casinos will offer fewer options for withdrawing funds than they will for depositing cash into your account.

I found that the options available to me for withdrawing included Bitcoin, cash transfer via MoneyGram, and Wire Transfer. There were no Visa or MasterCard options available under their withdrawal tab that I could see.

There are also a few additional terms and conditions, as well as relevant information that their customers are made aware of, which include the following:

Popular payment options available at XBet include:

  • Visa
  • MasterCard
  • MoneyGram
  • Bank Wire Transfer
  • eCheck
  • Bitcoin
  • ACH
  • Person 2 Person
  • Phone Transfer

Deposit Limits per Payment Option


  • Availability: Online or Phone
  • Minimum Deposit: $45
  • Maximum Deposit: $1,000


  • Availability: Online or Phone
  • Minimum Deposit: $25
  • Maximum Deposit: $10,000


  • Availability: Online or Phone
  • Minimum Deposit: $45
  • Maximum Deposit: $1,000

Bank Transfer

  • Availability: Online or Phone
  • Minimum Deposit: $2,000
  • Maximum Deposit: No Max

Customer Service

I can honestly say that I have had quite a lot of experience with XBet.ag customer services. Unlike a few other online casinos and online sportsbooks, this bookie provides full 24-hour customer services, available seven days a week and throughout the year.

You can reach their customer team via their live chat facility simply by clicking on the icon located at the bottom left-hand side of every page. Alternatively, there is an email contact, as well as two separate phone line numbers, depending on the nature of your issue or inquiry. I have to say that I’m not a huge fan of email contact forms, mostly because many of them don’t really work all that well. It’s generally preferable to get the actual email address of the site. This way you can decide how to contact them via an email channel.

However, in the interests of a full and fair review, I decided to give their email contact form a try (the results of which are discussed in more detail in my email review section below). I dig that they have two separate call line numbers. This can reduce the amount of time you have to wait in the queue if your particular issue isn’t the general sort. Again, in the interest of a full and fair review, I tested both of these call options, which I detail in my phone support review section below.

All in all, I found the XBet.ag customer support team to be very friendly, more so than some of the other online sportsbooks and casinos that I have reviewed in the past. It seems that, when it comes to the online betting industry, certain key features such as banking and customer support are often a hit-or-miss sort of thing. Some online casinos or sportsbooks get it just right, while others seem to fail miserably for many reasons.

It has to be said that, when an online gambling brand gets their customer support just right, it can be an absolute pleasure to bet with them. In my opinion, it is often the quality and the convenience of customer support services that really makes or breaks an online betting brand, even more so than the number of sports or markets that they have to offer.

Like someone once said, take care of the small things and the big things take care of themselves.

The flip side is terrible or poor customer support services, which are especially detrimental to newbies on the scene. If you are not able to get the kind of smart, efficient, friendly, and decisive help and support that you need quickly, it can often mean the loss of a lot of your own money. If this happens, the experience can be catastrophic, and more often than not, that brand will have lost a customer for life.

Fortunately for XBet, my findings are marked down on the positive side of the page. Let’s see how my tests of their email support, live chat, and phone support turned out.

Email Support

Email Contact Form Only

As I mentioned a little earlier, if you need to reach support staff via email, the only option that is open to you is a standard email contact form. Normally I am not a great fan of email contact forms, since I have no idea if someone has received my email or what’s actually happening with my query. In some cases, I have actually experienced sending off my questions via a contact email form, only to never receive any correspondence in return.

Fortunately this was not the case, and their contact form proved to be very easy to use, as well as being very reliable. I filled in the contact form and included my line of questioning, with the entire process taking less than five minutes to complete from start to finish. I received a confirmation at my included email address, which acknowledged receipt of my email query with the promise that it would be attended to as soon as possible (the standard sort of response).

However, much to my surprise and delight, I received an actual reply to my email contact submission within two hours of having sent it off. The reply I received was polite, friendly, and informative, answering my questions quite well.

Of course, it does depend on when you send off your contact email submission. Iwas fairly lucky, since I sent mine during a fairly quiet period. I did send one during peak time and only received a reply the following day, although it was still under 24 hours. All in all, not bad at all, considering it’s an email contact form system.

Live Chat Support

By far, the fastest way to get the help you need is via the live chat service. The service can be initiated simply by clicking on the live chat icon found at the bottom left-hand side of every page. No matter whether you’re in the sportsbook, racebook, or casino sections, you can access their live chat support instantly.

Well, let me clarify that quickly. When I say ‘instantly,’ I mean that you can open a ‘chat window’ instantly. This simply means that when you click on the live chat icon, you will open a small window to begin the chat. I do like their live chat window; it is much simpler than many other live chat windows that I used before with other sites. You do not need to add annoying details such as your username or email address; simply type your problem in the space provided at the bottom of the window.

I do have to say at this point that I waited for some time for a live chat support agent to answer my message. I assumed that it must have been quite busy when I initiated the live chat window. You do get some information while you’re waiting as to whether someone has read your message yet and when they are typing a response, which is nice.

I found the live chat support staff to be very friendly and laid back, but also well-informed and efficient. So no problems at all with their live chat support.

Phone Support

As with their live chat support service, the phone services are on the ball, with friendly staff members manning their phone lines. The bookie has two dedicated numbers for general customer service inquiries and a specific number for their sports betting services. I think this is a great feature, since you do not have to wait in endless queues if your problem or issue is related directly to betting at their sportsbook or racebook, or if you are placing bets over the phone.

  • Customer Service: 844-377-9238
  • Wagering: 844-377-9238

User Interface

I love the overall look and feel of the XBet.ag website, and found it to be one of the easier ones for newbies to use when compared to many other online sportsbooks and casinos. I also love the color scheme, which combines deep blues and bright almost-neon greens in the logo and in key areas. The overall layout is excellent and very well thought out, making it very easy to see what is available at all times, a crucial aspect of any good online sportsbook.

Opening the site, you are greeted by a vibrant and colorful homepage, which highlights some of the sporting action you can find on the site, with top baseball and football icons gracing the page. The top of the page offers the main navigational tabs to get around the site quickly and efficiently. These include tabs for the sportsbook, casino, racing book, banking page, bonuses page, and the highly entertaining and informative XBet.ag blog.

I found the sports blog to be really great and a must for all sports fans, particularly if you are a fan of baseball and gridiron football. Many of the articles contain great tips and advice for making the most informed bets possible on current and up-and-coming games that are featured at XBet.ag.

XBet is slightly more geared towards baseball and American football fans, although there is still plenty for fans of other sports, such as soccer, tennis, basketball, hockey, MMA, and many other sports, to enjoy too. Accessing the casino from the same user interface is also a nice touch, and it retains the same look and feel, adding great design continuity there.

Whether you are an online casino and sportsbook newbie, or a veteran that has played at many of the top online casino and sportsbooks sites, I think that most of you will enjoy using XBet.ag. They are still a new brand on the scene, and I can only imagine how good they are going to get with a few more years of experience under their belts.

Frequently Asked Questions

Before you will be allowed to sign up with XBet.ag, make a deposit, play their casino games, or place bets at their sportsbook or racebook, you will need to be at least 18 years of age. As far as I know, this is the absolute minimum age, but it may be different in your specific country or region.

It may be a good idea to check with your local laws as well before attempting to register an account. You can also contact the support staff if you are not sure about these details.

They originally launched back in 2013, which means that they have been successfully operating for close to five years now. In just a short space of time, XBet.ag has become one of the most popular online sportsbooks and casinos on the web, outstripping many of the older or more established online sportsbooks and casinos in popularity.

No, it doesn’t. You can play your favorite casino games or place bets at the XBet.ag sportsbook any of hour of the day or night. The site operates 24 hours a day, seven days a week, and throughout the year.

To register a new account with XBet.ag, you do not have to pay any money at all. The sign-up process is completely free of charge and takes less than three minutes to complete. You do, however, have the choice to make your first cash deposit as soon as you have completed your registration process.

You can also select whether or not you would like to take advantage of their sign-up or first deposit bonus at this stage. You will then be taken to the deposit/cashier page where you can make your first deposit, or simply skip ahead and check out what is on offer first.

XBet.ag aims to be the best online sports betting destination on the web. They cover a wide spectrum of popular online sports betting categories, each with potentially hundreds of betting markets.

You can expect to find everything from the regular sort of sports like American football, basketball, baseball, hockey, and soccer or football, depending on where you are from.

You will also find more unusual sports, including MMA and other fighting or combat sports, and you can even bet on religion, politics, or business markets.

XBet has quite a variety of payment options for deposits and some for making withdrawals as well. They don’t offer as many as some other online sportsbooks and casinos, but still carry a useful range, including Visa, MasterCard, Bitcoin, wire transfer, and a few others.

Aside from their online sportsbook, they have other online gambling opportunities to satisfy as diverse a market as possible. This includes an independent racebook for fans of local and international horse racing, harness racing, and greyhound racing. Greyhound racing is slightly more limited and depends largely on local markets.

XBet.ag also features an online casino that includes a range of Betsoft games, including slots, 3D slots, jackpot games, roulette, blackjack, baccarat, video poker, and many others too.

Not at all. Whatever you win or request to withdraw from your account will be transferred to your requested account. XBet.ag, like all reputable online sportsbooks and casinos, assumes that you will take care of any applicable tax in an individual capacity.

XBet does not assume any responsibility for the payment of tax based on the tax laws in your specific country or region.

Yes, they do. Depending on what you are signing up for, you can get up to $1,000 in bonus money to bet on top sports or up to $3,000 to play online casino games. Once you’ve registered a new account and received your unique membership number, you can visit the XBet.ag promotions and bonuses page to see which offer best suits your particular needs.

They also have regular incentives and promotions for their online sportsbook, racebook, and casino. It therefore makes sense to tick the box that gives the promotions staff permission to send you news on new bonuses and promotions.

You will then receive regular updates via your email address, and can then take advantage of hot new offers right away by either following the included link or signing into your account separately.

Yes, you can. XBet.ag recently launched their new mobile sportsbook and casino platform, which can be accessed from virtually any mobile device. This includes most smartphones and tablet devices, including Android, iPhone and iPad devices, Windows Phone, and some Blackberry smart devices, too.

Xbet Review

Here is our Xbet review, but if you have been with us for a while now, you know that MyBookie is among our favorites in the world of Online Sportsbooks. 

Now, you may be wondering why we’re telling you about MyBookie when you want to read an Xbet Review. Well, we’re going to tell you all about Xbet, we just also thought that you should know that the guys and gals that own/run MyBookie also own and run Xbet! Based on the reputation that MyBookie has and the years of stellar experience they have, this is a great thing going for them!

But onto the Xbet Review! Let’s dive right in!

Xbet Loyalty and Bonuses

There is currently a loyalty program of sorts going on. No, you do not need to sign up for anything extra, but loyalty just the same. All you have to do is be a returning customer and they’ll give you an extra 50% on your deposit up to $250!

As far as we can tell, you are able to do this as many times as you would like, the only restriction is that you have to deposit at least $50. There are messages posted that this is in fact a limited time deal, however, the deal has been posted for quite a while. Just the same, we recommend jumping on it as early and often as possible just in case.

As for other bonuses going on, looks like at the time of this writing we have,

  • on your initial deposit a 50% Match up to $300 for Sportsbook use,
  • or on your initial deposit, a 50% Match up to $300 for Casino use
  • and an always-going-on 7% rebate on the horses on their racetrack

Checking up on it for you, looks like the rollover requirement is 5X for the Sports bonus and 50X for the Casino. A little lower than average for the sports part, about average for the casino.

Contests and Challenges

Going along with the bonuses and loyalty stuff right up there is the never ending list of contests going on.

Xbet does seem to change the current contests whenever they feel like it and they’re not always up to date. As an example, the current contests listed have to do with March Madness which ended a little more than a month ago, but eh, what’re you gonna do? They’re contests they don’t have to offer you.

Deposits and Withdrawals

Okay, things do get a little odd and confusing here. Let’s look at the deposit options on their page.

Type Minimum Maximum
Visa $45 $2500  
MasterCard $45 $2500  
ACH $100 No Max  
bitcoin $25 $10,000  
Person 2 Person $100 $500  
Phone Transfer $45 $1000  

Now this is where it gets weird. Same “Banking Page” on the site, there is not a word about ‘Withdraw’ options. If you are to scroll down just a little from looking at those banking options you’ll come across this table.

Wait, wait, wait… what???

As you can see, now we have a table with different minimum and maximum amounts, but for what? Is that the withdrawal options? If so, how do we get them?

I got you, fam. I contacted customer service via live chat and was greeted by a woman named Kendra who was both friendly and professional, answering my withdrawal question right away. So, what ways can we make a withdrawal?

Type Minimum Maximum
bitcoin $25 $5,000
eCheck $100 $3,000
Bank Wire $100 $5,000

So as for that table at the bottom of the banking page… Ignore it? Just be forewarned, there is a funny table attached to the site that may or may not end up having anything to do with you.

Also, according to Kendra, there are some withdraw fees attached to some of these.

  • bitcoin – no fees
  • eCheck – between $50 and $120 depending on amount
  • Wire Transfer – between $35 and $100 depending on amount

Good stuff here for the players that are new to XBet!

On your first ever deposit made to XBet, just use the code XB100 and you can claim yourself a 100% Match Bonus of up to $300!

To take advantage of this one, you must deposit a minimum of $45, and there is a 7x rollover requirement attached to the bonus money.

On that first deposit, you are welcome to deposit just as much as you would like, but $300 is the maximum amount of bonus you can grab.

100% Casino Sign Up Bonus

This one here is like the promotion directly above this one, but it’s for the Casino Lovers out there among you!

Just use the code XBC100 and you can get yourself up to $300 in a Matched Deposit with XBet.

It’s also like the promotion above where you must deposit at least $45 to take part in this, and you can deposit all you want but $300 is the maximum amount you can grab.

For the casino bonus, there is a 45x rollover requirement attached to the Bonus Cash.

In the world of gambling, you’ve got to take the good with the bad, you take them both and there you have the facts of life. Good. Now it’s stuck in your head too!

Happen to hit a point where you need to make another deposit to top off your account?

XBet will get your back with this nice 50% Reload Bonus of up to $250 when you use the code XB50!

You must deposit at least $100 to take advantage of this. Deposit less and you can still get a 25% Reload Bonus.

There is a 5x rollover requirement attached to this one.

This is only for the Sportsbook and will not qualify for the XBet Casino.

200% Sign Up Bonus Plus $40 Free Chip

For use in the XBet Casino, use the code 200XBSU when you’re making your initial deposit and get yourself a 200% Bonus of up to $2000 Plus a Free $40 Chip!

There is a minimum deposit of $50 required to take advantage of this, and $2,000 is the maximum amount of bonus you will receive.

It carries a 40x rollover requirement.

You can only use this one once, so make sure you take full advantage of this!

Customer Service

As for customer service, as you can see from the section above, it is absolutely fantastic! You do have 2 options, being phone or live chat, and with the 1 time I needed someone, I used the live chat feature.

“Kendra” greeted me within a matter of literal seconds and had answered my question in less than a minute while still being friendly and professional, without making anything feel “rushed”.

They nailed it.

What Kinds of Sports Can be Wagered On?

There are 2 kinds of Pinball Players. Those that play KISS Pinball, and posers. Which kind are you?

Name it. If you can think of a sport that’s on the circuit, Xbet will have it listed.

NBA, MLB, WNBA, Golf, Soccer, Cricket, and that list goes on and on…

Feeling a little frisky and looking for something different and non traditional? Xbet has you covered there as well. As of right now you can place bets on US Politics, (who’s going to be the next POTUS?) religion, (who’s going to be the next pope?) and right down to pinball. Yes. Pinball.


The casino part of Xbet will offer up just about anything you can want. You’ve got your table games, the slots, the 3d slots, video poker, and what they call “Other Games” where you’ll find, well, other games. Games that just don’t fit under any of the previous categories, but you may end up loving anyway.

And of course, let’s not forget the Live Casino featuring games!

  • Blackjack
  • Baccarat
  • Roulette
  • Super 6


We know now that Xbet will be around for a while with the backing owners doing there thing and have been doing it so well now for so long.

The team over at MyBookie are obviously aiming for a younger crowd with Xbet, but rest assured, even us older gamblers are more than welcome and can probably find something to do to try and win that monster jackpot!

Long story short, is Xbet a safe, secure and legitimate place to do some gambling? Absolutely! This is one we will proudly stand behind!

For a sports betting platform with a bit of uniqueness, you definitely have to check out the XBet site. But don’t do it on a whim – make sure that you’re fully informed on everything that it has to offer up. If you’re wondering how to do that, look no further than this review. Through it, we aim to make sure that you’re aware of all of the perks, benefits, and intriguing features that this sportsbook has to offer up.

Naturally, this means that you’ll learn all about the good and the bad. After all, you need to know what to expect when you’re signing up to a sportsbook. It’s no good going in there and thinking that you’re entering a platform that’s all rosy. Sportsbooks don’t tend to work like that. But with the help of this review, you’ll be in the know on everything positive, negative, and everything else in between.

It’s our aim to make sure that you know what depositing methods are available, what sports you can bet on, whether the site has competitive enough odds, and more. So, if you’re interested in learning more about this sportsbook, then read on. And let’s be honest – who doesn’t want to find themselves a favorite online platform to place wagers at? Perhaps XBet could be that sportsbook for you!

The XBet Overall Experience

Even though the XBet sportsbook only started operating in 2013, it’s pleasing to see how many people now turn to it for sports betting purposes. But it’s fairly clear to see why this is when you load the website up. It has a very rich and vibrant site layout, adding some high-quality graphics into its homepage background. The XBet logo itself is also visible in the top-right corner of the screen, bringing a neon green color with it.

Not only that, but the simplicity of everything is very appealing, too. Links run along the top of the website to allow you to move swiftly between sections. Meanwhile, you’ll get to see all of the sports that XBet provides wagering on down the left-hand side of the screen. In short, what we’re saying is that the sportsbook offers up a very appealing interface. And this is all backed up by a visually appealing color scheme, too. XBet doesn’t dull things down, instead choosing to incorporate a plain white background that ensures the blues stand out against it.

One other thing that very much stands out to us – and most likely will to you, too – is the welcome offer. While this in itself isn’t specifically the greatest promotion that we’ve ever seen, the advertisement of it is something that XBet seems to take seriously. On the homepage, every image that you see scrolling features the details of this or one of the other offers that XBet provides.
So, you can at least guarantee from the first moment that you access the sportsbook that you’ll be aware of the promotions!

What We Like About the Site

The first feature of XBet that we like is the overall design of it. And we’re not just talking about the graphics and layout, but about everything that the sportsbook provides in a visual sense.

It stands out as being a modern sportsbook, yet it’s a simple website to navigate around. For anyone who is a newcomer to the platform, this works very much in the favor of XBet. There’s little doubt that signing up and placing sports bets is a process that will be as easy as one, two, three.

It’s also nice to see that the sportsbook provides its players with a bit of a break. How? By offering up an online casino for them to access and play games in. This incorporates a selection of entertaining games, ranging from slots through to table games and even a live dealer section.

We’ll discuss this more a little bit later, but it does ensure that if you ever want to do something a little different from sports betting, XBet can cater to you!

Plus, you have the chance to receive up to $100 when you refer a friend to the platform. So, how about recommending it to all of your friends and receiving a bonus each time you do? There’s no limit to how many friends you can refer to XBet. As soon as they make their first deposit at the sportsbook, you’ll receive a portion of it, up to $100. What could be better than placing bets alongside your friends and being rewarded for bringing them to the XBet platform in the first place?

What Could They Do Better?

We’re generally always fans of receiving a special offer that welcomes us to a sportsbook. But the XBet promotion isn’t quite as lucrative as was expected. That’s not to say that it’s specifically bad – but it doesn’t match up to what can be found at other online platforms. You’ll still be able to attain up to $300 from it, which isn’t a negative thing by far. We just wish that it was somewhat more competitive with what other sportsbooks have to offer up for newbies.

Additionally, it would be nice if customers weren’t given ranks that dictate how much they can deposit. We understand that there’s potentially a need for there to be a VIP ranking system, and this is all fine and dandy for providing enhanced rewards. But allowing someone of gold status to have the option of depositing up to $30,000 per month while others only get the chance to deposit a maximum of $2,000 per month does seem a bit separatist.

Why can’t all players deposit as much they like?

Which Sports Is This Site Best Suited For?

XBet seems to excel in providing appealing soccer betting options. As well as offering up a multitude of bets on the various events, it also makes sure that its odds for such are more than competitive with the overall market. You have the ability to bet on futures with soccer as well. Generally speaking, it’s also available to access via the live betting section, meaning that you can participate in wagering while games are in play.

Golf also sits at the very top of this platform’s most popular offerings, and XBet does provide you with an exciting range of options when it comes to wagering on this sport. For a sport that can sometimes seem a little bit dull, XBet fairly brings it to life. You’ll have several betting options for golf, including who will win the round, if any hole-in-ones will take place, whether a player will hit the ball into the rough, and more.

Other sports that are great for betting on at XBet include tennis, with options for gambling on different tournaments as well as futures, motor sports with a strong selection of NASCAR options on hand, and Major League Baseball (MLB). If you take a look at what baseball possibilities the XBet site has on hand, then you’ll be able to clearly see why it’s a prime sport at this site.

Other sports that XBet provides bettors with the chance to place wagers on include:

  • Boxing and MMA
  • Basketball
  • Football
  • Australian Rules
  • Cricket
  • Esports
  • Wrestling

Betting Limits

Unlike several other online sportsbooks, we have to say that we were quite disappointed with XBet’s decision to not publish betting limits for each of its sports – even for the most popular ones. Instead, you’ll just get to see a standard range for placing bets over the phone and betting via the internet.

This is a little bit odd to us – after all, generally speaking, the bets that you’re able to place on esports don’t generally compare with the bets that you can place on soccer, for example. But if the information isn’t there, we can’t very well report on it.

So, while we can tell you about the standard betting limits, you’ll only be able to find out the minimums and maximums for specific sports if you play at the site.

As an online bettor, you’ll have a good choice of sports to place bets on. According to XBet, you’re able to make minimum wagers of $2 via the online sportsbooks. Yet there is a statement that reads, “The minimum is directly dependable on the odds and lines taken.” So, you can take the $2 minimum for what it’s worth. We can say that it would be very much better if there was something more solid to report on regarding this, but a $2 minimum as a general rule is all that we can inform you on. Further to this, XBet doesn’t provide information on the maximum bets that you can make, so are we just supposed to believe that it’s limitless betting?

As far as betting via the phone, your wagers need to be at least $25 for this. Why it’s so different over the phone than on the internet is beyond our reckoning. Yet, again, there isn’t anything mentioned about maximums for this route, either. It seems as though XBet is trying to keep such information under wraps, for one reason or another!

Will You Enjoy Betting at This Site?

Yes, it’s our opinion that you will enjoy betting at XBet. Fair enough, it has its drawbacks, but doesn’t every online sportsbook? You’ll never find something that’s 100% perfect, as we’ve said before. XBet brings forth a very ultra-modern-looking platform, which is what stands out to us primarily. When you toss in the range of sports betting options that are available, the competitive odds, and the fact that it’s available on mobile devices, it makes for an alluring sportsbook.

If you’re not so concerned with the inability to use e-wallets or multiple other payment methods for depositing and withdrawing, then any other issues with XBet are relatively minor. In this respect, you’ll likely find it a great choice for sports betting.

Additionally, we can very much say that you’ll have no problems with finding your way around the platform. It comes with a simple layout, and everything is clearly marked. One of the worst things about some sportsbooks is that they tend to look way too busy, and everything becomes a bit messy. XBet isn’t like that. Instead, you’ll be able to move around freely and easily, making things much more pleasant on the whole.

Bonuses and Promotions

It’s obvious that XBet doesn’t want to be left behind in terms of special offers. While the site doesn’t have a mass of these, it still provides an extra reason for bettors to sign up. We’re not saying that it’s the worst promotions section we’ve ever seen. Far from it, actually. On the other hand, it could do with a bit more work to put it into contention with other online sportsbooks. But let’s see what exactly the gamblers at XBet can expect.

Welcome Bonus

Sports bettors who choose to join the XBet site will get to benefit from a sign-up bonus. To get it, you just have to complete your registration and then make your first deposit at the cashier page. On top of this amount, you will then be the recipient of a 100% bonus. This has a maximum value to it of $300. Make sure that you use the promotion code of XB100 when you’re at the cashier. This will ensure that the extra funds are added on top of your deposit. You’ll be able to shoot and hopefully score with this welcome!

50% Reload Bonus Up to $250

XBet is also known for having certain limited-time only offers, such as this 50% reload bonus for you to claim. So, if you’re a fan of receiving such bonuses, you’d better get yourself over to the cashier already. While you’re there, you need to make sure that you make a minimum deposit of $50 to qualify for this bonus. Then, you’ll get a 50% bonus on top of this amount, which has a maximum value to it of $250 for you to claim! This will no doubt top up your balance nicely.

Of course, be aware that such promotions will come and go to be replaced by something else. Keep a check on the promotions page of the XBet site to know what’s available at the time you’re looking to deposit.

Deposit Methods

It’s a common downfall of online platforms that cater to the US market that they don’t offer up a great choice of payment methods when it comes to depositing. We’ve noticed that XBet falls into this crevice, only offering up seven different depositing methods to bettors.

And unfortunately, if you’re not a fan of inputting credit card details at online sites or waiting for a form of money transfer to take place, the only other option is Bitcoin. Now, it’s great that XBet caters to users of the cryptocurrency, but it’s still relatively new when it comes to being able to use it at online casinos.

One other thing to remember about XBet is that customers are given different levels which dictate how much money can be deposited per transaction, per day, per week, and per month. It’s a bit of a ludicrous situation, really. But let’s take a look at the options for depositing.

  • Visa
    Min. Deposit: $45
    Max. Deposit: $1,000
    Fee: Free
    Turnaround Time: Instant
  • Mastercard
    Min. Deposit: $45
    Max. Deposit: $1,000
    Fee: Free
    Turnaround Time: Instant
  • ACH Transfer
    Minimum Withdrawal – $100
    Maximum Withdrawal – No Max
    Fees – Free
    Turnaround time – Within 3-5 days
  • Person to Person
    Min. Deposit: $100
    Max. Deposit: $500
    Fee: Free
    Turnaround Time: Within 3-5 days
  • Bitcoin
    Min. Deposit: $2,000
    Max. Deposit: $10,000
    Fee: Free
    Turnaround Time: Instant
  • Bank Wire Transfer
    Min. Deposit: $2,000
    Max. Deposit: No Max
    Fee: Free
    Turnaround Time: Instant
  • Phone Transfer
    Min. Deposit: $45
    Max. Deposit: $1,000
    Fee: Free
    Turnaround Time: Within 2-4 hours

Withdrawal Methods

The withdrawal methods that XBet has available to use are significantly fewer than those available for depositing with. As a regular sports bettor, you’ll realize that a withdrawal usually takes place through the same method that you chose for depositing. If this is not a possibility, then you’ll be sent your funds via a bank wire transfer instead.

All cash-outs at XBet must be a minimum of $100 according to the site, yet upon trying a bank wire transfer withdrawal, a minimum of $3,000 was required, which is a little steep, if you ask us. The withdrawal methods and their relative fees are as follows.

  • Bank Wire Transfer
    Min. Withdrawal: $3,000
    Max. Withdrawal: $5,000
    Fee: Between $68 and $75
    Turnaround Time: Within 5-10 bus. days
  • eCheck
    Min. Withdrawal: $100
    Max. Withdrawal: $3,000
    Fee: Between $20 and $60
    Turnaround Time: Within 7-15 bus. days
  • Bitcoin
    Min. Withdrawal: $50
    Max. Withdrawal: $5,000
    Fee: Free
    Turnaround Time: Within 24 hours

Level of Customer Service

One area that the XBet platform does excel in is their stellar customer support. The team was always friendly and informative when it came to the questions that we asked. This makes up for a lot of the downsides of the sportsbook, because at least the agents are willing and able to provide a high level of support. You’re able to check the site’s selection of FAQs first of all, but if this isn’t enough to answer your questions, then you can move on to contact an agent.

A live chat function is on hand for you to make use of, or if you would prefer to send an email, the website has a form for you to fill in. You’re also able to reach out to someone via telephone. Being mightily impressed by the support that an online sportsbook provides is something that we always look out for. XBet definitely shows that it’s willing to offer up all of the help that you need with a strong, friendly team directing traffic.

More Than a Sportsbook

We can possibly all admit as sports bettors that sometimes we just want to give ourselves a bit of a break from predicting the outcome of sporting events. Which is why XBet is quite impressive with its online casino. This gives you a way out of the sports betting section of the site and allows you to be entertained by a selection of appealing casino games instead. Within this section of the XBet platform, you can claim a welcome bonus of 100% first of all. From there on, you can access various high-quality games.

There’s a strong range of slot offerings, including titles like The Angler, Ogre Empire, Kawaii Kitty, and Sin City Nights. Plus, you’ll have access to a selection of table games, if this is more your cup of tea. They include offerings such as blackjack, roulette, and poker. Meanwhile, for those of you who get a thrill out of interacting with a live dealer, XBet also has its own live casino section. So, you’ll definitely find a lot of excitement in the XBet casino, giving you a bit of time away from the sportsbook.

Should You Choose Another Sportsbook?

It’s easy to pick out the negative parts of the XBet site. It has some work to do in terms of the range of payment methods that it accepts and could do with being a bit more informative when it comes to betting limits. Plus, the range of promotional offers is limited in comparison to many other sportsbooks – just take a look at BetOnline or Bovada, for example. So, if you’re not able to bypass these features, then you may want to find another online sportsbook to bet at.

But in spite of its few let-downs, XBet also brings forth a great choice of sports for you to bet on, all of which generally provide competitive odds for you to benefit from. Plus, if you prefer to access sports at a more modern platform, this one will also cater to your needs. It all comes down to your own personal preference. For us, we did enjoy being able to place bets and search through all of the platform’s features, so we’d say that you should try out the XBet sportsbook, for sure.

Final Thoughts

So, what do we think about XBet? We think that it’s a very well-designed, easy-to-use, and impressive online sportsbook. The range of sports that exists on the platform is great, while the welcome offer – despite not being as appealing as some others – still gives you a warm enough greeting. It’s also great that XBet caters to the mass of Bitcoin users out there, ensuring that deposits and withdrawals can be done for free with it. The site is especially attractive if you have a passion for betting on soccer or golf, for example.

It’s true to say that we think the payment methods could do with being expanded, and the fees relating to making withdrawals from your account should be simplified. Plus, the fact that you’re given a customer level and that this dictates the maximum amount that you can deposit is quite shambolic to us. However, even with these specific flaws, XBet is still an appealing sportsbook for avid gamers to enjoy.

XBet Sportsbook Review

Since appearing on the scene in 2016, the XBet.ag online sportsbook has quickly branded itself as the best destination for “serious players.”

And that’s good to hear, considering the way many competitors seek to drive sharp bettors out of the game.

As a “no-nonsense sportsbook,” XBet caters to intelligent, informed players who know when a site is trying to hang the hook on them. This willingness to let winners keep wagering stands in stark contrast to some of the major online sportsbooks out there today.

XBet is also committed to running its business above board, so the site is fully licensed by the Antigua and Barbuda Director of Offshore Gaming.

And as a U.S.-facing site, XBet brings safe and secure online sports betting to the American market.

Sportsbook Offerings

The XBet menu is about as advanced as it gets, which makes sense given the site launched just last year.

Major sports like NFL football, MLB baseball, NBA basketball, and NHL hockey are all covered thoroughly. Choices range from standard game lines, to exotic wagers like parlays, teasers, and round-robins, along with futures and props that run the gamut.

In addition to the usual suspects, XBet spreads action on combat sports like boxing and mixed martial arts (MMA), golf, tennis, motor sports, soccer, horse racing, cricket, Australian Rules Football, e-Sports, and all forms of collegiate competition.

No matter which sport you select, XBet displays lines and spreads in an easily readable format, which makes navigating the site a breeze even for beginners.

You’ll also find an In-Play Betting tab which calculates odds on the fly while games progress, so the sweat can continue well after the first whistle sounds.

The action doesn’t end with athletics either, as XBet offers interesting prop bets on politics and entertainment.

All things considered, XBet backs up its boasts by running one of the most comprehensive sportsbooks found online.

And when you sign up with XBet, they’ll match your first deposit at a 100 percent rate, up to $300. That should get you started, and if you’re picking winners, placing $300 in total wagers during your first month on the site will bring back a generous $300 bonus.

Mobile Betting

Rather than require players to download an app to their mobile device, XBet makes its site fully accessible through your smartphone’s web browser.

And unlike many browser-based mobile sportsbooks, XBet ensures that its entire menu can be easily navigated through your iPhone, Android, or similar mobile device.

Most players report a seamless transition between the primary XBet platform and the mobile version. For sharp bettors, there’s nothing more important than tracking line movements while trying to get the best number possible.

XBet stays true to its motto by making sure players have no trouble taking their favorite online sportsbook on the go.

In-Play Betting

The In-Play Betting section offered by XBet is intuitive and designed to achieve maximum efficiency.

While other sites make you wait for several seconds as the latest odds are calculated, XBet performs those actions instantaneously – allowing bettors with a quick trigger finger to take full advantage of the current score and situation.

Pregame wagers have their place, but In-Play Betting is clearly where the industry is headed, and XBet prides itself in spreading cutting-edge live wagering services.

XBet.ag is a combination casino/sportsbook that emphasizes its players from the United States. You’ll find the best in NFL, NHL, NBA, and MLB opportunities as well as plenty of soccer and international markets.

For casino players, you have access to a Betsoft-powered casino, and no additional registration is required. Your one XBet account is all you need to take advantage of the sportsbook, casino, and 45-track racebook.

XBet boasts 48-hour payment approvals and bitcoin is the top choice for quick and fee-free transfers with the lowest imposed limits.

I know that bonuses are essential to many online players and XBet doesn’t leave anyone out of the equation. There is a separate sportsbook and new player offers, as well as continuous reload rewards for sports punters.

It doesn’t matter if you stick to your PC or laptop or you prefer the mobility of your tablet and smartphone; you’ll get the same quality user experience and easy to access betting opportunities.

Who Can Play at XBet.ag?

XBet.ag is owned by Duranbah Limited and is licensed by the Curaçao eGaming Commission. Its sister sites include mybookie.ag and MYBCasino.ag.

The terms and conditions don’t explicitly spell out geographic areas that are welcome and exempt, so it’s up to you to know if you live in a region that allows for online gambling. I can tell you that US players are a target market of this provider, something that you’ll find obvious when I get to the limited banking choices.

US players need to be 21 or older. In other areas, 18 is the benchmark for registration.

Software Suppliers

The casino is powered solely by Betsoft Gaming. So, you won’t find a huge variety of slot jackpot progressive favorites, especially the millionaire makers offered by Microgaming or NetEnt.

Many players do enjoy the BetSoft collection, though, and there are some familiar titles like Rook’s Revenge, Good Girl Bad Girl, and Mr. Vegas.

The Good Stuff

48-Hour Payouts

When it comes to betting sites, operators are all over the board. Some offer relatively quick payments to players, and some can drag out the process for weeks on end. If you’re a winner, whether it’s $100 or $1,000, you’re anxious to get that cash in your hand. It doesn’t do you any good to keep it stored on a remote website. A 48-hour payment turnaround is beneficial to customers who are excited to reap the benefits of their successful gambling venture.

The Best in American Sports (and others too!)

The top of the sports menu features all the major sports important to US punters. It doesn’t stop there, though. You’ll find some unique prop bets that range from Religion to Entertainment. The highest-ranking e-sports teams are also represented. Or, if you prefer international matches, you’re covered there as well.

Responsive Customer Service

Not only is the customer service department available by phone, email or live chat, but it’s responsive and provides thorough answers to any question or issue that may arise. I clocked a five-second response time in the live chat area and, it’s a rare occurrence to receive a complete reply, but I did!

The Bad Stuff

$100 Minimum Withdrawal and High Fees

XBet.ag may boast 48-hour payment approvals, but most of them will cost you. You can’t even request a cash out if you don’t have at least $100 that can be withdrawn. Bitcoin is the only method of payment that you won’t be charged anything for. Bitcoin also provides the fastest turnarounds for payouts. The other choices are e-Checks or Bank Wires, and then you’re looking at anywhere from $30 to $200 in fees to receive your profits.

Challenging Rollovers

XBet sticks to welcome bonuses and a rollover provision for sports bettors, and that’s probably for the best. The casino new player offer mandates a 50 times wagering requirement that applies to both the bonus and real money deposit. If you don’t meet it merely using your bonus funds, the obligation rolls over to your cash. Rollover compliance is mandatory before anything can be cashed out from the betting account.

Game Selection

The casino is relatively small with only 175 combined games and just over 100 available for mobile play. There isn’t a Live Casino, but nearly 30 table games that cover the gamut. Video Poker players will be pleasantly surprised (that is until they pull out their smartphone) as 28 video poker selections are also offered, but only one on smartphones or tablets.

Using just one software provider is limiting, but those dedicated Betsoft players will appreciate the available titles. Newbies will also find plenty from which to choose with exciting 3D slots, plenty of table and video poker titles, and a few specialty games rounding out the assortment.

As this is a smaller casino, sorting options aren’t essential, which is good because you won’t find them. The one helpful tool that is incorporated into the gaming area is a left side menu of Featured Games, so you can access them with one click.

Table Games

Although slots are primarily transferable to the mobile casino, table games only offer eight variations to players on the go, whereas there are 28 options when you access the full website. Without a live casino, all table game punters are relegated to the central area. But, every traditional game is covered, and there are a few more fun variations like Poker 3 and 21 Burn Blackjack in the mix.

  • Multi-Hand Blackjack
  • American Blackjack
  • Craps
  • Baccarat
  • Roulette
  • Poker 3 Head Up Hold ‘em
  • Ride ‘M Poker
  • 21 Burn Blackjack
  • Pai Gow Poker
  • Draw High Low
  • VIP European Roulette
  • Super 7 Blackjack
  • Pirate 21 Blackjack
  • VIP American Roulette
  • 3 Card Rummy
  • Single Deck Blackjack
  • Caribbean Poker
  • American Roulette
  • Triple Edge Poker
  • Red Dog
  • Oasis Poker
  • Zoom Roulette
  • Pontoon Blackjack
  • Top Card Trumps


The slot banks are divided up into two main types with 69 “3D Slots” and then the generic “Slots” designation in separate menu items. The 3D Slots are the ones that may be the most recognizable to you. They’re the more technologically advanced games with plot lines or interactive bonus rounds and better graphics. They take longer to play due to the little “extras.”

Slot purists seem to gravitate more to the traditional slots that get right to the heart of the gaming action. These are the ones that more closely resemble the original games from years past. XBet provides 42 regular slot games, and all of them can be played in mobile format while 53 of the 69 3D versions transfer over.

3D Slots:

  • The Slotfather Part II
  • Kawaii Kitty
  • Sin City Nights
  • Pinocchio
  • Mega Glam Life
  • At the Copa
  • The Tipsy Tourist
  • Rook’s Revenge
  • Greedy Goblins
  • The Slotfather
  • Under the Bed
  • True Illusions
  • A Night in Paris
  • Good Girl Bad Girl
  • Under the Sea
  • It Came From Venus!
  • Dr. Jekyll & Mr. Hyde
  • Weekend in Vegas
  • Sugar Pop!
  • Frankenslots Monster
  • Paco Popping Peppers
  • 2 Million BC
  • The Exterminator
  • A Christmas Carol
  • …and 45 others

Other Slots:

  • Cretaceous Park
  • Pompeii
  • Hollywood Reels
  • Fruit Loot
  • Slot Monsters
  • Kung Fu Cash
  • High Noon Saloon
  • Cash Detective
  • Twisted Fairytales
  • Vegas III
  • Reels of Rome
  • Treasure of the Nile
  • Big Top Circus
  • Eastern Promises
  • Slot Contraption Game
  • Money Machine
  • Secret Agent
  • Abandoned Park
  • Jumbo Joker
  • After Night Falls
  • Safari Sam
  • Boomanji
  • Madder Scientist
  • Blood Eternal
  • …and 18 others

Video Poker

If you’re a dedicated video poker player, like I am, then you’ll be excited to find out that 28 games are hosted in the XBet casino. However, 27 of them magically disappear when you opt to use your smartphone or tablet instead of your main computer. The mobile version carries one lonely Deuces Wild game.

Like the Table Games section, Video Poker offerings cover the basics but then shake things up a bit with a few fun twists.

  • Five Draw Poker
  • Joker Poker
  • Double Bonus Poker
  • Bonus Deuces
  • Bonus Poker Multi Hand
  • Jacks or Better Multi Hand
  • Double Jackpot Poker
  • Deuces Wild
  • All American Video Poker
  • Split Way Royal
  • 10s or Better
  • Bonus Deluxe Multi Hand
  • Joker Poker Multi Hand
  • Bonus Deluxe
  • Aces and Faces Poker
  • Double Bonus
  • All American Multi Hand
  • Deuces and Jokers Poker
  • Double Joker Poker
  • Bonus Poker
  • Jacks or Better
  • Double Bonus Multi Hand
  • Deuces Wild Pyramid Poker
  • Deuces Wild Multi Hand

Other Games

There may only be six games in the specialty or “other games” section, but some players gravitate to keno, scratch cards, and the virtual games hosted by XBet, so it’s a real benefit even to have a small section of alternatives.

  • Predictor
  • Instant Keno
  • Traditional Keno
  • Keno Jackpot
  • Virtual Racebook 3D


Just as with the banking, there will be no doubt to you that this is primarily a book that targets US players. Football (aka soccer) is not the highlight. Instead, American Football and other American sports take top billing. Yes, you’ll still find plenty of soccer markets, but they’re not at the top of the list like you’d see on many competitor sites.

The XBet Menu:

  • NFL
  • NCAA Football
  • NCAA Basketball
  • NBA
  • NHL
  • Boxing and MMA
  • Golf
  • Soccer
  • Tennis
  • MLB
  • Motor Sports
  • Horse Racing
  • E-sports
  • International Basketball
  • Wrestling
  • Religion
  • Business and Politics
  • Entertainment
  • Cricket
  • International Hockey
  • Special Wagers
  • Olympics

Religion caught my eye, but it only featured one bet: “next Pope specials.”

Unlike other books I’ve reviewed, there are no totals of betting markets posted in the main left side menu. It’s handy for punters to see how comprehensively each sport is covered, but you have to go into each menu and then scroll through a list of current opportunities.

In-play betting is also available, although it’s comparatively limited. When I checked in, there were a few options for NBA and NHL, but that was the extent of things.

One standout feature I noticed is a news feed that detailed the boxing and soccer picks of the week. You have that information right at your fingertips without having to navigate away. But, if you want to know more, there’s a handy link to the sportsbook news archive.

Horse Racing has a separate area all to itself on xbet.ag, but it’s also included in the sportsbook for convenience. Race bettors can find opportunities on 45 harness, quarter, and thoroughbred tracks in North America with the upcoming races front and center for a quick submission.

If you’re a punter who’s hopped aboard the relatively new e-sports train or you want to give it a try, you can bet on League of Legends, CS:GO, Starcraft 2, and Overwatch.

If you don’t gravitate to traditional or e-sports, you’ll find entertainment like the Grammys, the 2020 Presidential Elections, and current affairs like where Amazon will build its next headquarters. You won’t find that one just anywhere!

Now, let’s talk about money. The one big thing that I noticed about this particular bookmaker is that its limits are quite high when you compare them to other similar sites. A minimum $8 bet is required if you stake it online. If you call in, you have to come up with at least $25. The maximum is $1,000 online,and no maximum is set for phone bets.

Whether you use your PC or laptop or you stick with your smartphone or tablet, you’ll have an easy to use betting interface with a straightforward process. I reviewed everything on my iPad and found the platform to be ideal for mobile bettors.


The bonus section is straightforward. There’s one signup (welcome) bonus for the sportsbook, one for the casino, and then a reload reward for sports bettors. The stipulations are different for the casino and book, but they’re both relatively steep.

I want to get into the wagering requirements and bonus rules before the actual offers because I think it’ll be helpful for you to know the ins and outs of the programs first.

Let’s start with the Casino bonus. The rollover for the advertised 100% deposit match welcome gift is a whopping 50 times. If that’s not bad enough, it applies to BOTH the deposit and the bonus amount. Let me put that into financial perspective. If you deposit $100 and receive $100, you have to play the combined $200 through for a total of 50 times. That’s $10,000 in wagering.

By the way, that $100 plus $100 scenario is realistic, as you do have to transfer in a minimum of $100 to take advantage of the new player offer.

Furthermore, you can’t play craps, video poker, baccarat, sic bo, pai gow poker, roulette, or in the live casino to offset your wagering requirement. That leaves you with slot games.

I hate to do this to you, but we have to take things one-step further here. If you opt to receive a bonus and you lose it entirely while attempting to comply with the rollover, you are still obligated to complete the wagering requirement before you can cash out anything.

That rule applies to both the casino offer and the sportsbook bonus as well.

The Sportsbook bonus also has a rollover that is publicized to be between 5 and 15 times. You can only use it on straight wagers for major sporting events. And, again, you have to complete the playthrough before any payouts are approved.

Casino Welcome Bonus

  • 100% up to $300
  • 50X Rollover on Deposit and Bonus combined
  • Minimum Deposit of $100 Required

Sportsbook Welcome Bonus

  • 100% up to $300
  • 5-15X Rollover on Major Sports (straight wagers)
  • Minimum Deposit of $100 Required

Reload Bonus – Sportsbook Only

  • 50% up to $250
  • 5-15X Rollover on Major Sports (straight wagers)
  • Minimum Deposit of $50 Required

Aside from these consistent deposit match rewards, XBet doesn’t offer any other promotions to its players: at least not across the board. You may receive customized rewards via email invitation, but the above three are the only standard bonus offers.


When you’re ready to make a deposit, there’s a clearly defined menu posted for you. It outlines all of the options, minimums, maximums, and other details.

Payouts, on the other hand, are a different story. There isn’t a list nor any publicized fees or additional pertinent information. I contacted the customer service department for some answers, and I can see why these details are hidden. There are some significant fees imposed for withdrawals.

Before I get into those charges and conditions, let me just say that it’s apparent that XBet targets Americans. Just look at the list of deposit options. You won’t find e-wallets or prepaid options like paysafecard that most internationally-servicing betting sites offer to their players.

Bitcoin is a good alternative for players from the United States as it eliminates the uncertainty of getting transfers approved. Additionally, bitcoin is the only withdrawal method that is void of imposed charges for its use.

As far as deposits, you’re looking at a $45 minimum for Visa or Mastercard use. But, if you are interested in accepting the welcome bonus, you have to up that to $100 to qualify.

For other payment methods, Bitcoin comes in the lowest with just a $25 requirement. Everything else increases to $100 for ACH and Person to Person transfers. If you opt for a Bank Wire, be prepared to shell out $2000 because you can’t transfer any less.

Withdrawals start at $100 which is extremely high, but as a site that services US players, it’s not entirely uncommon.

Those fees that I mentioned that were provided by the customer service department are $30 to $60 for e-checks, and bank wires will run you anywhere from $100 to $200. My advice? Stick to bitcoin.

Deposit Methods

  • Visa
  • Mastercard
  • ACH
  • Bank Wire
  • Person to Person
  • Bitcoin
  • Phone Transfer

Withdrawal Methods

  • E-check
  • Bitcoin
  • Bank Wire

VIP Program

I was unable to locate a VIP club or a traditional player loyalty program on XBet.ag.

Customer Service

The XBet Customer Service department does offer the big three when it comes to contact methods:

  • Phone
  • Email
  • Live Chat

I used the live chat to obtain information on withdrawal fees and received an immediate answer. I’m so used to contacting customer service agents who don’t completely answer questions or disconnect me from the chat when I ask something they don’t want to answer.

It was refreshing to actually conclude a live chat session within two minutes, walking away with all of the information that I was seeking.

XXBet Customer Service Department

  • Phone: (844) 377-9238
  • Email: help@xbet.ag
  • Live Chat: available

Would I Play at XBet?

I can see how many US players would appreciate the XBet sportsbook and how Betsoft casino players would be happy to pull up their favorite slots or other games. The betting opportunities are diverse, and one player account allows for access to all areas of the operation.

What concerns me is the banking end of things. While 48-hour payouts is an appealing benefit for most, the limited options plus the relatively high fees detract from the positive perception. Sticking to bitcoin does help the situation as the additional charges are eliminated from the equation. However, there’s still a $100 minimum withdrawal that can be much too high for some recreational bettors.

The bonuses also raise a few red flags. The high 50 times rollover that pulls the deposit into the equation along with the bonus funds creates a challenging scenario for players who want to reap some benefit from this type of value-add.

Creative promotional offers like contests, drawings, and tournaments are also lacking.

The $8 minimum sports bet is at the high end of things, especially when you compare that to books that take $1 or even $0.10 stakes.

I did appreciate a quality customer service interaction. And, in the research that I conducted that included reviewing player feedback, most registered clients gave high marks to XBet, especially regarding the sportsbook.

Xbet Sportsbook Review – Xbet Is Legal For US Players

The recent wave of legal sports betting across America has many people searching for a safe and reputable online sportsbook. That’s where our Xbet Sportsbook review comes into play. Xbet is legal for US players and it has been for a long time. The may not have a household name like Bovada, but that doesn’t mean that it doesn’t serve the same purpose and operate at the same quality as the top online sports betting sites. Sports fans who regularly bet on sports online have at least come into contact with the site and a large part of that reason is because Xbet actually comes backed by the MyBookie brand.

Throughout our review of Xbet Sportsbook, we’ll go over every possible feature the site has to offer. That means we’ll cover what kind of sports they offer, whether or not they offer live betting, and what their mobile sportsbook looks like. We’ll even go past the sportsbook and talk about their other gambling options such as their racebook and casino. Bonuses are also a staple in the online sports betting community and you can be sure to find several at Xbet. By the time you’re finished reading, you’ll know the site in and out and can feel confident in wagering with them. But, let’s start out first by exploring the legality of Xbet Sportsbook.

Is Xbet Sportsbook Legal For US Players?

Yes, XBet is legal for all U.S. players, provided that they meet the site’s age requirements. There are federal anti-gambling laws that prohibit using the Internet to place bets on sports across state lines, but these laws do not apply to international sportsbooks. U.S. players are free to bet with XBet on any compatible device, regardless of where they live or where they are currently located. This applies regardless of each state’s individual sports betting laws, so you have no reason to be concerned with betting online with XBet. 

Is It Legal For Xbet To Operate In The USA?

Xbet is legal to use in the USA, however, their operations take place outside of the country. They are an offshore sportsbook that is licensed and regulated to do business in their home country. This allows them to offer their legal sports betting services to not only the people of the United States but to countries around the world. There is one exception to what might affect Xbet and their platform for U.S. players and that is the UIGEA federal law having to do with wire banking.

Because of the location of the sportsbook, sometimes issues come when funding accounts with debit or credit cards. This does not happen often although when it does it can be irksome. But players are offered a number of other ways to deposit and withdraw funds from their accounts outside of using banks and credit card companies. These methods will be discussed further on down the page. But in its simplest of answers, sports bettors in the USA can legally use their Xbet accounts to gamble on whatever they’d like to.

Which States Are Accepted At Xbet Sportsbook?

Xbet Sportsbook accepts players from any state in the country. This means even if you live in a state like Utah or Hawaii which have traditionally been opposed to gambling, you can still use Xbet to put money down on your favorite teams. This is a major advantage over other sportsbooks that have dead zones. When you bet with Xbet you can travel anywhere in the U.S. and still be connected to your sportsbooks.

Xbet Sportsbook Ratings

  • Xbet Reliability
  • Xbet Security + Safety
  • Xbet Customer Service
  • Xbet Payout Times
  • Xbet Payout Options
  • Xbet Bonus Terms
  • Xbet Betting Lines
  • Xbet Mobile Betting App
  • Live Betting At Xbet


How To Sign Up At Xbet Sportsbook?

Signing up to Xbet Sportsbook is similar to signing up for most online services. The first action you’ll need to take is inputting some basic personal information such as your name, email, phone number, and address, along with a form of identification. You may seem hesitant on that last part, but it is essential for your own security in the next step of the process which is giving them a form of payment. In order for them to make sure that the right person is funding and withdrawing from their account, they’ll need a form of ID. Once you’ve done both of those things, you’ll be able to load money into your account freely and put action on any of your favorite teams and players.

Xbet Sign Up Bonuses For Sports Betting

One of the most attractive benefits of online sports betting with international online sportsbooks is the popularity of lucrative bonuses and promotions to help players maximize their bankroll. The best bonuses are reserved for first-time users. These bonuses are available for all new players, including mobile users, and they’re a great way to give yourself an early leg up. It is important to read the terms and conditions of each bonus offer to understand exactly how they will be implemented. XBet’s bonuses are excellent, offering potentially hundreds of dollars with little rollover requirement. Here are the currently available sports betting bonuses at XBet:

Sign-up Bonus: 100% deposit match up to $300 on your first deposit (code: XB100)
Reload Bonus: 50% deposit match up to $250 on reload deposits of $100 or more (code: XB50)

Xbet Customer Service + Support

There are a couple of different options that you can go to in order to get help with betting at Xbet. The first is through direct messaging from the site. On the bottom right corner of their site, you’ll see an option to chat with them. You can pick your subject of inquiry and them send them a message. They will be back in touch with you shortly after that. You can also call them toll-free at 855-219-5809 if you want to talk to someone in order to get something situated. Although, they may direct you to the site’s FAQ section which has an extensive amount of answers for anything you may be curious about.

Sports Available To Bet On At Xbet

There are plenty of sports available to bet on at Xbet. You’ll find odds for all of the most popular sports in the US as well as popular sports in other countries. You’ll even find odds for more niche sports such as eSports, Cycling, and motorsports. Beyond that, their sportsbook even has betting lines for events happening in the entertainment industry, US politics, and even religious events. If there is a possibility to bet on something you’re almost guaranteed to find it at Xbet. A full list of all your options can be found below.

Basketball – Hockey – Soccer – Tennis – UFC/MMA – Golf – Baseball – Football – Cricket – Boxing – Politics – Horse Racing Futures and Props – Motor Sports – eSports – Aussie Rules – Cycling – Volleyball – Entertainment – Winter Sports – Olympics

Live Betting At Xbet

Live betting at Xbet is one of it’s greatest features. This allows you to put action on games that are happening live which means you can get a feel for the game before putting any real money down. You can bet on aspects like whether or not a team is going to score on their current drive or possession. You can also bet on real-time events like weather or not a player will make or miss their free throws. These types of odds come and go quickly which is why in order to take advantage of them you’ll need to be quick. You will also have to be decisive as some events may have huge payouts and you only have a little bit of time to take advantage of them. This option is also available from your mobile device so you can live bet at Xbet through your smartphone or tablet if you have that on you at the time you watch the game.