Betdaq Reviews 2021

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Betdaq Reviews 2021

Betdaq is the second largest online betting exchanges on the globe, and one of our top choices as far as betting exchanges go.
As a new customer at Betdaq, you can look forward to a welcome offer that helps reduce commissions and you can even avoid premium charges the likes of Betfair have introduced.

Betdaq Exchange

We’ve put together this Betdaq exchange review to bring you a comprehensive overview of the exchange. The UK sportsbook is operated by Ladbrokes International and the online betting exchange platform is run by Exchange Platform solutions.

So, how does Betdaq work? It works seamlessly. That’s because the exchange provides smaller risks and excellent Betdaq odds to punters. Not only does the exchange offer plenty of bonuses and promotions and a massive variety of sports, but they also provide world-class customer care service and excellent user experience.

Let’s get right into the nitty-gritty now with our review. Here’s Betdaq explained.

Anything worthwhile for new customers?

BetDaq promotions are pretty good, some decent breaks on commission and you can get your first month’s commission back as cash back.

The only thing I can say is that they are not Betfair and that’s a good reason to open an account and put some bets through. Not that there is anything wrong with Betfair, but competition is important and there are only really four betting exchanges anyway.

  • Betfair
  • Smarkets
  • Matchbook
  • BetDaq

They all pretty much do the same thing, that is give access to markets at slightly different costs. They are more like stockbrokers than bookies.

You just like who you like, you’ll probably have accounts with all of them and rotate between whatever app is easier to navigate at the time, or whoever takes your fancy.

BetDaq versus Betfair

Now, should you choose Betdaq or Betfair?
They were both founded in 2000 and both have decent liquidity on popular events. Although of course as Betfair is bigger, theirs is better.

Both sort of offer fixed odds – Betfair has it’s own fixed odds platform since it joined forces with Paddy Power. But so does BetDaq since it was bought out by Ladbrokes.

There is even a Ladbrokes betting exchange, but that’s just a reskinned version of BetDaq.

And let’s be completely honest here, re-skinned bookies (or white labels) are a bit chavvy. If you’re a proper sports trader or after a betting exchange to lay off your matched betting bets you want the proper thing.

What else to BetDaq offer?

  • Multiples
  • Casino
  • Pools
  • Trading Tips

OK, sure everyone offers this now, so I don’t know why you’d open an account with Betdaq and not Betfair if you only wanted one betting exchange account. Which you almost certainly won’t. So you will.

Both exchanges operate rather similarly. The winning bets are subject to a minimum commission charge, but prices are usually much better than a regular bookmaker.
While this is certainly a Betdaq exchange review, we need to consider the differences between Betdaq and other exchanges out there. There are only really two differences in the Betfair and Betdaq commission structure.

Betdaq commission rates and rebates are generally more generous, whereas Betfair charges a premium charge and Betdaq doesn’t.

Up until recently, Betdaq offered as little as 2% on bets, which is great if you’re turning over decent volumes. They also regularly offer cash back to customers that use the site’s trading tools (you just have to remember to opt in to take advantage).
So, again, we ask, Betdaq or Betfair? Well, Betfair doesn’t really offer anything to its loyal punters. The exchange’s premium charge is taken from winning customers on Wednesdays, and it starts at 20%, going all the way up to a staggering 60%. We know that Betfair dominates the online exchange market, which is probably why they can get away with it – for now.

Overall, both exchanges have their uses. The biggest concern we have with Betfair is that premium charge, which you can avoid by using Betdaq.

Betdaq versus Smarkets

Betfair may be a big deal to punters, but Betdaq and Smarkets aren’t far behind, with rather similar offerings that will be familiar to regulars at Betfair.

When we look at Betdaq or Smarkets, we need to consider what’s on offer. Overall, market for market, Betdaq has a better range on offer, covering everything from golf, cricket and tennis to greyhound racing, darts, ice hockey and everything in between. Smarkets, on the other hand, is the only market to cover handball but has a narrower selection in terms of horse racing, football, boxing, cricket, rugby and motorsports.
What about Betdaq or Smarkets for other types of betting?

Well, Smarkets seems to like its politics, offering everything from odds on the next Prime Minister to when Donald Trump could be impeached. Betdaq sticks to sports, but there is an online casino offering which we’ll get to in a bit.

As for commission rates, both markets charge 2% on your net winnings across their markets.

Betdaq versus Matchbook

Compared to Betfair and Smarkets, Matchbook’s layout is a little all over the place. But, the design is fine for what it is.

When it comes to choosing between Betdaq or Matchbook, the odds are worth talking about. Matchbook’s odds are sometimes presented to three decimal places rather than the typical two. It’s somewhat off-putting, but once you get used to it, it just means the matched betting calculators may well give you an accurate result, rather than being a penny or so off.

What about Betdaq or Matchbook in terms of features? Matchbook, we think, lacks some features, particularly a cashout option, rendering it not a particularly viable option for many punters.

Overall, it’s the lack of stability that lets Matchbook down. Users have previously complained of balances showing at zero, bets being cancelled and a range of technical difficulties.

Betdaq Commission

BetDaq commission rates and offers

Since the smaller players like Smarkets and Matchbook have entered the market trying to win business with discounted commissions of 1.5% BetDaq has lowered their commission rate from 3% to 2%. That’s about as good as it’s going to get from a major exchange like BetDaq. BetDaq does offer cash back and commission specials on certain events. Overall BetDaq’s combination of brand, liquidity and 2% commission make them the clear winner when it comes to sports traders exchange betting.

Betdaq has been going all out to attract punters by offering lower commissions and boosting their welcome offer. The Betdaq commission rates are pretty decent, and you can even get your first months’ commission back as cash.

Let’s take a closer look at the Betdaq commission rates 2018.

As I mentioned, smaller players like Matchbook and Smarkets try to win business with commissions of around 1.5%. However, the Betdaq exchange commission has been dropped from 3% to 2%. They also offer cash back and Betdaq commission rates specials on certain events. So, their combination of liquidity and a decent 2% Betdaq commission rate, along with pretty decent Betdaq fees makes them a clear winner in the sports exchange market.

The exchange even offers 0% commission on eligible new punter’s first 30 days’ worth of bets.

Betdaq Offers

Betdaq provides some pretty decent offers, but it is the Betdaq Welcome Bonus that really sets it apart from other exchanges. With the bonus, new punters who register can get up to £/€25 in free bets, which is generous on its own, but there’s also a hearty Betdaq new customer offer of 50% of the exchange’s commission up to a whopping Betdaq £/€1,000 cash-back.

But, Betdaq doesn’t just stop at the Betdaq signup offers. In fact, punters are encouraged to check in regularly for daily bonuses and match betting on virtual games and races where you can get £/€10 when you bet £/€10. There’s even an attractive Betdaq introductory offer at the online casino where you can get £/€30 on casino games.

Betdaq Free Bet

How to claim a BetDaq free bet

BetDaq doesn’t really offer free bets, what they offer instead is cash back on commission. If you want a free bet from BetDaq you’re better of claiming a free bet from a traditional bookie who has much better offers. If you are a matched better you can use this commission cash back to increase the margins on laying bets.

At the time of writing, though, there were a few free bets on offer. The exchange regularly updates its offerings, but at the time of writing this review, bettors could claim the Exchange Promotion where they stand to get a free bet up to £/€20.
There’s also a Betdaq €/£25 free bet and, when you lose on a virtual sports bet, Betdaq promises to refund your stack back as a free bet of up to £/€10 to be used on other virtual sports betting markets on the site. Long-time punters should also check out the mid-week multiples offer where you can get £/€10 free bets each week you place multiple bets of £/€100 or more.

As for how to use free bets at Betdaq, things couldn’t be easier for new punters:
• Click on “Bet Now” at the top of the page
• Choose the promotion you’re interested in and click on the “Learn More” link
• You’ll be directed to the registration page to sign up if you’re a new player
• Enter the promotion code
• Deposit funds into your account and start playing with your bets!

Betdaq – Latest Promotions

New customers who open an account at Betdaq betting exchange can claim their share of £1,000 cash back!

This offer is valid on commissions paid over the first 30 days of your account. In other words, sign up to Betdaq today and you’ll get £1,000 within your first month, refunded to your account.

This is an excellent promotion, particularly for high volume traders who are most likely to pay as much as £1,000 in commissions in the first month of trading and betting with Betdaq. All you have to do to claim the £1,000 in commissions is open a Betdaq account and enter the promotion code.

Welcome Offer Terms and Conditions

While you’ll find the full list of terms and conditions on Betdaq’s website, here’s what you need to know:

  • To release your Betdaq bonus, you need to open a new account, make your first deposit and pay a few commissions.
  • You’ll get your refund on commissions up to £1,000 for your first 30 days at the exchange.
  • All your winnings can be withdrawn as normal.
  • It makes no difference what odds your bets are placed at when commission is triggered, it will be refunded.
  • You have 30 days to take advantage of the promotion.

More Betdaq Bonuses and Promotions

Betdaq wants to keep you punting, so they’ve put together a decent list of offerings.

1. 0% Commission on Midday Kick Offs

On Saturdays at Betdaq, don’t have to pay any commissions on Premier League games that kick off at 12:30 pm. This promotion is for both new and existing account holders but not those who use API tools. Best of all, this promotion doesn’t have any stake restrictions in place for this promotion and the offer is applicable to all exchange markets on the Premier League games.

One big bonus here is that your commission is reversed at the time you place your bet, so you don’t need to wait for your refund or get a refund in free bets. It’s paid immediately and in cash!

2. The Betdaq Casino Bonus

When you bet £10 at the Betdaq online casino, you get £30 when you open your new player account. This welcome package carries a 30x playthrough requirement of the bonus amount before you can withdraw any bonus cash. To meet the casino wagering requirements, you need to bet at least £900 at the Betdaq casino.

Keep an eye on the Betdaq page for the latest promotions.

Betdaq Free Bets Overview

If you’re looking for free bets at a reputable betting exchange, look no further than Betdaq. Open a Betdaq exchange account today and bet a minimum of just £10 and you stand to get a £10 an all your exchange bets for all sports. It doesn’t get easier than that!

How to Claim Free Bets at Betdaq

To claim this handy welcome offer at Betdaq, all you have to do is enter the promo code on the registration page and start laying on the exchange or placing your bets.

Make a deposit using Skrill, one of the fastest and secure online payment options around for even easier banking and betting.

Here’s what you need to do to claim your £10 free bets:

  • Click on the Claim Your Free Bets Now link and you’ll be directed to the Betdaq homepage
  • Click Join Now to open a new player account
  • Complete the registration form and enter the promo code
  • Bet a minimum of £10 on the exchange at odds of at least 2.0
  • Get your £10 free bet

Your free bet is valid for exchange for 7 days and is not available to API customers.

Terms and Conditions for Betdaq Free Bet

  • The Betdaq free bet promotion is only available for a limited time
  • The promotion is available to new players 18 years and older
  • This promotion is not available to RDT or API customers

You can find the full list of terms and conditions on the Betdaq website.

Other Promotions

At Betdaq, all customers bet £/€10, get £/€10.
There’s also an enticing ITV racing bonus where you stand to get a £/€20 boost on your net winnings. Don’t forget to check in with the exchange on a daily basis for new promotions, which are updated regularly.

Betdaq Casino

The Betdaq casino mostly uses software designed for casino table games. The selection of games in the live casino section is small and mostly revolves around roulette and blackjack. However, you can play the games both on desktop and mobile devices and there are almost 50 in-house developed games for you to pick from.
The Betdaq Casino Welcome Bonus is bet £/€10, get £€30. It’s a good Betdaq bonus for new players, which means you can get £/€30 just for betting £/€10.

Betdaq Mobile

Whether you’re eager to play Betdaq mobile cricket, or just wondering if there’s a Betdaq mobile download for you to use on the go, you’re in luck.

Does BetDaq have an App and what’s the BetDaq app like?

Yes, there is a BetDaq app on iOS and Android. You get access to the same markets that are online and it’s a fairly stable alternative to the Betfair app for trackside action. You can download it from the app store, about 35,000 users. So decent enough for laying and backing bets through mobile.

Should you just use the BetDaq mobile site instead?

To be fair though, the mobile site is just as good and in some cases, I actually prefer using mobile sites rather than apps.

The Betdaq exchange app offers pretty much the same functionality as the desktop version. While Betdaq for iOS is somewhat basic and lacking in key features, you can still make bets during Betdaq in-play on the Betdaq mobile site and play at the site’s online casino.

Betdaq – How to Open An Account

Launched in 2000, Betdaq was soon acquired by Ladbrokes and is now one of the biggest betting exchange operators on the market. This site differs from traditional sportsbook sites, in that you can bet against other punters rather than using a bookie’s odds.

Creating a new account at this betting exchange is very quick and easy. In fact, you can be up and running in a matter of minutes and taking full advantage of Betdaq’s latest promotions and free bets!

How to Open a Betdaq Account

To sign up with Betdaq and grab those bonuses and free bets, follow these steps:

Step 1 – Head to Betdaq

Head to the Betdaq page to open your new player account.

Step 2 – Join Here

When you get to the home page, you’re presented with a new customer welcome offer and a Join Here button at the bottom of the ad. Click it!

Step 3 – Fill In Your Details

You’ll be directed to a form when you can fill in all your personal details and choose a username and password.

Details include:

  • Title
  • Name
  • Surname
  • Date of birth
  • Email address

Enter the promo code at the bottom of the form.

Read the Privacy Policy and Terms and Conditions and then click Open an Account.

Step 4 – Verify Registration

Check your email for a verification message to complete your registration. You need to verify your account and activate it before you can make withdrawals. For this, you must provide proof of address, proof of identity and a recent bank statement.

Making a Deposit at Betdaq

Betdaq accepts a wide range of payment methods for you to fund your account.

These include:

  • PayPal
  • Credit and debit cards
  • Neteller
  • Paysafecard
  • Skrill

The maximum deposit you can make depends on how long you’ve been a customer and whether you’ve passed your security checks. You can increase your deposit limit by contacting Betdaq’s customer support team and emailing proof of ID over to them along with a letter requesting your new limit.

The minimum withdrawal amount at Betdaq is just £10 and the daily maximum with a credit or debit card is £15,000. All withdrawals from this top-class betting exchange are subject to relevant security checks and take anywhere from a few hours to a few days.

Betdaq Markets and Liquidity

Now, let’s talk Betdaq liquidity 2018. Whether you are a horse racing fanatic or football crazy, or like a flutter on greyhound racing, there’s something for everyone.
If you’re a major high stakes punter, you might not be too pleased with the amount of money available to back and lay on certain events, and that’s when you may want to consider Betdaq as your secondary exchange.

However, the bigger the event, the bigger the horse racing liquidity, greyhound racing liquidity and other market liquidity. It’s when you start looking through the less popular markets that you might find issues, such as struggling to get larger wagers matched.

The exchange has recently added the opportunity to place multiples on its site, which isn’t actually part of the exchange, but still a nice little addition with highly competitive odds.

As for the markets on offer, you will find:
• Virtual sports

• Baseball
• Aussie rules
• Cricket
• Basketball
• Boxing
• Rugby
.Rugby League
• F1
• Horse racing
• Greyhound racing
• Football
• Ice hockey
• Golf
• Snooker
• Tennis and much more

Security and Regulation,

At Betdaq, security is tight. Your card details are encrypted when depositing money, and the secure payment service providers include Allied Irish Bank and PaymentTrust. Security measures are regularly reviewed, too, to ensure the highest and tightest levels possible.

Funds in your account are held by a trusted company which protects your money and preserves the exchange’s integrity.

Betdaq is regulated by the British Gambling Commission and the Gibraltar Gambling Commission, making this a safe betting exchange to use.

Payment Methods, Withdrawals and Deposits

When it comes to Betdaq deposit methods and withdrawal options, there are some decent choices, including the usual debit and credit card options along with popular e-wallets. There’s also a 0% charge on Irish and UK debit cards, while credit card users incur a 1.5% charge on all deposits. There’s no charge on e-wallet Betdaq deposit methods.

Once you register, you’ll be able to deposit funds. As for Betdaq deposit limits, they’re a reasonable £5,000 per day, and there’s a Betdaq minimum deposit requirement of £10. You can also ask customer service to increase your deposit limit.
Best of all, there are no withdrawal fees.

Customer Service

Now, on to Betdaq customer service – a service that often makes or breaks a site. Fortunately, it’s a thumbs up for Betdaq owners who provide a Betdaq live option along with a phone number you can get hold of the team on, which is 08701781 012. This is the UK contact number. Irish punters can call 01 673 3360 when they need help. You can also email the Betdaq customer service team at

Betdaq Tips Check

What are BetDaq tips like?

In theory, they should be better. It’s a bit odd when normal bookies give betting tips because they make money when you lose bets. So surely there is a massive conflict of interests there. However, betting exchanges make money on commissions from winning bets. So it makes sense from them to try and help you out a little. BetDaq betting tips are good enough, but if you want some proper statistical analysis you are better off going with someone like Stratabet and then trading through Betdaq.

While the tips aren’t the best, we have to remember that betting exchanges do make money on commissions from your winning bets, so it just makes sense that they do try and help you out, if only a little. Betdaq’s betting tips are pretty average, but the site also runs Trading Tools where, if you want to become a better trader, you’ll find everything you need right there. There’s also a fairly decent tips section for virtual betting that you might find handy.

BetOpin’s Verdict

We’d say that Betdaq has done a good job at keeping a grip on its world-class reputation as one of the biggest online betting exchanges in the world. But, there is always room for improvement. The market offerings, though, are extensive, and the lack of withdrawal fees along with enticing bonuses and promotions means we give this exchange both thumbs up.

Editors Note:

Betdaq are the world’s second biggest online betting exchange.

If you’ve hung around on Cheeky Punter for a while, and read our blog section, you’ll know that I’m a keen sports trader and have been using exchanges for over 9 years now.

Betdaq are basically my second choice betting exchange so if for any reason I can’t use Betfair, I’ll fire up Betdaq.

That being said I wouldn’t recommend Betdaq although their site does serve a purpose if you’re a serious trader and you need a back-up.

Licensing & Safety

Low risk classification

How safe is Betdaq?


  • UKGC license
  • Owned by Ladbrokes Coral
  • Founded in 2000
  • Safest possible rating

Betdaq is licensed and regulated by the United Kingdom Gambling Commission (License Number 003367), therefore they are obviously a reputable company to use, regardless of the sport that you like to bet on. The fact that they are regulated by this organization means that they must:

  • Ensure that all of the actions of the site are completely fair and unbiased.
  • Make sure that those under the legal gambling age are unable to bet on the site until they are of an age whereby they understand the associated risks.
  • Provide anyone with problems related to gambling with assistance and advice regarding how to sort out their issue.


  • Betdaq was founded in 2000 and has nearly two decades of pretty flawless operation when it comes to paying out players and providing an exchange betting service.
  • In 2013 the company was sold to Ladbrokes for a reported 30 million euros and is now part of the Ladbrokes Coral group.
  • When it comes to safety and financial backing, given their ownership, punters should have no questions or concerns regarding Betdaq who we assign our safest possible rating.

Deposits & Withdrawals

Varied options & limits

  • Deposit instantly
  • Payouts on winning bets
  • Neteller & Skrill
  • Free withdrawals



Time Scale




Markets & Odds

Popular sports only

What sports are offered?


  • 30+ sports available
  • Thousands of daily markets
  • In-play available
  • Best football odds

Betdaq are certainly not one of the better known names in the world of UK online gambling, but they do have all major sporting events covered for punters.

Although they don’t have as many markets as the “big boys” they still provide more than enough to keep even the most serious gambler interested. Liquidity can however be a problem with less popular events. The sports that they offer are:

  • Aussie Rules
  • Baseball
  • Basketball
  • Boxing
  • Cricket
  • F1
  • Golf
  • Greyhounds
  • Horse Racing
  • Ice Hockey
  • MMA
  • NFL
  • Politics
  • Rugby
  • Snooker
  • Soccer
  • Specials
  • Tennis
  • Virtuals

As can be seen, the selection isn’t massive and if you’re a super high stakes punter then you’re not going to be pleased with the amount of money available to back and lay on different events – honestly most exchange bettors would be better off using.

Betdaq is better used as a secondary exchange. More of a backup for Betfair. The bigger the event the more liquidity you’ll see at Betdaq so for things like Premier League football you won’t find a problem. As soon as you start sifting through their less popular markets problems start to arise and in many cases you’ll struggle to get a large wager matched.

Betdaq have also recently added the chance to place multiples on the site – it’s not part of the exchange but it’s a nice addition odds offered are very competitive.

Now if they’d only improve on their 1990’s website design it might be a usable service.

In-Play Betting

Backing & laying available

Is live betting offered?


  • Exchanged based in-play
  • Good range of events
  • Live price movement charts
  • Quick cashout

Well Betdaq wouldn’t be a exchange if they didn’t offer live odds and the chance to both back and lay selections whilst the event is taking place. A list of the markets which will be turned in-play can be found do the right hand side of the Betdaq website (or on the app). Clicking the market will take you to a screen where you can bet the odds live.

Once again though, whilst the selection on offer is decent, liquidity is poor on lesser markets and you can’t guarantee to get big back or lay bets matched.

We’ve said it before but just to reinforce the point… you’re better off using Betdaq as a backup exchange, for big events or when there’s a good rate on commissions.

Welcome Bonus

Up To £1,000 Cash Back

  • Up To £1,000 Cash Back
  • First 30 days
  • Regular low commission promo’s
  • Bet £10 get £10 on virtuals

Betdaq are an online betting exchange and as a result they’ve structured their bonus offer a little differently to the majority of bookies out there.

They are giving all new customers the chance of up to £1,000 cash back on commissions for 30 days when they join and use the correct Betdaq promotion code:

Here’s how to claim:

  1. Visit Betdaq 
  2. When you hit their landing page click either the ‘Join Now’ button to get started.
  3. You’ll be taken directly to the registration form where you need to fill out your details.
  4. When you get to the promotions code box use code: DAQBACK
  5. As soon as you make a real money deposit you’ll have 30 days worth of free commissions on the exchange (up to £1,000).

Overall Review

Here’s our overall take on things…

Our Verdict of Betdaq

One of the premier online bookmakers

You’ll notice that we opened up our Betdaq review by awarding them a 3.5 star rating out of 5 stars. 

We acknowledge that giving a site a grade and not providing any explanation for that grade is useless to our visitors so in this section of the review we’ll be telling you why we’ve given Betdaq 3.5 stars and what they could do to move up the rankings.

There is a problem with liquidity at Betdaq and by this we mean the amounts available to back and lay on individual events. The reason for this is simply that they don’t have a large enough customer base and until they do they won’t improve. People are put off by this so it’s a bit of a catch 22 situation for Betdaq – for the regular exchange bettor Betfair is just a much better option.

Aside from the major downside that is the liquidity at Betdaq they’ve done a decent job with their brand. They are offering a decent bonus which rewards active participants on the exchange, they are regulated within the UK which means your money will be safe and secure with them and you’ll often find better odds at Betdaq than you will with traditional bookmakers who tighten the markets to ensure a profit (Betdaq don’t need to do this as they just facilitate bets between different people).

The promotions running don’t really deliver long term value at Betdaq and that coupled with the above has meant they can only really achieve a 3.5 rating overall.

Since 2000, Betdaq has been one of the most popular betting exchanges around. Despite being much smaller than Betfair, Betdaq has remained relevant.

What sets Betdaq apart is their brilliant commission rate. The Betdaq commission is now 0% on everything except football, horse racing, greyhounds, cricket and virtual sports where the rate is a low 2%. Punters love placing back and lay bets at Betdaq exchange as they get to keep more profit from winnings bets when compared to Betfair.

Betdaq provides some of the most reliable and trustworthy technology in the industry meaning their platform is very solid no matter what volume of betting there is. Even on the busiest Cheltenham days, you’re unlikely to have any issues placing bets at Betdaq.

Whilst Betdaq can’t match Betfair in terms of the number of markets and categories, there are still plenty of options to place your bets. Unless you’re looking for something unique, you should find it at Betdaq.

Occasionally the betting volume can be quite low at Betdaq exchange. This means the odds can also be of lower value. However, on the whole, you should have no problem in this regard.

In-depth Betdaq review

Betdaq review – As I mentioned above, Betdaq is one of the most popular betting exchanges in the industry but should you use their platform in 2020?

In this Betdaq review, we’ll cover the pros and cons of using the platform, the Betdaq commission rate and ultimately whether you should sign up for an account, along with much more…

Ready? Let’s get started!

We’ve created this in-depth Betdaq review for those of you who are toying with the idea of opening a new betting exchange account in 2020.

We’ve gathered our knowledge, listened to the community and considered all the key aspects that make for a great betting exchange and piled it all into this Betdaq review!

I’d love to hear your thoughts of Betdaq, so please leave a comment below.

Betting exchanges explained

Some of you reading this Betdaq review might be new to the term betting exchange so here’s a short introduction.

A betting exchange is an online marketplace which matches gamblers looking to place opposite bets.

These platforms essentially cut out the middle man, otherwise known as the bookmaker.

Along with other benefits, betting exchanges allow for much greater flexibility than traditional bookmakers which makes them a popular choice throughout the UK and further afield.

A betting exchange makes money slightly differently compared to a bookmaker in that they charge a commission on player’s net winnings. In comparison, a bookmaker builds its profit margin into the odds.

Betting exchanges have had a major impact on the market and they are the single biggest invention to occur in the betting industry in the last 20 years.

Thanks to betting exchanges, it’s also possible to make a guaranteed profit from bookmakers free bets and promotions using matched betting.

Whether you take part in matched betting or not, picking the betting exchange which best suits your needs is vital to success in 2020.

What is Betdaq?

Betdaq exchange is an online marketplace where punters can either back or lay an outcome (more on this later).

The second-largest betting exchange with around 7% market share in the UK, Betdaq was founded in 2000 by Dermot Desmond, a wealthy Irish businessman.

Launching just a year later than Betfair and Flutter (another rival at the time), Betdaq found it hard to compete with their older brother, Betfair.

Due to their superior financial support, Betdaq launched its platform charging 0% commission. This figure would rise 1% a month until it reached 5%. On paper a brilliant idea. However, it didn’t turn out so successful and it was nowhere near as powerful as Betfair’s brilliant marketing.

Despite the somewhat failed launch, Betdaq continued to aim their platform at high-rolling gamblers who would wager £1000s on each bet. Their founder already had contact with several wealthy gamblers so it made sense.

The plan was to work their way up to 25% market share. So far they’ve managed to win just 7%.

In 2013, Betdaq was acquired by Ladbrokes for €30 million. Ladbrokes later joined forces with Coral and they now form the UK’s largest bookmaker/betting exchange. Betdaq continues to challenge Betfair for a greater market share in the industry.

Right, enough background information… Let’s get into the Betdaq review!

Key aspects of the Betdaq exchange

Many different aspects make for a great betting exchange. Below is a list of all the criteria we’re going to look at in this Betdaq review.

In this section, we’ll go through each category and rate Betdaq out of 10.

  1. Markets
  2. Odds
  3. Commission
  4. Liquidity
  5. Technology

6. Customer support
7. Promotions
8. Payments
9. Reliability
10. Live streaming

Betdaq markets

The first category we’ll look at in our Betdaq review is the number and depth of markets available. Do they offer markets on most sports and other events?

Markets are one of the most important considerations when picking a betting exchange. They are the heart and soul of any betting company. Everything is built around them.

We’re looking for a large range of markets that covers the most popular events thoroughly. The more markets that are available, the more choice you have to place your bets, ultimately making for a better and potentially more profitable betting experience.

Due to its age, Betdaq does not disappoint in this regard and you’re unlikely to have a problem finding the market you’re after at Betdaq unless it’s quite specific.

Having said that, they’re not quite on par with the market leaders Betfair.

Betdaq’s markets include:

  • Horse Racing
  • Greyhound Racing
  • Soccer
  • Tennis
  • Golf
  • Cricket
  • Ruby Union
  • Rugby League
  • Darts
  • Snooker
  • Basketball
  • Ice Hockey
  • Baseball
  • Boxing
  • American Football
  • Mixed Martial Arts
  • Formula 1
  • GAA
  • Politics
  • Coupons
  • Virtual Sports

When compared to Betfair, Betdaq is missing a few market categories such as Athletics and Cycling to name a few.

Markets – Rating 7/10

Odds at Betdaq

Next up in our Betdaq exchange review, we’re going to look at odds. After markets, odds are arguably the second most important aspect of a great betting exchange.

In this category, we’re looking for good value odds when compared to other exchanges and bookmakers. Furthermore, betting exchanges should offer better value odds than most bookmakers.

Due to brilliant technology, odds at different betting exchanges are generally quite similar these days.

However, in my experience, odds at the Betdaq exchange can occasionally be a little lower than their competitors. The price is directly related to the popularity of an event and therefore how many people are placing bets.

As I mentioned earlier, Betdaq only has a 7% market share meaning they are much smaller than the likes of Betfair. This lower number of users has a knock-on effect on market odds.

Another important consideration when looking at the odds a betting exchange offer are the back and lay prices. At Betdaq the back odds are in orange and the lay odds are shown in green.

Ideally, these two figures should be close together representing a solid amount of liquidity on each market (more on this later in the review).

At Betdaq these two figures can sometimes drift apart, rendering these markets less effective.

This is especially the case for matched betting, where bettors are looking for close matches between the back and lay odds.

Overall, Betdaq could do better in terms of odds but this comes with added popularity. For most situations, you won’t have any issues with odds at Betdaq.

Odds – Rating 6/10

Betdaq commission

The third category we’re going to look at in this review is the Betdaq commission rate. As I mentioned earlier in the review, betting exchanges charge a commission instead of building a profit margin into the odds.

In this category, we’re looking for a low, stable commission structure which is easy to understand and good value for the bettor.

Commission directly affects the amount of profit you make from your bets, so it’s an important aspect of a great betting exchange. Picking an exchange that charges a competitive commission rate is a must.

The Betdaq commission is now 0% on all sports apart from football, horse racing, greyhounds, cricket and virtual sports. The commission for these markets is just 2%.

This is a great structure that Betdaq have recently brought into effect, following the likes of Smarkets in the aim of winning more market share from Betfair.

In my view, the new Betdaq commission rate of 0% and 2% beats the likes of Betfair and other competitors.

Over a year’s worth of bets, an experienced bettor would save £100s by using Betdaq over other exchanges. Quite a considerable amount when you put it like that.

Commission also has a direct impact on the amount of profit a matched bettor makes so a low rate is essential with this betting strategy.

Commission – Rating 9/10


In this section of our Betdaq review, we’re going to look at the reliability of the platform.

Reliability is a key aspect that makes for a great betting exchange. Bettors want to use trustworthy, reliable platforms that have a great reputation.

If you’ve ever had any issues with placing bets at a betting exchange, I’m sure you’ll sympathise. Suddenly finding out one of your bets hasn’t placed is incredibly annoying and can potentially lead to costly losses.

In this situation, there’s not much you can do and the betting exchange is unlikely to reimburse you. To avoid this, you need to stick to trustworthy exchanges that have a solid reputation when it comes to reliability.

Betdaq is currently the largest betting exchange technology provider in the UK. Therefore their platform is trusted by some of the leading betting companies throughout the UK. If this isn’t good enough proof that Betdaq offers a trustworthy, reliable platform, I don’t know what is.

Betdaq invests a huge amount of money into their services each year meaning they’re always at the forefront of technology.

So when it comes to placing bets during high volume events like the Grand National, Betdaq holds up incredibly well. You’re unlikely to notice any difference.

Over the years of using many different betting exchanges and placing a lot of bets online, I’ve never had a problem with the Betdaq exchange and the reliability of their services. They offer a highly trusted and ultra-reliable platform.

This is certainly one of Betdaq’s strengths.

Reliability – Rating 9/10


Next up in our Betdaq review, we’ll consider the liquidity of the platform. This is a key criterion as it has a knock-on effect on the odds and other aspects of the platform.

Liquidity may be a new term for some of you so here’s a quick explanation.

Liquidity is the amount of money waiting to be matched on a certain market.

As I mentioned above, betting exchanges work by matching punters with opposing views. There need to be two parties for a bet to take place. Someone looking to back an outcome and someone looking to bet against that same outcome.

That’s what we refer to when describing liquidity – essentially the number of people in the queue to place a bet. If there’s no one waiting, then you won’t be able to place a bet.

The higher the liquidity, the easier it is to place your bets. The best analogy is to imagine people in a queue at a shop. The more people there are, the better (for the shop).

Liquidity is shown underneath the market price. So in the example below there is £2,347 waiting to be matched.

This is one of the areas Betdaq have never been able to match their bigger brother, Betfair.

Liquidity is directly related to the popularity of the exchange and specifically the market in question. With fewer customers, you will always struggle to keep the liquidity of a marketplace high.

Despite the lower liquidity at Betdaq, you won’t have a problem placing your bets on popular events like top tier football for example.

However, if high liquidity is what you’re after you should head straight to Betfair.

Liquidity – Rating 6/10


The next criteria we’ll consider in our Betdaq review is technology.

Technology plays a huge part in the quality of a betting exchange and as we’ve already touched on earlier in the review, Betdaq is the largest provider of betting exchange technology. Their tech is obviously at the forefront of the industry and used by many popular companies.

Betdaq offers a very reliable platform that you can rely on 24/7. What’s more, they employ the required staff to ensure that any issues with their platform are resolved promptly.

All in all, a strong aspect of the Betdaq exchange.

Technology – Rating 8/10

Customer support

Next up in our Betdaq review, we’ll look at customer support.

In the modern world of online gambling, quality customer support is an absolute necessity. Therefore, it’s another important consideration when choosing the best betting exchange.

We’re looking for easily accessible support methods, quick response times and quality help.

In an ideal world, punters want any problems with their bets to be resolved as quickly as possible. Any unmatched bets at an exchange could lead to costly mistakes which may cut into your overall betting profit.

Having been in the industry for many years, Betdaq knows how and what their customers need help with. They have a dedicated support team and an abundance of articles to help customers. Their staff are helpful and knowledgeable meaning your issues are fixed promptly.

You can get in touch with Betdaq using the following methods:

  • Live chat during selected hours
  • Submit questions
  • Call the team

From experience, I really can’t fault Betdaq’s support network.

Support – Rating 8/10

Betdaq free bet and promotions

In this section of our review, we’ll look at free bets, bonuses and other promotions that Betdaq offers customers.

Free bets and offers play a huge part in the modern world of online gambling and bettors are always on the lookout for generous offers.

Customers come to expect free bets and promotions regularly. Therefore, this is an important consideration when it comes to picking a betting exchange.

There are various Betdaq free bets for new customers. You can either take advantage of their Bet £10, Get £10 or get up to £1000 cash-back in commission.

Whilst this offer sounds much better than it is, Betdaq is essentially giving you a 0% commission rate for the first month.

As I mentioned earlier, maximising your profit from betting involves keeping costs down to a minimum. This includes the amount of commission you pay on exchange winnings. That’s what makes this Betdaq offer so enticing.

As most betting companies do, Betdaq also offers ongoing promotions known as reload offers. These are offers for existing customers and they allow matched bettors and other gamblers to make an ongoing profit.

Matched bettors are specifically after free bets and other promotions and the 0% commission offered by Betdaq is an awesome offer.

Whilst not on the level of some of the larger bookmakers, Betdaq still offer some great promotions.

Promotions – Rating 7/10


Another key aspect of a great betting exchange is how easy payment transfers are. This applies to both deposits and withdrawals.

Bettors have come to expect quick and reliable transfers they can trust whether that’s using an eWallet solution like PayPal or simple debit card transfers.


With Betdaq, you’ll be able to use the most common payment methods to place your deposits.

Deposit methods at Betdaq:

  • Debit card transfers
  • Skrill
  • MoneyBookers
  • NETeller
  • PayPal
  • Cheques
  • Bank transfers

Debit cards and eWallet deposits such as PayPal have zero fees.

Overall, deposits are very easy at Betdaq.


In terms of Betdaq withdrawals, you can use the same methods you use to deposit your funds, apart from cheques.

Withdrawing to debit cards typically takes 25 hours and other methods may take up to 5 working days. However, in my experience, it’s never taken that long.

As you would expect from an online betting company, Betdaq takes their payment security very seriously. They invest a lot of money providing a secure website and banking system.

Payments – Rating 8/10

Live streaming

Now we’ve covered all the essential parts of a betting exchange, let’s look at the added features that make for an overall better experience.

Betdaq is one of the few betting exchanges that provide a live streaming service. This is a relatively new phenomenon in the betting industry which makes for a more interesting betting experience.

Watching a live stream also benefits any matched bettors out there. It makes you seem more like regular punters which is crucial to long term matched betting success. It’s also quite fun watching a horse race you just bet on knowing you’ll make a guaranteed profit no matter what the result is.

At Betdaq, you can watch live feeds without placing a bet on the event which is a nice feature that other exchanges and bookmakers don’t offer.

Live streaming – Rating 8/10

Using Betdaq

The criteria we looked at above would be pointless if the Betdaq exchange wasn’t easy to use. In the next section of our Betdaq review, we’ll look at what it’s like to use the Betdaq betting exchange regularly.

Overall, we’re looking for a great user experience.

Placing bets

Placing your bets at Betdaq is similar to most other online bookies and exchanges. Simply find the market you’re after, either by searching for the event or navigating through the desired links.

Select the odds and enter the desired stake.

If you want to enter your own odds you can also do that. However, you’ll need to wait for someone to match your selection. I recommend you don’t use this method as it can lead to unmatched or partially unmatched bets.

When you’re placing matched bets, make sure you check the liability stated in the betting exchange is the same as the matched betting calculator worked out.


Another important consideration when using a betting exchange is how well the website functions. In the online world, a simple and intuitive website is a must for betting companies.

More similar to Betfair than Smarkets, Betdaq has an original looking website which delivers on functionality over aesthetics. The website is fairly easy to use, with popular links and main sports positioned down the left-hand side.

The back markets are distinguished by light orange and the lay markets by light green. These colours are arguably not as strong as the green and blue that Smarkets use but still recognisable nonetheless.

This is probably a subjective opinion but I think the Betdaq site is overly complicated and could do with fewer links and banners on the right-hand side. Although that’s me being quite picky.

Mobile Site / App

The Betdaq mobile site and mobile application are both very similar in their design and function. So we’ll just focus on the application in this section.

The mobile app is very easy to use with all the main options and sports on a slider at the top of the app. The different colours for the back and lay markets stand out more on the mobile app compared to the website.

Placing bets on the Betdaq mobile app is easy which makes betting on the move more efficient. Overall a very functional and useful mobile app from Betdaq.

Betdaq overview

That’s it for our Betdaq review, so let’s summarise.

Here are the benefits of using Betdaq:

  • Ultra-reliable and widely used software
  • A solid range of sporting and other markets
  • Awesome live streaming

Whilst Betdaq is nowhere near as popular as Betfair and they sometimes struggle with liquidity, they still offer a brilliant platform used by thousands of punters across the globe.

Overall, I certainly recommend you sign up with Betdaq if you haven’t already. You can go ahead and use the link below to get started and access your free bet right now.


4 out of 5

Betdaq is one of the most popular betting exchanges in the world. Offering a great commission rate, a solid number of markets and a reliable trading platform, Betdaq exchange is certainly a great option to place your bets with in 2020.

BETDAQ is the trading name of the Global Betting Exchange Alderney Limited (GBEA). It was founded in 2000 by Irish businessman Dermot Desmond as part of the Global Betting Exchange group of companies. Desmond made his name as a stockbroker and as an investor with some of his previous deals and businesses including the private equity firm International Investment & Underwriting (IIU) and the London City Airport, which he purchased in 1995. The company was sold to Ladbrokes for €30 million in 2013.Full T&C's Apply. New customer offer. Please gamble responsibly. 18+

In BETDAQ, which began trading in 2001, Desmond has created the second largest betting exchange, with an estimated 7% of the global market share. It primarily allows its users to place bets on international sporting events and leagues. The site processes £75 million worth of sports bets every single week, according to BETDAQ’s own figures. In 2018, it processed 18 billion orders annually.

However, it also offers an online casino platform. BETDAQ users can play a small selection of games including slots, arcade games, and virtual sports games. You can read our full review of the online casino below to find out more.

Overview of Our Review Experiences

BETDAQ’s online casino gaming experience is a secondary part of its business, with the international sports betting being its primary offering. However, this doesn’t mean that it has created its online casino in a half-hearted fashion. It offers a small selection of games when compared to its other competitors. But it has chosen a handful of the best and most popular gambling titles available, making up for the lack of quantity in the quality of these games.

There are several types of games offered by BETDAQ, and there are 81 games offered in total. These include table games based on classic casino game experiences that you may find in land-based establishments, slot games including slots based on popular television shows and movies, jackpot games which offer especially substantial payouts, and virtual sports which let players participate in virtual versions of traditional sports like horse racing.

BETDAQ Casino: Scam or Not?

The BETDAQ casino is not a scam. Owned by Ladbrokes, is licensed under the United Kingdom Gambling Commission (UKGC), which is the online gambling regulator for operators that serve players in Great Britain. The UKGC ensures that any gambling operator, including online casinos, sports betting, and bingo providers, conducts what it’s doing in a fair and responsible manner. Therefore, it can be seen as a reputable online operator.

BETDAQ also holds a license from the Gibraltar Gambling Commission (GBC) which regulates Gibraltar-based casino providers. BETDAQ, despite having its registered in St. Anne, Alderney, which is in the Channel Islands, has its headquarters in Gibraltar. As such, it’s incredibly positive that it holds a license from its local regulator. It’s also worth noting that Ladbrokes, which is the parent company, is also part of the Gibraltar Betting and Gaming Association which is a consortium of Gibraltar-based gambling companies. The association is focused on offering safe, fair and competitive gambling experiences and high standards for customers. This suggests that Ladbrokes – and BETDAQ by extension – is recognised by the rest of the industry as a leading gambling provider.

Overview of the Offers from BETDAQ Casino

As mentioned, it offers 81 games in total. While it may not have a massive variety of games, the genres it does have are more than enough to cater to all gambling fans and casino game players with different tastes.

BETDAQ’s online casino games are provided by a range of reputable software developers, like IGT, which is a leading creator of products featuring high-quality graphics of its titles. Another provider of its games is Playtech, which is the world’s largest supplier of online gaming and sports betting software.

Online Casino

It features classic table games such as blackjack, which lets players play the well-loved game of 21 against the computer-based dealer. There’s also 3D Roulette which provides a realistic roulette atmosphere albeit through the computer. Another game includes 3 Card Brag which combines two classic table games into one, allowing players to compete against the dealer, play for a bonus, or even do both at the same time.

It offers 29 different slot games to enjoy too, each with detailed reels and some of them are themed, branded tie-ins. For example, there’s the Family Guy slot game which puts the characters of the comedy family, including Peter, Stewie, and Lois, on the reels. Or there’s Wonder Woman which is a 50-line slot that makes players feel like a slot gaming superhero! Other slots include the sparkling Bejeweled 2, the reality show glitz of Britain’s Got Talent Superstar, and the Aztec entertainment of Amazon Wild. Additionally, BETDAQ players can engage in virtual sports. There are just two on offer, including Virtual Dogs which features virtual dog racing and Virtual Horses which allows you to engage in horse racing 24/7.

Sports Betting

BETDAQ may have a reasonable list of online casino games, but its main focus is on sports betting, of which it offers a substantial list of sports to place bets on. Some of the sports on which BETDAQ users can place bets include horse racing, American football, cricket, tennis, rugby union, ice hockey, mixed martial arts, snooker, boxing, and baseball. Users can even place bets on virtual sports, including virtual football games and virtual horse racing.

In football (soccer), BETDAQ users have the opportunity to bet on a range of leagues. These include English football leagues and teams, Spanish football teams, German teams, Scottish teams, Dutch teams, Danish teams, Czech teams, and even football teams based in South Africa. High profile competitions including the FIFA World Cup, the UEFA Champions League, and the UEFA Europa League are all available for betting too. Users can place bets on whether a team will win, or lose or whether the match will simply conclude in a draw instead.

In American football, users can take it one further. Not just placing money on who will win, lose, or draw the game, but whether a team will score a touchdown in a specific quarter as well.

BETDAQ Bonus: Check Out the Offer

To entice users and encourage them to play more, BETDAQ offers a variety of different bonuses and offers. These offers change regularly meaning that there is added incentive to keep checking out the promotions that this Ladbrokes-owned online casino has on offer.

A major promotion that BETDAQ is running at the moment is that when you place a bet of £10, you will get £30 to spend on casino games. This bonus can be used on any of the 81 games, the promotional page explains. While other casino bonuses are only available to new players, this BETDAQ offer is available to all customers.

Deposit Bonus: £30
Bonus Condition: Spend £10 on casino games
Validity: All customers
Other promotions: N/A

While this appears to be the only promotion that is currently running for its online casino, it does have a variety of bonuses and promotions for its sports betting too. For example, you can place a bet of £10 and get a free £10 if your first virtual bet is a loser. New customers can also receive their first month’s commission back as cash of up to £1,000 and this is available as withdrawable funds.

Deposits and Payouts at the Casino

Speaking of winnings and promotions, it’s important to detail the deposits and payouts at BETDAQ. The BETDAQ online casino allows you to deposit money using a variety of methods. Though it only accepts UK and Irish-issued debit cards, including Visa debit cards, Visa Electron, and MasterCard debit cards. Skrill, Moneybookers and NETeller payment methods are also accepted. PayPal is accepted too, as well as bank transfers. The currencies that it accepts are GBP, USD, EUR and SGP.

Payouts for all methods are totally free, however, there are varying times for how long a payout may take. Debit cards take two to five days to process, while Skrill and PayPal payouts can be processed within just 24 hours. Likewise, a bank transfer will take 1-5 days.

Security and Regulation

As an online casino that is licensed by the UK and Gibraltar gambling commissions is one that must take the proper steps in order to ensure proper security for its players and customers. BETDAQ itself says that it feels that security is “paramount” and that it takes several steps to make sure that the data of its players is kept safe.

To this effect, it uses PaymentTrust and Allied Irish Bank plc as its secure payment processing provider (banks, in turn, must be authorised by the industry security regulator). Moreover, BETDAQ uses the 1024 bit VeriSign SSL Certificates and it says that it carries out “ongoing” reviews of these security certificates to ensure that the technology that it is using is doing what it should be when it comes to keeping player data safe.

BETDAQ is also attached to responsible gaming bodies such as GambleAware. This suggests that it understands its responsibility when it comes to the well-being of its players.

Customer Support

Customer support is paramount for any online casino or betting provider, but especially one as big as this. BETDAQ was responsible for billions of sports bets being processed throughout 2018 and as to be expected, some players are going to need a bit of extra help due to technical difficulties on BETDAQ’s end or simply just because. For this, it does offer a live chat service in which its representatives can answer players’ questions as they come in, however it is not available at all times of the day. Players can also submit a question to the BETDAQ support team, allowing the team to get back to the player via their contact details. This isn’t ideal if you need a quick response but should ensure that your query is followed up on. Alternatively, players can make a phone call, or they can use the feedback box to leave a suggestion or comments on what the online casino and sports betting provider can improve upon.

On top of this, BETDAQ does operate an FAQ (frequently asked questions) database in which you can type in something you need help with and find pre-written answers. There are answers on how it keeps players secure, what payment methods are available, how players can find their history and more.

Usability of the Online Casino

It is fairly easy to navigate around the BETDAQ site. When you go to the website you can click the tab that takes you to the casino page specifically. From there, you are able to select which type of games it is that you would like to play, choosing from table games, slots, jackpot games and more. At the top of the page, BETDAQ displays its latest leading offer, helping you to get the best bonus even before you start playing.

It’s not too difficult to find what it is that you’re looking for and with 81 games on offer in total, you’re unlikely to get lost. But those who are new to online casino gaming may not be enticed as the descriptions for the games on offer do not explain themselves well enough. Those who have never played these games or logged onto BETDAQ before may, therefore, be confused.

BETDAQ Casino App

BETDAQ does already operate an app for its betting exchange service. The app, which was developed by Ladbrokes (specifically the Ladbrokes Mobile Development team) lets users make exchange bets and place bets as you may expect. However, there isn’t a mobile app for this operator specifically.

BETDAQ does offer a mobile site and you can access its games in this way. Instead, the brief descriptions are removed and there are just large icons that represent the games (these include the logo for each game). The categories for different games, including slots, virtual sports, a selection of the newest games added to BETDAQ and top games (the most popular games) are also at the top of the page and easy to reach/easy to navigate to. But, it seems like an oversight that there isn’t a category for “all” games as there is on the desktop version of the site.

Conclusion: Small But Solid Choice

BETDAQ hasn’t been known as one of the industry’s leading online casinos, but it has steadily tried to change that perception. Its list of games has increased over time and it is positive to see that the operator now features popular, branded games from some of the industry’s leading game developers. With the backing of Ladbrokes, its parent company, there is little doubt that BETDAQ will be able to strike more deals with other game developers in future to bolster that list of 81 games even more.

The deposit and payout methods are especially praise-worthy, with PayPal support standing out the most. This shows that BETDAQ is well-equipped to let international players engage with its games, as well as those who prefer to store their money on digital platforms rather than making bank transfers. It also helps to reduce the payout time, which is always a bonus.

There are some clear areas for improvement, though. In particular, BETDAQ could improve its customer support as some players will feel let down by the level of customer service that they’ve received and issues that they’ve faced even after they’ve spoken to a customer representative. The lack of a mobile app is also a glaring oversight, especially considering that a betting app already exists. So, it can make things a lot better but it’s a relatively solid start at the moment.

Betting Review & Available Markets

When it comes to the number of sports available on the Betdaq exchanges, there is a decent number of sports on offer but not as many as you would find at one of our top ranking betting websites.

However, by the same token, as this is a betting exchange, there is also the option to lay against a selection, in addition to backing it to win, which does give the punter added options when it comes to betting that a traditional bookmaking site does not have.

Horse racing and Soccer are its most popular and important markets but you can also bet on many other sports including greyhounds, golf, cricket, tennis, rugby union, rugby league, snooker, American football, darts, ice hockey basketball, Formula 1 and many more.

There is also a burgeoning Politics betting market and there is a Virtual Sports console offering you the chance to bet on these random computer generated sporting events.

Betdaq Football Betting

Alongside horse racing betting, Football betting is the mainstay of the Betdaq site and is its second most important betting exchange operation.

The site offers a wide selection of matches to bet on from all the top European Leagues and competitions, as well as a number of other leagues and competitions from less well known parts of the world.

There are a small number of markets you can bet on for football however compared to a traditional betting site, with Match Odds, Goal Markets, Correct Score and Asian Handicap markets the predominant markets for most games.

There is a detailed statistical breakdown of the game displayed which is helpful in formulating your bets too.

Football Promotions

At this point in time there are currently ZERO football promotions running at Betdaq… which quite frankly is pathetic. 

Betdaq Horse Racing Betting

Betdaq offers an extensive Horse racing betting exchange service for its customers which updates almost every second in the lead up to the start of the race.

The technical wizardry that allows the exchange to update so quickly is impressive and it is clear that Betdaq has invested a great deal of time and effort in offering a superb horse racing betting exchange.

Finding the section is simple as it is at the top of both the lists on the left hand side of the home screen.
Once you click on one of the horse racing tabs, you can then click on any of the races at any of the meets available today.

You can also then choose to back or lay a selection by clicking on the odds. Remember, if you choose to lay a horse, this uses different betting parameters to simply backing a horse for a stated stake.

The odds update in real time, so pick your time wisely to ensure you get the best odds when you decide what you want to bet on and what type of bet to make.

Horse Racing Promotions

  • Sportsbook BOG – use the sportsbook side of Betdaq and not the exhcange and get best odds guaranteed on horse racing so if you take the SP of a horse and it wins you get paid at the bigger odds.

One promotion…. again not very impressive from Betdaq. 

Live Streaming

Betdaq does not offer any live streaming services either on its website or via its mobile service.

Betdaq Mobile App

Betdaq offers a choice of two different apps, one for iOS devices (iPhone, iPad) and another for Android devices. Both of these can be downloaded directly from the Mobile section of the Betdaq website which also gives the customer a rundown of the different items that you will find on each of the mobile apps. The same app can be used on both smartphones and tablet devices.

What’s good about the Betdaq app?

Betdaq’s mobile app is relatively simple to use on a tablet, with the different markets available easy to find and use. Upon loading up, the familiar Betdaq set up is displayed and the way the app is designed is intuitive meaning that it is easy to navigate across the exchange to find the markets you want to back or lay.

The ability to access promotions is also very well designed into the app and the speed at which the app works, especially considering this is an exchange rather than simply a bookmakers app, is impressive.

What’s not so great about the Betdaq app?

One of the main issues with the app is that it is easier to see and use the app on a larger screened device, such as a tablet, rather than a smartphone where the text is very small and the amount of information on display can make it easy to click on the wrong options when betting.

This does become frustrating after a time. It would have been nice had the app been optimised specifically for a smartphone and a tablet, rather than a generic app to serve them both.

Customer Support

The first place to head on Betdaq if you have an issue with an aspect of the site is the Help section, which can be accessed by clicking on the link in the top right hand corner of the screen, just below where you enter your log in details.

Once selected, this brings up the Help console in a pop-up window (so enable pop ups for this site if they are disabled).

Here you can use the Search bar to look for a key word or phrase to do with your enquiry, or there is a section which lists answers to some of the most popular reasons why customers require help.

If your answer cannot be resolved through the Help console, then you can contact Betdaq in a number of ways:

Live Chat – Betdaq offer a Live Chat service which is available to all customers once they have logged into their account. Simply click on the Live Chat icon in the Help Console and you will be put through to a Betdaq advisor who will do their best to deal with your enquiry there and then.

Telephone – You can call Betdaq from the UK on 0870 178 1021, or if you are based in Ireland, the number is 01 673 3360. Alternatively if you are outside of the UK and Ireland, the number is + 353 673 3360.

Fax – You can fax details of your issue to Betdaq on +353 673 3396

Email – You can email details of your issue to Betdaq at You may need to wait 24 hours or so for Betdaq to deal with your enquiry.

Betdaq Restricted Countries

Betdaq doesn’t list all the countries that it restricts, instead it offers a list of countries where customers can reside to bet legally with them. The full list of countries you can bet with Betdaq at are:

  • Barbados
  • Cayman Islands
  • Ghana
  • Gibraltar
  • Guernsey
  • Ireland
  • Isle of Man
  • Jersey
  • Lebanon
  • Malta
  • Mauritius
  • Netherland Antilles
  • New Zealand
  • Trinidad and Tobago
  • Tanzania
  • Sweden
  • Seychelles
  • United Kingdom
  • British Virgin Islands

It can be assumed that customers from any countries not on this list will not be accepted by Betdaq.

Betdaq Bonus Review

Betdaq offers customers a chance to earn up to £1,000 cash back when they sign up to the site and start using their account.

To qualify, sign up to Betdaq using the process below and deposit cash into your account. You can then use the Betting Exchange to either Back or Lay against selections.

As you win and lose your bets, you’ll get your commission back, for 30 days, up to a maximum of £1,000.

Here’s the simplest method you can follow to sign up and claim this Betdaq new customer bonus:

  1. Visit the Betdaq
  2. This will load up a form with three different sections to complete. Personal Details, Address Details and Account Details. Simply work your way through the form completing all the required fields. These are the fields that are not designated as “optional”.
  3. In the Promotions Code box enter the code DAQBACK. This is important as without this you will not receive the new player offer.
  4. Once you have completed this, check the box to confirm you have read the Terms and Conditions and Privacy Policy and then click on the Open an Account button.
  5. Once you have received an email from Betdaq saying your account is now open, you can now log into your account and head to the Banking section.
  6. Make a deposit into your account.
  7. Start betting with Betdaq commission free for 30 days.

Review Rating

Positive Points – The Betdaq service is excellent for punters who want to expand their betting beyond simply backing selections and perhaps also laying them too… although Betfair is clearly a much better option for this.

The exchange format is easy to understand and the website well designed, with enough guidance in the help section to help newer punters not used to this form of betting get started with ease. The site is well designed and keeps up with many transactions very quickly indeed.

What needs to be Improved? – Where Betdaq needs to improve is firstly their streaming services offered. No live streams make it very difficult for a bookmaker to compete with the best in the industry.

It’s new player offer is also very poor value compared to some others you will find with other sites but might be good if you’re a long term trader.

There’s no decent promotions currently running and quite frankly no real reason to open an account.

Betdaq Rating: 1.5/5

If you want to join a betting exchange then we suggest checking out the Betfair bonus and using them instead – way better site, much better bonus.

What is Betdaq Exchange?

Betdaq is an exchange platform for sports traders and bettors. Founded in 2000 by Irish businessman Dermot Desmond, Betdaq was one of the early movers on the exchange betting scene.

Since then it was acquired by Ladbrokes in February 2013 and now forms part of the GVC Group who owns Ladbrokes Coral, Bwin, Sportingbet and many other smaller brands in the industry.

One of the main powerhouses in the betting industry these days, GVC has allowed Betdaq to go to a flat rate 2% commission on all exchange bets.

We will discuss liquidity later, the main gripe bettors have with Betdaq is the level of liquidity. It appears there’s been developments in this area recently though with in-running liquidity exceeding both Matchbook and SMarkets.

Betdaq’s Commission Rates & Calculation:

In 2018 Betdaq took the decision to offer 2% commission on all exchange bets, thus far it seems to help liquidity. In the past Betdaq have offered free credits, but making a long-term commitment to a flat rate of 2% is wise. It makes their exchange quite competitive for big events…

For example:

  • If you had £50 at 4.0 on Betdaq you would win £147.05 after 2% commission is applied.
  • If you strike the same bet on an alternate exchange you would win £142.85 with 5% applied.

It many not seem like a huge difference, but over the course of the year it really adds up. Particularly if you’re placing lots of bets.

For bigger events like the Cheltenham festival this is useful as you have the added liquidity to trade or bet against, but at a lower rate of commission. Unfortunately, I can’t say it’s an ideal alternative for the horse racing Sunday-Friday just yet.

Do Betdaq Have Premium Charge?

If you’re unsure about what Premium Charge is, read this explanation here. As I write Betdaq do not have a public Premium Charge for winning customers. However there’s a good chance there is alternative rates for some winning punters; possibly court-siders and people who run bots through their site.

Generally speaking though – winners are welcome…

Betdaq Exchange Reliability?

So the 2% commission gives you a little extra value for your money; but can you trust the Betdaq platform during peak strain?

In my opinion, you can. The stats say that Betdaq’s platform is more reliable than Betfair, Matchbook and SMarkets. Sure, outages will happen from time to time. However Betdaq recently went over 500 days without an unplanned outage.

There’s a good chance this is because they have a lot less traffic than Betfair, but it’s impressive nonetheless. Betdaq say that they process 18 billion orders annually, so with all the extra’s that they have on their platform, going over 500 days without an outage has to be praised. All traders need stability and Betdaq delivers.

Liquidity on Betdaq…

Ok racing traders can trust the Betdaq platform, but can they get their business done?

The short answer is that it depends on your style of trading. Betdaq still has a long way to go to catch up with Betfair, but it is improving. Morning liquidity is still unsatisfactory but if you’re the type of trader that trades within five minutes of the off it would suit you better, especially on Saturday’s and on the big ITV Racing cards.

Liquidity in-running on Betdaq would still have to be classed as ‘poor’ when compared to Betfair. However, as already stated – it is much better than Matchbook and SMarkets.

For Football traders, it appears that Betdaq has improved a lot both in pre-off and in-running. For popular events there’s nothing stopping you for getting your bets on at a fair price.

Outside of racing and football, Betdaq struggle a little. Those two sports are undoubtedly their ‘big two’ and that’s where they put most of their focus. With a football free summer coming up it will be very interesting to see if Betdaq target the Cricket World Cup. Especially when you consider  Cricket is now Betfair’s number one sport – and that’s from Betfair themselves at my trading event in February.

Betdaq say they matched £65.3 million at Royal Ascot and £51.1 million over Glorious Goodwood and the Galway races. They have invested in sponsoring some big races like the Punchestown Champion Hurdle. They’ve also teamed up with Gavin Cromwell and Harry Whittington in a bid to attract more racing fans. On the football front they now sponsor Sunderland and Charlton so there’s lots of cash being spent. But will these brand pushes work?

What Are Betdaq’s Current Offers?

A flat rate of 2% commission is a nice touch for us traders, but will it attract new customers?

The short answer is no – because most exchange newbies don’t even understand how the commission works.

At the moment Betdaq have two offers and they are pretty different. For the guys who like free bets and aren’t really clued into exchange betting there’s a Bet £10, Get £10 Promo. Not the most generous offer when you look about but it caters for those they will attract from their Sunderland and Charlton partnerships…

While they also offer their Daqback special where you can get up to £1,000 commission back after your first month on the site. You will have to turnover quite a lot to get the full £1,000 but they seem to have all bases covered for the different customer types.

Using Betdaq and Trading Tools

One big advantage Betdaq has over Matchbook and Smarkets is that they have a good selection of trading tools. Having a trading tool is an absolute must for speed – this is no different on Betdaq. You will have to work a little harder to get your bets matched and orders in but the good news is that trading tools like Geekstoy and Gruss Betting Assistant are completely free on Betdaq.

The Betdaq desktop site is nice to use and easy to get around if you don’t like using software. It’s layout is very similar to Betfair however several do miss the fact that you can’t have a ‘My Markets’ function – if there are a couple of markets that you’re interested in and want to keep them one click away, having the ‘My Markets’ section always saves time in the afternoon. Personally I will always use software but I consider it a missed trick on their part.

Apart from that obvious negative ,there are some nice little touches on the Betdaq desktop site. Racing replays are great for punters who want to study the form. Also, the live streams rarely have an issue and are pretty fast. There’s also some nice little extra’s on site too like ProForm Stats, Bet Finder and Football Stats which could help some punters. I’ll go into a bit more detail on them in a sec.

The Betdaq App

This is really one area that I feel the Betdaq brand could improve a lot with.

The App seems to be miles behind Betfair, Matchbook and SMarkets. The latter two could possibly overtake Betdaq in this department soon. The Betdaq App is a little slow and clunky to use, it just isn’t a smooth experience. It doesn’t offer a pin login which slows everything down for the average user. Navigation to each market could be better on the right hand side too.

For the casual punters, it doesn’t go into the same detail as Betfair with their drop-down information under each horse and it’s definitely easier to navigate the price history graphs on Betfair. All that being said, the Betdaq App overall isn’t that bad; it could just be so much better! Perhaps this is an area that they can improve in this year.

Helpful Extra’s With Betdaq

There are some hidden gems when using Betdaq. Bet Finder can be a fantastic tool, saving you time. You can also get free ProForm Stats (subscription is costy). ProForm have made some changes to the free Betdaq Stats this year and while it’s not as good as it once was, it’s still a nice feature to have.

For those of you who love their football, you will see ‘Soccer Stats’ over each football market on Betdaq. Ok, it’s not for everyone but some punters like to know the card, corner and goal stats before kick off.

You will find plenty of helpful information on betdaqtips each day too. There’s a host of educational articles, including some wrote by none other than yours truly! You will also find the Betdaq XSP comparisons to the Industry SP on ITV Racing. It helps to see why exchange betting is so much better than betting with a bookmaker!

What Does The Future Hold For Betdaq?

From Betdaq’s Instagram Channel

Betdaq have indicated that they will be sticking to their flat rate 2% commission for the foreseeable future, so I can only see liquidity continuing to grow. With Cheltenham coming up, you should definitely take the chance to check out the site for yourself and see just how much they have improved in recent months.

Time will tell what route they go down with their sponsorships, with Sunderland and Charlton they could potentially get into the Championship next season. That will offer Betdaq a much bigger platform and no doubt more customers and increased liquidity.

It’s good to see the Betdaq brand getting out there, especially at Punchestown which is a major festival in Ireland.

I would like to see Betdaq invest more in their App to make it quicker and this is one area that they can certainly improve. We traders all love our software and desktops but you have to remember that for casual punters as we move away from computers, more and more punters will just want to use their phone and Betdaq must improve their App if they want to keep up. It all contributes to liquidity.

One has to wonder if Betdaq will follow Betfair’s path down the road to Premium Charge and a Sportsbook; but we haven’t heard anything yet. I don’t see them introducing extra charges. However I can see them introducing a Sportsbook, hopefully not but we’ll just have to wait and see how that goes.

Sports Markets and Betting Options

All in all, when you bet at this exchange, you can expect around 22 or more sports available for you to trade stakes on every single day. A whole bunch of awesome sports can be expected when you use the Betdaq service. From football to horse racing to golf to cricket, nearly everything that can be expected is represented here. To help you get an idea of what to expect, we have created a table detailing the markets for you below. Take a closer look now!

The Most Popular Markets at Betdaq
Football Tennis Cricket Golf Rugby Union
Champions League ATP International Friendlies US Open World Cup
World Cup WTA The Ashes Ryder Cup Six Nations
International Friendlies Australian Open World Cup US Masters Premiership
Premier League US Open Twenty20 PGA Tour Sevens World Cup
Bundesliga Wimbledon County Championships European Tour Women’s Rugby
La Liga French Open IPL The Open Championship Lions Tour

As you can see, the main sports available at the betting site are football, tennis, cricket, golf and rugby. For each of these sports, many different tournaments are available. Football is one of the most popular sports on the platform, with bets available for the Champions League, World Cup, international friendlies, Premier League, Bundesliga and more. In addition to football, tennis is also rather well represented, allowing you to wager on competitions such as ATP and WTA matches, the Australian Open, the US Open, the French Open, and, of course, Wimbledon. In addition to being able to bet on football and tennis, you can also place wagers on sports as diverse as greyhound racing, rugby union, ice hockey, snooker, darts, basketball, boxing, mixed martial arts and even virtual sports.

Horse racing is a particularly well-stocked topic within the betting site. There are the daily races, with many events to bet on every hour. Then you can also bet on popular antepost races, where arguably the real action happens. Here there are big races such as the Melbourne Cup, Grand National, Epsom Derby and other big races in both national hunt and flat racing. This stretches the whole world too, from the UK and Ireland to South Africa to Dubai to America. However, it’s not only sports that are popular. You can also bet on special events such as the results of popular TV shows, elections and other assorted prizes.

In-Play Betting and Live Streaming

While we all know that betting on an event before it happens is extremely fun, it is also well known that in-play betting is where the true punters hang out. Being able to bet on an event while it is taking place is an extremely exciting proposition. That is why we are pleased to announce that the exchange has a full sportsbook available for in-play bets. Whether it’s a big football match, or a snooker tournament or an iconic golf competition, Betdaq has you covered for all your live betting needs. It is disappointing however, that, as of yet, they still do not offer you the opportunity to live stream events. We are sure that this is something they will rectify in the future.

Multiples Betting Options

Multiple betting is a great option for people who want to make a lot of money through just a small wager as the odds can be so much higher. For users of Betdaq, they will be happy to know that multiple betting options are not just supported on the site, but encouraged! They even have a section on the left hand side of the page entitled “Multiples”, something really easy to help you get started. Simply click on it and your betting slip will be converted into multiples. From there you can pick multiple selections and move them all together in order to rack up a great bet. It is through offers like these that Betdaq easily stands out against a crowded betting exchange crowd.

Bet & Win Limits

When betting online, its important to be able to bet as high as you want and as low as you want. This is where operators can really get ahead by being flexible. Users of Betdaq can be assured of some of the fairest rates in the business. The minimum you can stake on any event is around £2, although they do state that they can change it at any time. As for the maximum you can stake, that can be as high as you’d like, basically. Do bear in mind that the minimum deposit you can put into your account, as well as the minimum withdrawal, is £10. What’s really amazing is that they do not have a maximum withdrawal limit so you can take out as much money as you would like.

Betdaq Odds Levels10

When it really comes down to it, the most important thing in the betting world are odds levels. Knowing that you have the best value for your buck can be the difference between a good betting experience and a great one. Thankfully for users of Betdaq, you can expect the best odds levels in the business, with some markets even going up to the hallowed 99%. This is because it is an exchange, so the bookmaker makes its money through commission instead. When you start with Betdaq you can expect commission of around 5%, but this will go down the more bets you place with the company, with the opportunity to get the rate all the way down to 2%.

Odds Levels for the Largest Sports Markets

  • .
  • Football97.82 - 99.06%
  • Cricket85.79 - 99.51%
  • Snooker85.58 - 99.13%
  • Boxing93.68 - 96.43%
  • Horse Racing88.90 - 95.86%
  • Ice Hockey94.07 - 94.74%
  • ..
  • .....
  • Return to Player (%)

To help you understand the different odds levels for each individual sport, we have created the above table for you. When it comes to football, one of the biggest markets around, you can expect awesome odds of between 97.82 – 99.06%. Conversely, cricket is also very popular, with odds between 85.79 – 99.51%. And for those of you who like to bet on horse racing, you won’t be disappointed. The odds are between 88.90 – 95.86%. Equally, snooker fans will love it at Betdaq. The odds are between 85.58 – 99.13%.

Betdaq UK Platform 7

The Betdaq UK platform is one of the best of the business, fully optimised to make sure that you have the smoothest betting experience possible. They utilise a unique purple and white aesthetic that really makes them stand out amongst a difficult crowd. Everything is laid out to make it very simple to get ahead. Once you attend the website you go immediately on to the exchange, where the in-play events and top choices are already there for you to peruse. In addition to that, its incredibly easy to find the sports you want to bet on – with all of them available of the a-z on the left hand side of the page. Another great option, as we have mentioned before, is the choice to bet on multiples, which is available on the top of the screen, and on the left hand side. Moving around a betting exchange has never been easier.

What Betdaq also do to fully help you have the best time on their site is have a popular links section on the sidebar. From there you can see all the things they like to prioritise, such as horse racing, the next greyhound race, soccer, the latest NFL week, in-play, virtuals, racing results and any other popular sporting event at that time. Once you have placed a bet, something we will try and explain to you in more detail in the section below, you can see it play out on your betslip on the right. Another really cool thing that they do is embed their Twitter feed into the page so you can see all their latest tips as they are posted in real time.

How to Place a Bet

Placing a bet with Betdaq is one of the simplest things you can ever do. Their entire layout has been designed to make it a very easy process. The first step you should take is making sure that you have an account and have deposited money into it. Then simply head on over to their homepage. From there you will be presented with a whole bunch of markets to help you get started. From there scroll over to the sports a-z situated on the left hand side of the page. From there you can pick the sport of your choice. Once you have picked your favourite sport, take a look around for your favourite market. Once you have found your favourite market, find your favourite league or competition, simply by scrolling down the page. After you have done that, look for your favourite event. The element we have created for you below helps to explain the rest of the process.

As the rest of this table shows, there is little confusion when it comes to betting here. Once you pick the stake you want, it will be added to your betslip on the right hand side of the page. From there you will be given the opportunity to look at how much potential money you might be able to win. Take your time to review the bet, to make sure that it is a good choice for you. From there simply click the “Place Bet” button and your bet will go through. It really is one of the easiest things to do in the world.

Additional Company Info

After teaching you all about how Betdaq works with regards to its betting exchange, now is the time to teach you all about the company itself. Keep on reading to learn more about Betdaq, and just why it has grown to be one of the best operators out there.

The Betdaq Business

This exchange is used as the trading name for Global Betting Exchange Alderney Limited. It was founded in 2000 as part of the Global Betting Exchange by the insanely talented Irish businessman Dermot Desmond who thought it was a clever idea to cut out the bookmakers and have punters bet against one another. Now it has the second highest market share of the Global betting exchange market, with 7%. This is just after the market leader, Betfair. To learn even more about Betdaq, take a look at the table we have created for you below.

All About the Betdaq Business
Company Support Security Player Protection
Name:Global Betting Exchange Alderney Limited Live Chat:10:00 – 20:00 Encryption:Symantec Class 3 Secure Server Deposit Limits:Adjustable
Head Office:Dublin Phone:08701 781 021 License:UK Gambling Commission Betting Limits:Adjustable
Owner:Dermot Desmond Testing Agency:E-cogra Self Exclusion:Available
Employees:– Fax:– Audit Organisation:IBAS Child Protection:Enforced
Registered Players:– Other:– Anti Money Laundering Controls:KYC (Know Your Customer) Partner Organisation:GamCare

The product team at Betdaq have created something that resounds well with punters across the UK. Not only has a gained vast amounts of market capitalisation in recent years, but has started to squeeze out the lesser competition. We fully expect this operator to continue in this vain and become a leading betting exchange site within the UK.

Brilliant Customer Service7

When you are betting online, it is essential that the customer service you deal with is second-to-none. When you use Betdaq, you can expect some of the highest quality across the betting world. They can be contacted in a whole variety of ways. You can send them an email, or ring them up over the phone. Additionally, from 10am – 8pm you can contact them via live chat. Sadly, unlike Ladbrokes it is not 24/7, but when contacting them we found them to be immensely helpful. This dedication to helping their customers is part of the reason why Betdaq have become one of the finest betting exchanges around.

Licensing & Security7

In accordance with British law, all bookmakers need to abide by a series of rules if they are to be properly accredited. Betdaq is a fully-licensed betting exchange, holding a license with the UK Gambling Commission. In addition to this, they are licensed and regulated by the Gibraltar Gambling Commission. To help counteract some of the negative effects of gambling, they are also partnered with the highly respected GamCare. This dedication to fairness is what really makes them stand apart.

As well as being fully licensed, operators need to make sure that all of your money is being treated with the utmost safety. First of all, they encrypt all of your deposits so you and only you know your payment details. They will ask you for ID as part of their KYC (Know Your Customer) process, which is used not only to check you are not a minor but also to fight against money laundering. If you do happen to have any complaint with the betting exchange, you can always appeal to the very highly respected IBAS [Independent Betting Adjudication Service] who are there to audit any appeals you might have.

Bonus Points6

Bonus points may not be the main reason to go to a betting exchange in the first place, but they are still an important part of the betting process. We gave them a reasonable 6/10 for their bonus points. Please take a look below to see what special markets we gave them points for.

  • Live Streams.0/3
  • Sponsorship.2/3
  • Awards.2/2
  • Extra Markets.1/1
  • Bonuses.1/1
  • Bonus Points.6

Although six out of ten doesn’t seem that great, there is a clear rationale behind the choices we made. We will explain those choices to you right now! Firstly, we couldn’t give them any points for their live streams for one very simple reason: they don’t have any. This is a mighty shame but we believe it is something that they will introduce in the future. In addition to this, we could give them 2 out of 3 points for sponsorship as they are keen sponsors of Kempton Park Racecourse and Charlton Athletic. As for awards, due to the wide variety of honours bestowed upon them throughout their many years of service, it wasn’t hard to give them full marks. Equally, we felt obliged to give Betdaq full marks for its extra markets due to the wide plethora of special television bets that they offer. All in all, this gives them a decent six out of ten.

Betdaq Betting: a Great Trading Experience

Now we have come to the end of our bookmaker review. After carefully evaluating every aspect of their site, we can fully affirm that it is one of the best operators around. If you are interested in this exchange in anyway, why don’t you just get an account now? We think they are a great proposition due to the amazing odds levels on offer, betting options available, fully-optimised mobile app and a plentiful number of sports markets. While it is disappointing that they do not offer you the ability to live stream events, this is just a minor quibble compared to all the great things they do have.

Strengths and Weaknesses of Betdaq

  • Major Strengths
  • plenty of betting options
  • strong odds levels
  • Major Weaknesses
  • no live streaming
  • slow account confirmation
  • Minor Strengths
  • mobile app available
  • Minor Weaknesses
  • commission charged
  • hard to make profit from the welcome bonus

Full T&Cs Apply! 18+. New customers only. Promotion available from 11/03/2020 - 31/12/2020. Code BETINS must be used at account registration. Players must place min. 5 losing bets totalling min. £/€50 on sportsbook or casino within 28 days from account registration to receive cashback. Sportsbook qualification entitled to 10% of total net losses, max £/€1,000. Casino qualification entitled to 10% total net losses, max £/€1,000. Not available to API or RDT customers.

Formed in 2000 by Dermot Desmond and subsequently sold to Ladbrokes in 2013, Betdaq are the second biggest exchange in the UK at the moment — there are good parts to the site and bad, and

Betdaq sometimes has a bad name for having poor liquidity, however in recent years it has been on the rise as more and more bookmakers close accounts for genuine punters.

Betdaq’s main five sports for good liquidity are:

  • Horse Racing
  • Football
  • Greyhound Racing
  • Tennis
  • Cricket

On each of these sports, liquidity is solid — while it is by no means as good as Betfair, it is decent enough that you will get your bet matched. On the bigger events, the likes of the Premier League or Grade 1 horse racing, liquidity is strong and it is on par with Betfair. Where it falls down is the smaller events, and if you are a punter on Betdaq, you might just have to wait a little longer to get matched on these events than you would on Betfair…

It is worth waiting those extra minutes though as you will still get better value on Betdaq compared to normal bookmakers because of the better over round on exchanges.

User-friendliness of the Betdaq App

There’s no getting away from the fact that the App could be a lot better, and while Betdaq did upgrade it in 2016, it is still a long way behind their main competitors in this area.

The biggest improvement needed we feel is the bet placement page, as shown below, when you click on your selected horse you are brought to a separate page and taken away from the market. We feel this is terrible for bet placement. A simple drop down tool would work better here we feel, as you can still see the prices as you place your bet.

Another problem on the App is the Multiples page. When you have built your multiple, the App won’t tell you the price — as shown below, you have to enter a stake and then work out the odds for yourself. This is a real draw-back when using the App for the casual punter

Along with these, they could do better on a lot of little simple issues. For example, there is no “Remember Username” option when logging in, and there is no option to log in with a pin either — something a lot of the other gambling firms provide. If you were looking at an event in-running and wanted to place a bet quickly, you wouldn’t be able to do on Betdaq because of these log in issues.

Overall, we feel the App is usable — in the sense that it does the job. However it is a long way away from being easy to use. We can see why this App would put off a lot of casual punters from using Betdaq.

User-friendliness of the Betdaq Desktop Site…

If you prefer using your desktop over your phone, you’ll be pleased to hear that Betdaq are way better in this area. The layout of the website is very good, and everything is clear in front of you. Getting to the market you want to find is easy, and the display and feel to the site is very nice. Overall, we have nothing bad to say about the Betdaq desktop site.

And if you’re looking for something a bit more advanced than just the desktop site, Betdaq also provide free betting software which is a great help for many punters. This site also has a handy explanation of each tool, so punters can find which suits them best. Free betting software has to be an advantage for Betdaq over Betfair, where you have to pay for it.

Good Features on Betdaq:

There are many good features on the Betdaq site, accessible on both the desktop site and the App.

Probably the best feature is Betdaq’s Free ProForm Stats, which give racing fans a huge wealth of knowledge about each horse, jockey and trainer — we imagine many punters use these stats daily, both on the desktop site and App, and for Betdaq to supply on this data for free is a really strong point of the exchange.

Another good feature that was new to Betdaq in 2016 is the football virtualization screen that now updates you in each soccer market. This is a great way to follow the game if you cannot watch it, as it display’s where the ball is and who has possession as all times, along with some helpful stats. It also comes on the App too, and even though football is always better when watched live with a beer, if you’re in work or something and can’t see the game, this is the next best way of following the action.

We also like the Colossus option within the Betdaq site, this is found under the ‘Sports Pool’ heading and if you like to go for the big wins, it’s nice that you can play this within the Betdaq site. 

Customer Service:

Betdaq certainly provide a more personal feel to their customer service than many other betting firms, and it is for this reason that we rate them very good in this area. They have vastly improved their Twitter and Facebook feeds in 2016, however sometimes the Live Chat help service really lets them down when a punter needs help in that area. They seem to handle calls to the helpdesk well and we can’t really fault them for customer service.

Depositing and Withdrawing on Betdaq

Depositing and withdrawing is a pain for most punters, however it is a necessary evil. The depositing options on Betdaq are very good, and each punter should have no issues finding at least one method that suits them. The free deposit services are: Visa Debit, Visa Electron, Master Card Debit, Maestro, Neteller, Skrill, Bank Transfer and Cheque. There is a 1.5% charge on Visa and Mastercard credit cards, while they introduced a 2% charge on PayPal deposits in early 2017 which is a major negative and is the only thing that lets them down in this area.

Withdrawals from Betdaq are free too, which is very good, although to be expected. It will be interesting to see does the change to the PayPal charge make a difference in 2017.

New Customer Offers and Promotions

Betdaq will run many superb promotions over the course of each year, as they look to draw away business from Betfair, so always be on the look out for new promotions. In 2016, they offered a commission refund of up to £150 each Wednesday to customers who used their Trading Tools. Pretty funny they picked Wednesday to do this as that’s when Betfair takes the Premium Charge from punters accounts! At the moment, they are doing a promotion on ITV racing, which see’s punters boost their winnings by 20% on races live on ITV each Saturday.

While these promotions are good, they could improve their new customer offer. At the moment, it is only a free £25 bet for signing up and only after earning 4 exchange points (each exchange point is earned for £25 in settled bets). This offer is way below the other firms, and doesn’t really appeal like some others do — they could definitely improve on this and draw in some more customers with a better offer.

Betdaq Review Verdict…

There’s no getting away from the fact that Betdaq are lacking in some areas, especially for punters that want to just use their phones and the Betdaq App. However, a Betdaq account is definitely worth having — even as a back up to your main account. There’s plenty of good features that make Betdaq good value to use for punter. We felt that the free ProForm Stats were a nice touch and the free betting software is also appealing for more advanced punters.

We feel that they appear to be customer friendly, they don’t have many adverts however they have good social media accounts and are helpful and understanding towards punters which is a nice touch. If they improved their App, we would be giving them a much higher rating however it really does hold them back — but if you can look past the App, they have plenty of offer and are still worth joining!

Betdaq was founded in 2000 and acquired by Ladbrokes in 2013. It’s is the second largest betting exchange, with around a 7% share of the UK/Ireland market.

While Betdaq may never quite catch its “big brother”, Betfair in terms of popularity — it offers a much lower 2% commission rate, decent liquidity, and integration with several popular trading applications. That’s more than enough to warrant opening an account.

Betdaq is an attractive platform for professional punters looking to avoid the more expensive charges applied to their winnings over at Betfair.

Advantages Of Betdaq

Only 2% Commission

Like Smarkets, Betdaq offers a low commission rate. This flat rate offers significantly better value to Betfair’s standard 5% rate (for new customers).

Don’t Penalise Winners

In contrast to Betfair’s controversial Premium Charge, Betdaq don’t penalise their winners. There’s no additional commission applied to the top earners on Betdaq.

Third Party Applications

Betdaq has been around for a long time. Unlike Smarkets it offers an API — so there’s a growing number of third party applications compatible with the exchange. The ability to run Bots and other tools adds a whole new dimension to your trading.

Disadvantages of Betdaq

Fewer Markets Than Betfair

Like all other Betfair competitors, Betdaq doesn’t cover as many sports. It’s advisable to create accounts with multiple betting exchanges to compensate for the shortcomings.

Average Liquidity

Liquidity has been a problem for Betdaq. It has improved over time, and the vast majority of casual traders will get their stakes away at an industry-leading price. However, those dipping in and out of niche markets, or looking to place large stakes, might still be disappointed with Betdaq.

Betdaq Specification

Sports Betting Markets

  • Aussie Rules
  • Baseball
  • Basketball
  • Boxing
  • Cricket
  • Football
  • Formula 1
  • Golf
  • Ice Hockey
  • MMA
  • NFL
  • Politics
  • Rugby
  • Snooker
  • Specials
  • Tennis
  • Virtual Sports

Payment Options

  • Visa Debit
  • Mastercard Debit
  • Credit Cards
  • Skrill
  • Neteller
  • Bank Transfer


  • UK Gambling Commission

Betdaq was set up by Irish businessman Dermot Desmond in 2000 but was acquired by Ladbrokes International PLC in 2013. It is now the second largest betting exchange operator and is powered by a betting exchange platform operated by Exchange Platform Solutions Limited which matches more than £75 million worth of bets each week. You’ll notice a running ticker tape line on the top of the website which tells you about new offers and games with the tagline, “We’re serious about sport!”. Betdaq covers all the main sports, such as football, horse and greyhound racing, tennis, golf, Formula One and rugby, as well as more minor sports such as Gaelic football and MMA. You can also gamble on political issues or virtual sports, which is great if there isn’t a decent match or race on. Betdaq also has a good range of casino games including blackjack, roulette and slots.

Betdaq is a serious sportsbook with chances to win amazing money and they have a nice Betdaq bonus too. We like the amount of information, tips and free advice, which is why our Betdaq rating is 81/100. You can also read the OpenOdds article about the best online bookmakers for more information.

The result of the OpenOdds Betdaq review

Our Betdaq review shows this bookmaker has plenty of free information to keep you on the site. It’s comprehensive and better than many sports newspapers with previews, Betdaq tips, and articles explain different ways of placing bets, such as lay betting or decimal betting. You’ll also find some life-changing jackpots worth millions and several downloadable trading tools which make it easier to bet or trade. Betdaq is differs from traditional bookmakers in that gamblers bet against one another instead of using the odds set by the bookies. There’s a variable commission charged on all winning bets, but if you get the Betdaq bonus you might be able to sidestep this.

Whilst other bookies incorporate a sense of fun, either through their advertising campaigns or the overall feel of their website, Betdaq has a professional tone. This will please newcomers and experienced gamblers alike because you can learn more about different bets and become more knowledgeable about your favourite sports. It is crammed full of information and has some complicated betting structures – for example, you can choose whether to back or lay bets, choose under or over goals in football, or opt for Asian handicap betting in football. The attention to detail is superb, particularly if you are passionate about a specific sport.

Erfahrungen mit Betdaq: Serious bookmaker with a side of fun

  • Many different types of bets.
  • Easy-to-use website covering all sports.
  • Great free tips, previews and advice.
  • Wide variety of national and international sports.

Betdaq: Our comprehensive review of this new bookmaker

Our OpenOdds team has carried out thorough research for our Betdaq review and, like all the other bookmakers we have looked into, it has been examined in 10 categories

01.Bonuses:Free tips and previews make up for lack of bonuses

Betdaq's Bonus Program8/10 Punkte

  • Up to £10 in free bets
  • Cashback on commission up to £1,000
  • Use Betdaq promo codes to get welcome bonuses
  • Casino gaming bonuses available
  • Special sports-focused special offers

You will find better promotions offered by other high street bookies, but the professional quality of the Betdaq bonus sets it apart and so it doesn’t need too many offers. With the Betdaq bonus, new customers can get up to £10 in free bets, but there is also a very generous welcome offer where you can get your first month’s Betdaq commission up to £1,000 refunded with the Betdaq promo code DAQBACK. Betdaq also encourages bettors to keep checking in with daily bonuses as well as match betting on virtual games and races where you bet £10 and get £10, or a more attractive offer of betting £10 and getting £30 on Betdaq casino games. Obviously terms and conditions apply, so always read the small print. If it’s bonuses you are after, then you will find better deals elsewhere. But Betdaq has many other features which makes it feel as though you are getting a lot of information and facts for free.

02.Customer Services:Many ways to get in touch

Betdaq's Customer Services9/10 Punkte

  • Live chat, telephone and e-mail support
  • Not always available
  • Fax also supported
  • Comprehensive FAQ section

Customer service is good, although the Betdaq live chat is not always available for an instant answer. You also have the option of asking the support team a question, emailing or calling one of three phone numbers: 08701781 021 from the UK, 01 673 3360 in Ireland and +353 1 673 3360 for international calls. The 0870 number could be costly if you are kept on the line for some time and so is best avoided. You can also send a fax to +353 1 6733396. Betdaq also has an FAQ section, so it is best to start here as your query may already have been addressed. We have given Betdaq an extra point for customer service for asking for feedback to find out how the site can be more useful to you.

03.Sports Covered: Quality rather than quantity

Betdaq's Sports Coverage8/10 Punkte

  • Large range of sports
  • Favours horse and greyhound racing
  • 16 sports in total
  • Virtual sports also on offer
  • Numerous niche sports

Other sportsbooks offer a bigger range of sports but Betdaq covers the most popular ones such as horse and greyhound racing, football, golf, Formula 1 and darts. There are about 16 different sports altogether including rugby, American football, ice hockey and Gaelic football. You can also gamble on political issues such as the American elections. We like the virtual sports where you can bet on virtual sports including horses, greyhounds, football, speedway, cycling and motor racing. You usually only have to wait a few minutes for a game to start so it’s a fun punt out of season or if there is very little actual sport going on. The range of sports may be limited but the type of bets on offer is broad with this bookie.

04.Payment Methods:Popular cards and methods apply

Betdaq's Payment Methods8/10 Punkte

  • Standard payment methods
  • Visa, Delta and MasterCard
  • PayPal supported
  • Number of e-wallets also available

The Betdaq Deposit & Withdrawal methods are pretty standard. Betdaq accepts Visa, Delta, MasterCard, PayPal, Neteller and Skrill. Once you have registered, you can deposit funds. There’s no charge if you use a debit card and you can deposit up to £5,000 a day once you have filled in the ‘Know Your Customer’ requirements. There is a small percentage charged if you use a credit card to pay the cost of the transaction. Electronic wallets such as Neteller and Skrill are also have a deposit fee. The minimum deposit is £10, while the maximum varies. You can ask for the deposit limit to be increased by contacting the help desk. If you want to withdraw funds, the easiest way is by debit card such as Maestro, Delta, Solo, Electron or Laser, which takes up to 24 hours to be processed, free of charge.

05.Security:Is Betdaq safe to use?

How safe is Betdaq?8/10 Punkte

  • Encryption of details
  • Secure payment portal
  • Reviewing protocols constantly
  • Licensed by British Gambling Commission

Security is tight; card details are encrypted when you deposit money. Betdaq’s secure payment service providers are PaymentTrust and Allied Irish Bank. Security procedures are reviewed to make sure they are at the highest level possible. Funds are also held in a members funds and by a trust company to protect customers’ money and to preserve Betdaq’s integrity. If you contact the help desk, you will be asked to confirm security questions so that no one else can access your account. Bets made by customers with accounts registered in Great Britain are regulated by the British Gambling Commission. Betdaq’s owner, Ladbrokes, is also licensed by the Government of Gibraltar and regulated by the Gibraltar Gambling Commissioner. So, is Betdaq safe to use? With these measures, we believe it is.

06.Betting Odds: Odds determined by a free market

How good are Betdaq's odds?8/10 Punkte

  • Prices are determined by free market
  • Exchange betting
  • Broad range of betting strategies available
  • Place lay bets

Betdaq offers exchange betting on sports which basically means the prices are determined by a free market rather than being set by a bookmaker. This means the odds can vary greatly from those set by traditional bookies so it is worth looking at the between exchanges and bookmakers. Basically, gamblers are betting against each other rather than against the bookie. The advantage is that people can back a bet that bookmakers would not because of the high risk involved. Gamblers also have the option of lay betting or backing a selection to lose. OpenOdds likes the broad range of betting strategies and wide variety of odds on offer at Betdaq as well as the chance to place lay bets.

07.User-friendliness:Packed with information to help bettors

How easy is Betdaq to use?8/10 Punkte

  • Site is easy to use
  • Lots of information simply laid out
  • Live videos and replay features on display
  • Intuitive and easy to navigate

Our Betdaq review found the site easy to use. It looks busy but that’s simply because there is so much information there. We like the fact there are popular links at the top left so you don’t have to search for the best bets. Horse racing enthusiasts will be pleased to see the racing results and replays are in this link. In play also features prominently so you know what is coming up. Enter your Betdaq login for access to the live videos and all features. Other sites do look cleaner and Betdaq can look a bit cramped but once you get used to it, you’ll find it very informative.

08.In-play Product: Limited sports but good coverage for popular games

Betdaq's Live Betting Service8/10 Punkte

  • In-play option available
  • Numerous special bets on live games
  • Comprehensive and covers most sports
  • Types of sports limited

Again, in-play covers the popular tournaments with a good range of bets to pick from. Football is a firm favourite with the chance to choose popular markets, goal markets, Asian handicap betting, or special bets such as first goalscorer or player to score. The In-Play section is comprehensive and covers sports around the world. Many sports are also streamed to add to the excitement. Although the types of sports are limited, most bettors will be satisfied with the In-play offered by Betdaq.

09.Other Products:Playing games and life-changing jackpot prizes

What else does Betdaq have to offer?8/10 Punkte

  • Casino games available
  • Plenty of table games on offer
  • Colossus Jackpot to win serious money
  • No actual casino page

Whilst Betdaq concentrates on serious betting, you can also play games such as blackjack, roulette, card games, virtual sports and slots. There’s the choice of playing for money or just for fun. There is also the Colossus jackpot with the chance to win serious money – we’re talking millions of pounds – as well as the pools. For the jackpots you might have to pick the correct scores, or pick home win, draw or away win on selected games. These all bring additional value to the site and we are particularly impressed by the jackpot payouts. Although there isn’t a casino, the games offered are of a good quality and we don’t think a virtual casino would sit well with this brand. Professional gamblers may be interested in the Betdaq API where they can build their own customised trading applications or automate their trading strategies. As well as trading apps to download for ease of use, there are also betting apps available for Google and Apple.

10.Bet Limits:Customer decides

Betdaq's Betting Limits8/10 Punkte

  • Decide your own limits
  • Great for professionals
  • Always be vigilant of large bets
  • Endorses responsible gambling

Betdaq allows customers to decide their deposit and stake limits so the choice of stakes is down to the individual. This makes this bookie suitable for large-scale, professional gamblers, companies and syndicates. The only thing which might prevent people making massive bets is the limit on the amount of money which can be deposited per day. The possibility of sticking on a huge bet means customers need to be extra vigilant about security – always logging out correctly and not giving their password to anyone else.

Our Verdict of Betdaq:Our Verdict of Betdaq

OpenOdds tends to agree with other Betdaq reviews that the site is visually busy, however, we are fans of Betdaq for professional and serious gamblers who want to place large wagers for the best odds. Occasional punters may prefer a different, more visually appealing bookie who provides something more traditional than the current Betdaq bonus. Betdaq is licensed, secure and easy to contact so you know your money is in safe hands. What it lacks in bonuses and promotions, it makes up for in free tips and top bets.